Alleviate Back Pain During Pregnancy In These 6 Simple Ways


Pregnancy is such a wonderful and painful thing in the life of women. While it might bring you endless joy knowing that you’re growing a new life inside you, you might experience numerous discomfort and pains throughout your entire pregnancy.    

As your pregnancy progress, you might experience severe back pain, making you feel uncomfortable in whichever position you try. With this situation, you might be looking for ways on how you can alleviate the pain. While a relaxing massage treatment sounds fantastic, it may be unsuitable for pregnant people as their babies’ lives could be at risk; So, asking for advice from a professional in this matter is important.  

remedies for back pain during pregnancy 

With that, listed below are the different ways to alleviate back pain during pregnancy:  

Look For A Physiotherapist

If you can no longer handle the pain, and your obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) advised you to see a physiotherapist: you should ensure that you look for the best one to provide pain relief during your pregnancy. You can easily search for the best physiotherapist Brisbane or whichever area you’re in, and you should be able to experience comfort with continuous treatments and therapy sessions.    

Ideally, look for a physiotherapist near your area, so you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of driving for long distances to find relief for your back pain. Moreover, if you cannot get out of your household, some clinics can offer help online, allowing you to have professional service without stepping outside.


Practice Good Posture

One of the common reasons why a pregnant woman is experiencing back pain is due to poor posture. With the added weight on your stomach, you may tend to slouch and sway back a little since carrying them all by yourself could be difficult. With that, having a good posture is necessary to relieve any back pains.    

No matter how heavy your stomach is, you should always sit and stand up in an upright position to prevent any upper and back pains. For an added support, you should consider purchasing a maternity support belt which can help lessen the added weight on your stomach. This way, you can allow yourself to be comfortable without having to deal with back pains for the entire day.  

Try Cold Or Heat Application

Heat or cold therapy could help alleviate back pain due to pregnancy. It’s natural and drug-free to use. The feeling as you apply them on your back could be enough, making you feel better.    

You can choose to either go for a cold or heat application by placing a heating or cooling pad on your back. You can massage them gently by rubbing them continuously. Just ensure that they are within a comfortable temperature that you can handle for maximum relaxation.  

Use Pillows For Support

If you need to sit for long hours during the day because you have work to do, you should use a pillow for an added back support. It will help relieve any tension from your back, allowing you to be comfortable as you sit for the entire day.   

While using an ergonomic chair would always be helpful, adding pillows on your lower back can help to maximize its comfort. With a pregnant body, you need the most back support that you could get that no regular ergonomic chair could offer. As you add a cushion behind your lower back, practice good posture to prevent upper back pains, which can be uncomfortable.


Do Gentle Activities

Working out during pregnancy is on a case-to-case basis. If you don’t regularly workout before getting pregnant, doing some extreme exercises might be dangerous for your health. However, if you’re experiencing intense back pain, gentle physical activities might be helpful for you to keep your body moving.   

Before you begin with any exercises, you should first seek permission from your doctor and see if they could allow you to do some gentle exercise. Upon their approval, they should give you a list of the activities you can do during the day. You must follow them thoroughly and avoid doing an intense workout.  

Sleep On Your Side

If you’re a back sleeper, you may experience more intense back pain, especially with the added weight from your stomach. Along with this, you might also have trouble breathing properly, which could put your life at risk.  

For maximum comfort and back pain-free sleep, you should always sleep on your side. You can add a pillow in between your legs, behind your back, and under your abdomen. Alternatively, you can purchase a pregnancy pillow for all-in-one support. With the added pads, you should be able to sleep comfortably every night.   


As you experience back pain, always try to look for ways to allow yourself to enjoy the whole experience. There are many ways to relieve back pain, starting from natural remedies down to consulting with your doctor. However, if the pain is intense and unbearable, you should contact your doctor right away as it could be something serious and needs immediate care.