Baby’s First Christmas Ornament


Your baby is the most precious thing for you. Everything about it is adorable. The innocent beauty, the adorable smile, the cute expressions, thumb sucking et al can really light up the mood of family members. However, you cannot hold on to it forever. So celebrate all occasions with the newest family member and showcase the baby in all its colors.

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Tips to Choose Your Baby’s First Christmas Ornament With Care

There may be many occasions to celebrate, but Christmas is always a special time. The memory of celebrating the first Christmas with your baby and all the family members is something that you would cherish for a long time to come. Don’t let the chill throw a spanner on your Christmas preparation. Gear up, deck up your baby and spruce up the Christmas tree to have a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime moment with the baby.

1} Start your preparations for this Christmas

Christmas is coming, so you have to spruce up the Christmas tree. Buy and stock up all the ornamental elements, bells etc. so that you can spruce up the Christmas tree in your leisure time. But while buying items for Christmas decorations don’t forget to buy your baby’s first Christmas ornament. You know, it is his first Christmas!

2} Deck up the baby

Mothers love to deck up their babies, and they just love ornaments. But when it comes to choosing the ornaments for babies, mothers are the most finicky. They want the best thing for their babies and they want a keepsake. And why not this is the moment that will never come back. You have the opportunity to capture the baby in all its delightfully beautiful expressions while wearing beautiful trinkets and other baby ornaments. But before the ornaments comes the dresses.

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3} Dress up your baby

Dress him up in the cuddliest of dresses and snap tons of photographs. Pajamas are a great way to dress the baby in the Christmas morning. They really look so adorable in such dresses. A pair of cuddly holiday pajamas will be great for the adorable doll. It should be accompanied by a pair of nice stockings. And please get a cute pair of stockings. If you use the stocking only to accommodate the little trinkets on your baby then select a smaller size.

4} Christmas party theme

Do you have a Christmas party theme in mind? A traditional theme or something new. Dress the baby in a way that you can just blend it in the theme. He is the newest member to your family; so find ways to blend the ensemble of dress and baby’s first Christmas ornament to the party theme. People will just fall for your selection.

5} Photo ops with your baby

There is yet time for Christmas. So get some great snaps of the baby. This is the time that you can take photographs in every way you wish; you just need to keep the baby in good humour. On Christmas day there you have all the decorations and the Christmas tree as a background for the photo op. don’t miss the opportunity; it is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.

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6} Baby’s first rendezvous with Santa

Who does not like to see her baby all decked up in ornaments and a lovely dress and sitting on Santa’s lap! Parents would just love to take snaps of the baby posing on the lap of the guy in red with white flowing beard. However, you might be the luckiest parent on the planet if the baby would oblige with that divine smile in that posture. Most babies make it a point to cry until it is taken off Santa’s lap.

Getting baby’s first Christmas ornament

Ornaments will just enhance the beauty of your baby. So choose an ornament that will look the best and can be personalized. Your baby’s first Christmas ornament is a valuable keepsake for you and a lovely token of love for the baby.


1} Little Christmas bear

Teddies are cute and can make lovely ornamental accessories for babies. A Christmas bear ornament in your baby’s first Christmas can be a good one. It will make a great memento for you to cherish for a long time to come.

christmas bear

2} Personalized snowflake

A silver ornament in the shape of snowflakes can be an apt idea for the time. It is also an elegant ornament that your child would love to deck up with as it grows up.

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3} Baby in stocking

This is a great and cute idea for baby’s first Christmas ornament. Get a miniature toy baby inside a stocking wearing a Santa hat as your baby’s ornament. This can be a great keepsake that even the baby will love to have for a long time to come.

Baby in stocking


4} Photo ornament

You can create a sweet ornament with the most adorable snap of your baby. Also you can get the baby’s name on it.

Photo ornament

5} Winnie the Pooh

A Winnie the Pooh ornament can be a cute piece as your baby’s first Christmas ornament.

Winnie the Pooh

6} Personalized penguin

Penguins are adorable and baby’s with adorable ornaments are more so. Get a penguin trinket for your baby and personalize it with its name or photograph.

Personalized penguin


7} Felted bear

A cute felted animal ornament can be a very sweet addition to the baby’s Christmas ensemble. You can personalize it with its name or the best snap of it that you have taken so far.

Felted bear

8} Celebrating the year

If it has been nearly a year that your baby is born and you have had a eventful year with the baby, then it is time that you design an ornament that showcase your first year with the baby in all its glory.

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Celebrating the year

9} First handprint

Parents just love to get that cute handprint of their babies. Why not make it into a ornament! A personalized handprint ornament can be one of the most memorable as your baby’s first Christmas ornament.


First handprint

10} Baby elephants

A baby elephant style ornament personalized with baby’s name can be a great ornament for your baby’s first Christmas.

Baby elephants

11} Silver spoon ornament

A silver spoon is a good omen for the baby. So start the baby’s rendezvous with Christmas with a silver spoon ornament with the baby’s name on it.

Baby’s first Christmas ornament is as important as the festival itself. Make this Christmas a memorable one by adorning your little one with various special ornaments. Go grab one for your baby as Christmas is just a few days away.

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