15 Things to Avoid in Your Baby First Food – Year One Baby Diet


Honey, milk, peanut butter, citrus and berries, grapes, nuts and seeds, salt, egg whites, chocolate, hot dogs, popcorn and hard candy are some of the baby first food you should avoid for one year old baby.

Do you know starting with the solids is considered to be one of the great milestones in the baby’s first year of life or baby first food? Though, the infants’ natural cure initially means that they might eventually be attracted to each and every thing that is eventually going into your mouth and so there is always a good reason in order to limit them. When to start baby food? Once you get to know that the babies are showing signs of readiness that too in the 6 months only and then you need to go ahead and let them eventually explore the variety of new textures and tastes.

15 Foods to avoid giving your baby

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It is considered to be the potential source of Clostridium Botulinum spores and is also sweet plus natural. It can eventually multiply in the baby’s intestines in order to develop into the infant botulism. However, the mature digestive systems of the older kids can eventually fight off this type of botulism but it might create risk for the baby below the age of 1. The signs of infant Botulism are Constipation, weak cries and floppy movements. However, the dark and light corn syrups or any other liquid natural sweeteners initially pose a similar risk and should be avoided for the babies. Instead make use of the pureed fruit as one of the sweetening alternative.


Either sticks to breast milk formula or first year of life formula. Milk eventually contains proteins that your baby can’t eventually digest and other minerals that initially damage their still developing kidneys. There are some of the little ones that can’t eventually handle the lactose in the milk and other different dairy products while the rest of them are born allergic to the protein.

Peanut Butter

Parents often don’t realize that just like the nut is made from the peanut butter can eventually cause the serious allergic reactions. Also, that spoonful of this thick yet sticky stuff is one of the choking hazards and one cannot easily dislodged it. You need to avoid them giving butter sandwiches and make sure your kids do not eat other siblings lunch having the same.


Some of the vegetables

There are some of the common vegetables such as spinach, collard greens, beets, lettuce or fennel either cooked or pureed should not be given to toddlers and this is because it eventually contains high levels of nitrates for your kid to process. They don’t have strong stomach acids in order to break down the nitrates that might further block their blood’s ability to initially transfer the oxygen. This can lead to blue baby syndrome and also low level of oxygen.

Some kinds of fish

If you wish to get them some kind of seafood apart from the goldfish crackers then you should start with the white fish or sole, cod and haddock and make sure you remove all of the bones before serving. However, mercury levels in shark, tuna or swordfish are genuinely too high to be consumed by toddlers and further this can create problems for them.

Citrus and Berries

All of the berries such as the blueberries, strawberries, blackberries or the raspberries eventually contain a protein that is initially hard for the toddlers and children below age of 1 to digest. Grapefruit or oranges are one of those citrus fruits that contain high level of acids and can eventually cause stomach infection and rashes if consumed by the toddlers.


Generally, babies don’t require too much salt in their diet and less than 1 gram a day is absolutely alright. Formula or the breast Milk is what all they need. Babies’ 1 year old kidneys aren’t really developed in order to cope up with the large amount of sodium so it is important in order to avoid salt in baby food diet.

Nuts and Seeds

These two things seeds and nuts should be eventually avoided in the first year of the toddler for different reasons and this is because they are highly allergenic and are also known as foods that choke injuries and deaths further.


Grapes are good snacks for kids above 1 year or so as they are sweet and also filled with nutrients. If consumed by a toddler it will become difficult for their health and this is because the skin is tough in order to break down completely and also the size of the fruit makes them one of the serious yet dangerous choking hazards.


Egg Whites

Eggs are the favourite for babies but it also cause severe reactions that too egg whites are considered to be very allergenic. If you want to give your babies eggs, you can separate the whites and cook the yolks.


Chocolates are babies’ favourite but the caffeine inside the chocolate could eventually have the opposite effect in your baby. The dairy inside the chocolate is harmful and risky if consumed by toddlers.

Carrots that too raw or pure

Just like the grapes the size and also the firmness of these raw or pure carrots are considered to be the third biggest choking hazards if consumed by the young children. Small carrots are just the right size to get stuck inside the throat.

Hot Dogs

According to the study in 2008 if kids below age of 5 consume hot dogs then it might cause serious choking injuries and also deaths than any other food item. Hot dogs eventually cause trips to the emergency room and more than that. Make sure if your kid is under 5 years of age should not be offered hot dog and it should totally be avoided.


It is one of the crunchy yet healthy snacks but is also considered to be one of the most serious choking hazards for all the young kids. You should avoid serving popcorn to kids under the age of 5 because there are many cases of popcorn getting choked in the child and so according to paediatricians it was guided that children below the age of 5 shall not be given popcorns.

Hard candy or gum

Hard candies or gum can be initially injurious to the kids below the age of 5 and this is because it is also considered to be one of the most common choking hazards that should be avoided by the children as it will cause severe problems if consumed.


Therefore, you need to keep in mind about the list of food that most of the health experts and paediatricians might eventually avoid until baby turns one.

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