21 Cool Summer Activities and Crafts for Your Kids

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Summer months are coming to an end and kids would start going to school in the next month. So, there's only one month of time left for them to have some fun at home. We have made a list of cool summer activities for kids which keep your kids cool throughout this month.

Cool Summer Activities and Crafts for your kids

Here’s another list of cool summer activities and crafts for your kids.

Cork and Vegetable Stamps

Make stamps using corks, vegetables and fruits such as okra, apple, cantaloupe, lemon, bell peppers, broccoli, mushroom, celery, etc. You could help your kids in making these stamps and let them stamp with different colors. It can be so much fun for toddlers and kids.

[caption id="attachment_3552" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Cork Stamp Art Stamp Art With Cork[/caption]

Source: Homedit

Rock Crafts

You can encourage your kids to make rock crafts. Rock crafts look great when they are made with pebble rocks. They are ideal for making rock crafts such as pandas, mice, frogs, ducks, dachshund, etc. Other than pebble rocks, you’d need glue, colors and some googley eyes.

[caption id="attachment_3545" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Rock Art and Crafts Art and Crafts With Pebble Rocks[/caption]

Source: She Knows

Make faces with rocks

Another good way to use pebbles and other rocks is to make faces with them. This game will bring out the creativity in your kids in making different kinds of faces.

[caption id="attachment_3553" align="aligncenter" width="483"]Faces With Rocks Pebbles Faces With Pebble Rocks[/caption]

Source: Pinterest

Afternoon Water Sprinkler

Are your kids bored during afternoons? Then, perhaps the best way to cool them off is to arrange a water sprinkler in your backyard. Your kids can play with the sprinkler and have some fun. [caption id="attachment_3548" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Summer Water Sprinkler Afternoon Fun With Water Sprinkler[/caption]

Source: Ebay

Homemade sprinklers

Make some homemade sprinklers with pet bottles and soda bottles. And use these as sprinklers during afternoon water sprinkling sessions. Also, you can include your kids to make these sprinklers. [caption id="attachment_3556" align="aligncenter" width="605"]Homemade Water Sprinkler Homemade Water Sprinkler[/caption]

Source: Waste Hunter

Creative gift wraps

You can also encourage your children to make creative gift wraps. These gift wraps can have various themes such as animals, water life, sceneries, etc. The gift wraps can be made using long sheets of white paper which can be colored with above examples and others. This activity can help your child develop the art of sketching and coloring. [caption id="attachment_3554" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Homemade Gift Wrap Ideas Homemade Gift Wrap Ideas[/caption]

Source: Calgary Herald

Creative with seashells

If you live near beach or seashore, chances are that you’ll find an ample supply of seashells. As you know, seashells come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, your kids can make so many crafts out of seashells. [caption id="attachment_3546" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Art and Craft With Seashells Art and Craft With Seashells[/caption]

Source: Alpha Mom

Paint on a chalkboard

If you happen you have a chalkboard or a whiteboard at home, you can encourage your kid to draw on the board, instead of the walls. Also, do photograph those drawings, once they’re done. [caption id="attachment_3560" align="aligncenter" width="541"]Kids Drawing on Chalkboard Kids Drawing on Chalkboard[/caption]

Source: Ideas Market

Car wash

Though, adding a chore to this list can put a doubt in many parents’ minds. It’s really very simple. Car wash can be a fun idea as it has loads and loads of bubbles and water. As a reward for their hard work, take them to a good restaurant or a candy store. [caption id="attachment_3559" align="aligncenter" width="562"]Kids Having Fun Washing Car Kids Having Fun Washing Car[/caption]

Source: Chicadel Panda

Soap boat races

This is another summer activity that can be so much fun. All you need would be two or more soaps and wide pvc tubing that have been cut lengthwise. You can cut one pipe and use it to race two soaps. [caption id="attachment_3547" align="aligncenter" width="354"]Soap Bar Race Kids Racing Soap Bars[/caption]

