Baby Crying: 11 Effective Ways to Calm You’re Crying Baby


It may so happen even with the most expert and experienced mothers that they fail to soothe their wailing babies with no clue as to why he is crying. Every baby has their own habits, routines and speed of growth which cannot be easily altered by parents without multiple efforts. Parents have no clue why the kids are crying in the middle of the night or early every morning which makes parenting a challenging journey. There can be many reasons as to why the little one is wailing. It can be due to heat, cold, wet nappy or an empty stomach that causes discomfort to the child. Generally the incessant crying of the child makes the parents frustrated and irritant so it is important for them to keep calm and try to understand what their child wants to tell them.  Some of the best ways to pacify a crying baby are:

Baby Crying: 11 Tips to Soothe Your Crying Baby

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Sing or talk to the baby

One of the most effective ways to calm a wailing baby is the experience of a familiar voice or a familiar touch. A mother’s touch is the most soothing comfort to the young one. They understand the signals of their mother’s touch and often calm down. Therefore singing and humming soft tunes and rhymes to the baby will help him feel safe in his surroundings. At times a completely new atmosphere also irritates and scares the child since he cannot relate to his normal surroundings. In such situations a soft lullabies create a soothing ambience and generate a feeling of comfort for the baby.

Distract them

It is amazing how readily this simple method works in soothing a crying baby. Parents are often seen to always be in possession of their child’s favourite toy or pacifier so that whenever he cries or experiences discomfort in a long journey or otherwise, a toy can come in handy. Bright lights and noisy toys never fail to divert the attention of a child from the source of discomfort and stops the loud bawling.

Try to remove the external stimuli

It is important for parents to be patient while dealing with their infants. They need to keep calm and try to decipher the reason of their child’s sobbing. It can be due to heat, cold fever or even a soiled diaper that causes itching to the baby. Remove the reason of anxiety and strong external stimuli. Strong noises or lighting may be interfering with your child’s sleep causing him distress and may be the reason behind his tears.  A peaceful environment is the best for your little one.

Create a womb like feeling

A baby is the safest and has the highest level f comfort as long as he is in the mother’s womb. Once he enters the world it is the duty of the parents to create the same feeling for them. The best way to achieve this is to swaddle the baby in his blanket like a burrito with his hands and legs tucked in. This method works with amazing results.

Swing the baby to sleep

At times swinging the baby in the arms by the parents proves as an effective way to lull the baby to sleep. The constant back and forth motion of the swinging puts the child to sleep. The act of swinging creates a same rocking feel in the baby’s body as he experienced in the womb. This action calms the little one therefore slow rocking motion are also advisable by the doctors. A baby more than 2 months old can be put into baby swings. This method also helps the parent’s multi-task and complete projects and household chores.

Take the baby on a walk

At times taking the child out for long walks can calm down the baby by creating an ethereal experience near the environment for the baby. If the parents are relentlessly trying to put the baby to sleep with no result, a walk outside can prove fruitful. Some children are distracted by the surroundings and may go to sleep easily.


Cuddling the baby close by either of the parents often does the trick of pacifying the baby and calming him down. Skin to skin contact often referred as the kangaroo care between parents and children is must for the baby. Keep rocking the baby in your arms or lay them directly on your chest to make them feel secure. Even if there are no immediate results yet the cuddling motion will soothe half of the child’s anxiety. Babies grow on love and care therefore it is important for parents to make the comfort of their child as their first priority.

Utilize the sucking reflex of the baby

The sucking reflex of the child is an integral part of their upbringing. Pacifiers are used by multiple parents to calm their babies and put them to sleep. As a mother cannot constantly feed the baby, the habit of the baby can then be used to create a feeling in the mind of the child that the baby is near putting him to sleep.

Burp the baby

Many parents forget to burp the baby after giving them their feed. If the baby cries after feeding, it clearly indicates that he is suffering from gastric troubles and need burping to help him gain relief. Thus after every feed it is important to burp the baby to avoid gastric troubles to the young one.

Blow raspberries

Many parents know that blowing raspberries on the child’s stomach lightly often stops the baby’s crying. Blowing raspberries or giving him an airy atmosphere calms the baby at times sending them in a fit of laughter.

Massage the baby

At times a massage for the baby is very calming and essential for the strengthening of the muscles as well. A good massage also increases the blood circulation in the body of the child relaxing them and putting them to sleep.

Some children may be fussier than the other but each child is different and need different amount of care and support from their family. Thus it is quintessential for parents to be sensitive to the need of the child as they are the only ones who can understand the signals of their children and give them the care they need.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!