Best Postpartum Corset To Choose From – Complete Guide


Has pregnancy stolen your perfect body shape? Do you feel quite gutted about it? Then you must need a postpartum corset to reclaim your sexy figure, back. Also known as postpartum girdle or pregnancy shapewear, this kind of corset compresses the backside, abdomen and hips, and helps you get into shape. This kind of body shapers often works wonder new mother.

However, the question is whether or not this kind of corsets helps in shaping the body. Not all corsets are similar and they offer different benefits to the users.

Does wearing a postpartum corset help?

A postpartum corset will help you shrink your tummy and the uterus to reduce to the original size. Sometimes they shrink it even further. There are some corsets which help in reducing the hips, too. For new moms who have just undergone a caesarean section, the corsets are able to hold the incision and help them to stay intact. The firm support offered by the corsets offers many benefits to the new moms. Such postpartum corsets will make you feel better and confident and will not hurt you physically.

Benefits of Postpartum Corsets

Corsets are beneficial especially if you have a surgical childbirth. This kind of post-pregnancy girdle will help you recover faster.

  • Boosts Esteem: It is natural for you to feel out-of-shape and flabby, right after childbirth. The baby weight you have added during the pregnancy, will take certain time to shed. This might frustrate you and make you depressed. However, the postpartum corsets will help you stay in shape and help you redeem your self confidence.
  • Helps in Muscle Recovery: Since the abdomen of a new mother is deflated, it takes certain time for the muscles to contract and for the skin to get back to its previous form. The corset will help your muscle to stay in proper shape and it will promote a better posture in you.
  • Keeps the Midsection Intact: The belly wraps will prevent any sort of uncomfortable movement of skin especially in the midsection zone. Free skin movement, post-pregnancy, will not only cause bad looking stretch marks but also makes it lose its flexibility. The corset helps in the process of keeping your midsection in place and in the speedy recovery of the loose skin.
  • Quickens C-section Recovery: Wearing of post-pregnancy body-shapers will prevent any form of swelling. It also limits the movement of painful tissues. You do not have to fear the risk of getting hurt whilst climbing stairs, or coughing or laughing. The stitches will stay intact and it will aid better healing.
  • Fitting in Old Clothes: You do not have to feel bloated and depressed after childbirth. With the help of such post-pregnancy corsets you can get back to shape in no time and you do not have to buy larger clothes.
  • Supports your Back: Pregnancies can expose you to the risk of facing critical back problems. Conditions like the spinal curvature or scoliosis can occur post-pregnancy. This kind of belly wraps will give your back the sufficient rest, which it requires.

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Best Postpartum Corsets:

Now we discuss a list of girdles along with their features.


Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle:

This is considered as the best corset to use after pregnancy. It contains a hook and a eye kind of closure at the front and zipper to the side. Bellefit Dual-ClosureGirdle supports and tightens the abdomen and allows you to recover quickly. It is almost invisible, when worn under clothes and it does not slip or bundle up or roll down for that matter. However, the presence of saddle, between the legs can cause certain irritation and also it is a bit expensive.

Belly Bandit:

Made from cotton, bamboo and lace this kind of corset is available in different styles. It helps you tighten the belly, the hip and your waist. Belly Bandit offers extra benefit by soaking the moisture thereby helping your skin regain the moisture. It is also very convenient to put on and take off. However, it is visible from under clothes.

Slimming Bra-less Body Shaper:

This corset stays tight all around your belly and hip. It is also very chic and sexy. Slimming Bra-less body Shaper opens and closes around the tummy to make it easier to adjust the level of compression. It has a ultra-flat zipper closure along with three hooks. This corset is invisible under the clothes and the silky smooth fabric makes it comfortable.

Firm Compression Waist Trainer:

It helps trim certain parts of your body and also supports the back. The boning structure prevents the corset from rolling up. It is completely invisible even under a strapless dress or also a low waist trouser.

3-in-1 Postpartum Support Girdle:

It is comprised of three belts and caters to the issues in tummy, hip and waist. Postpartum corset is available in the single size. It is made from lightweight cloth which is durable and of high quality. The risk of skin irritation is also less in this corset. However, it is a bit bulky and can be traced, when worn under clothes.

Columbian Post-Surgery Postpartum Body-Shaper Girdle:

It is made from anti-microbial fabric and it aims at flattening and trimming the wait and the tummy. However, it is likely to cause a leg roll-up thereby making it difficult to wear under some clothes, at a party or a gathering.


Forgive Postpartum Maternity Girdle:

It is a very simplistic postpartum corset. Postpartum Maternity is easy to pull-up and very budget friendly. It allows breathability as it is made from nylon-spandex fabric. However, it does not provide the required backrest and tummy support like the other corsets.

Gabriella Postpartum Support Girdle:

It is suitable for vaginal delivery. The classic pull-up design provides the desired back support. It corrects postures and provides relief from any kind of pain. It is made from cotton and nylon-plastic and so does not cause any kind of skin irritation or allergy, even if you wear it, throughout the day. This budget friendly corset is available in all sizes.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Postpartum Corset:

You must consider few things before deciding to buy a postpartum belly-wrap:

  • Effectiveness:

Considering your type of delivery (vaginal or caesarean) check whether it solves the purpose. Check whether it offers you ample back support and also helps you trim your required areas.

  • Durability:

Check whether the material or the quality of the material is durable enough to sustain the amount of time you decide to wear the corset. Check whether it is likely to stay in shape even after prolonged usage.

  • Comfort:

Check whether it rolls down a lot or slip or loosen. Check whether you can carry on your daily activity. The quality of the material used is also another factor which determines the level of comfort. Do not choose something which causes skin irritation for you.


Can the corset harm a woman?

Take good advice from your doctor before choosing a postpartum corset. Sometimes a tight and strenuous corset might weaken your muscle, hurt your spine or damage your digestive system. A wrong corset can trigger problems in bladder and dangerously lower your blood pressure. Check with the obstetrician before you purchase one corset for you.