Source: Pinterest

Water balloon fight Another cool and classic summer activity is this one. All you need are some balloons that are filled with water and a bunch of play-hungry kids. It is one of the best fun filled summer afternoon activities that your child can have. [caption id="attachment_3562" align="aligncenter" width="460"]Kids Water Balloon Fight Kids Water Balloon Fight[/caption]

Source: Img Arcade

Throw ball painting

Throw ball painting is another fun way your kids can have fun during summer afternoons. For this activity, you’ll need colors, a throw ball and few cardboard boxes with white paper inside. These are the goalposts where your kid will throw the ball dipped in various colors and make patterns. [caption id="attachment_3549" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Throwball Paint Art Kid Throw Ball Art[/caption]

Source: Kids Play Box

Make routes for toy cars

By using a colored tape, you can make roads for your little one’s little cars. Instead of going in every other direction, this can be interesting and fun too. And also, the tape can be removed easily. [caption id="attachment_3550" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Toy Car Roadmap With Tape Toy Car Roadmap With Tape[/caption]

Source: Mommy Emu

Paper roll on wall

Attach a paper roll to a wall using tape and let your toddler drop in small objects through it and collect them using a small bucket. So basically you’re putting your toddler in a loop game and he’ll be busy for a while. [caption id="attachment_3544" align="aligncenter" width="377"]Paperroll Taped to wall Paperroll Taped to wall[/caption]

Source: Pinterest

Pencil erasers and marble bowling

Use pencil erasers as pins and a marble as a bowling bowl. This game will be so addictive that your kids won’t stop playing for hours together to get that perfect shot. [caption id="attachment_3551" align="aligncenter" width="555"]Bowling With Marble And Pencil Erasers Bowling With Marble And Pencil Erasers[/caption]

Source: Mercies Raining Down

Tie yarn around your home at different places

By tying yarn around your home at different places, you can make a scene of Mission Impossible, right at your home. And needless to say, your kids can have so much fun. [caption id="attachment_3561" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Kids Mission Impossible Stunts Kids Mission Impossible Stunts[/caption]

Source: Pinterest

Blowing popcorn with straw

Make a small game for your kids. The competition is to blow popcorn using a straw and whoever blows it to the finish line with a stipulated time wins the game. [caption id="attachment_3558" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Kids Blowing Popcorn With Straw Kids Blowing Popcorn With Straw[/caption]

Source: Beyond The Coupon

Alphabet treasure hunt

You can conduct an alphabet treasure hunt at your home or in your backyard. You can also invite neighborhood kids to this adventure game and have some fun. Make sure that you give rewards for finders. [caption id="attachment_3557" align="aligncenter" width="534"]Kids Alphabet Treasure Hunt Kids Alphabet Treasure Hunt[/caption]

Source: Rudy And The Dodo

Neighborhood Angry Birds game

Make a plan with residents in your neighborhood to arrange a live Angry Birds game with angry birds and piggies made from paper rolls and cardboard castles. This game can be so much fun, not only for kids, but also for adults. [caption id="attachment_3563" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Playing Live Angry Birds Game Kids Playing Live Angry Birds Game[/caption]

Source: Kitchen Table Stamper

Play outdoor scrabble

Playing scrabble indoors is one thing. We’ve all done that. But playing outdoor scrabble with letters painted on cardboard pieces can be fun, entertaining and educative for your kids. [caption id="attachment_3543" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Outdoor Scrabble Game With Kids Outdoor Scrabble Game With Kids[/caption]

Source: C And G News

Make ice cream in a bag

Ice cream can be made by using a plastic bag and some pieces of ice. All you need to do is to fill in one plastic bag with liquid ice cream mix and put it into another plastic bag full of ice. In order for the ice cream to set, one needs to shake the plastic bag well. This way you can make sure that your kids stay healthy even while eating ice cream. [caption id="attachment_3555" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Homemade Ice cream In a Bag Homemade Ice cream In a Bag[/caption]

Source: Mommy Savers

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