11 Benefits of Eating Chia Seeds during Pregnancy


Chia seeds are rich in nutrients, anti-oxidants, protein, fiber, iron and omega 3 fatty acids. It also helps fight breast and cervical cancer, helps in weight loss and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

In the health community, chia seeds have gone on to become a superfood. It is a versatile ingredient that can be added on to a dish and pretty easy to digest as well. In addition to this, the benefits of chia seeds are immense. Originally discovered in Mexico they were famous for its medical properties coupled with its nutritional value. In fact, it was also used as a currency.

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Benefits of Chia Seeds During Pregnancy

Research does point to the fact that the benefits of chia seeds are much more than one could imagine.

1} With few calories higher aggregate of nutrients is provided

This plant has its traces of origin in South America and it was a staple food for Mayans. In the last few years, they have soared in terms of popularity and are consumed by health conscious people worldwide. Do not be fooled by the size of it as it backs a few nutritional punches for sure! It is their quality to provide sustainable energy that is admirable.

2} They are incorporated with antioxidants

Another area where Chia seeds leave their stamp of authority is higher levels of anti-oxidants. Though the supplements of antioxidants are not effective, being a part of the food they have immense health benefits. They go on to act as a protective barrier against the free radicals that paves way for diseases or cancer. There is another school of thought that chia seeds have more antioxidants in comparison to blueberries.


3} Quality protein is on the higher side

Chia seeds have a reasonable amount of protein content. In comparison to most plants, the protein content works out to be around 14 %. Since a proper balance of amino acids is important, the bodies would need to make use of all the proteins being part of them. The benefits of protein are numerous and it happens to be the most popular weight loss nutrient in our diet. It works out to be an excellent source of proteins whose diet is less.

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4} The carbs part of Chia seeds are mainly fiber

Your blood sugar levels are not raised with fiber, which would mean there is no need to dispose of the insulin and cannot be regarded as a carb. The Chia seeds are ideally 40 % of fiber by weight that makes it an ideal source of fiber in this world. It does possess numerous benefits for your health as well.

chia seeds

5} Because of higher levels of protein or fiber, chia seeds would aid in the process of weight loss.

The health experts are of the view that chia seeds can aid in weight loss. Just adding them to your routine diet would not help you to lose weight, but it could be a valuable form of addition. The mechanism of weight loss is not about adding or subtracting a substance, it is more about the stress and the lifestyle you are part of.

6} Presence of various blood markers, the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease is reduced

Considering the fact that chia seeds are higher in protein, fiber along with Omega 3 acids, it works wonders for your metabolic health. It has been part of various studies, but the results have been inconclusive till now. In the overall context, chia seeds can work on the risk factors, but these would not be beneficial changes in your diet are incorporated.


7} Excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids

The omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the development of the baby’s brain. For most people consumption of salmon would be ideal. As far as the mercury content in fish is concerned there is a cause of concern among pregnant women, so chia works out to be a great alternative. For a tiny side, chia packs can be stored for a long time without any form of deterioration.

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8} It is on the higher side in terms of many bone nutrients

They are high in content of phosphorous, calcium, protein and magnesium. In fact, the content of calcium is on the impressive side, 18 % of RDA. It is regarded as a desirable source of protein for people who are not too much into dairy products. When you compare it gram per gram to another other product, it is the highest. It is a rich source of various nutrients that are vital for your bone health.

9} Major changes in Type 2 diabetes can be witnessed with Chia seeds

One of the most successful applications of chia seeds has been on type 2 diabetes. A negligible drop in the blood sugar levels is also noticed with the use of chia seeds. It has to be stated that the chia seeds are higher in terms of the content of fiber. It does indicate that blood sugar levels will reduce after meals.

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10} Fights cervical and breast cancer

Chia seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids coupled with alpha lipoic acid. Studies do point to the fact that ALA acts as a protective barrier for the formation of cancer cells in breast or cervical cancer. In addition, it went on to eradicate the dead cells without harming the healthy ones. So chia seeds are a great cancer-fighting food and when you consume them you are keeping the incidence of cancer at bay.


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11} Rich in iron content

During the course of pregnancy, chia seeds have a lot of iron. This ensures an adequate supply of blood to both the mother and the baby during the stages of pregnancy. Normally the body tends to pump out a lot of blood during the stage of pregnancy and this is for the newborn baby. So ensuring more than enough supply of iron is the key and a single ounce of chia seed has more than 8 % of iron at a given point of time.

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To conclude, you do not have to consume chia seeds itself, there are so many recipes of it which can provide you with the same benefits.