7 Effective Natural Remedies to Alcohol Detox at Home


The risks for health complications associated with alcohol withdrawal are comparatively more than any other substance withdrawal. There are many people who attempt to detox on their own at home with the help of natural remedies. Thus, if you are not yet severely affected by alcohol withdrawal, you may consider the option of a detox program at home without including any medications. We have listed below 7 effective natural remedies to alcohol detox at home:

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal

People suffering from alcohol problems may show up with a number of physical as well as mental problems. Some of these symptoms are as given below:

  • Nervous, anxious or depressed mental state
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty in sleep
  • An elevated heartbeat
  • Bad dreams
  • Loss of mental clarity

Medications can also be used to cope up with the impact of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Apart from that, there are a number of natural home remedies that may help the people who are affected with the problem of excessive alcohol consumption and are on the process of alcohol withdrawal. Thus, these natural home remedies can help to ease the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Given below are a number of natural home remedies to alcohol detox at home:


7 Best Ways to treat Alcohol Detox at Home

alcohol detox


This is a Chinese herb that was traditionally used in Japan and Southeast Asia. The herb is used to control the side effects of alcohol consumption, for instance hangovers, thirst etc. In fact, the antioxidant properties of kudzu can also majorly help in reducing the liver damage and regenerate it. As per some research, it has also been shown that the kudzu root supplements consist of potent antioxidants (known as phytochemicals), that majorly help to curb alcohol cravings.

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Passion flower tea

Your brain starts to produce new chemicals and neurotransmitters when your body goes through alcohol withdrawal, which is responsible for putting extra stress on your brain function. Thus, it is common among people to experience anxiety and insomnia during this process. However, passion flower tea can help to improve the quality of sleep and also bring down the anxiety levels.


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Balanced diet

A balanced diet is the key to solve almost all of your problems, including alcohol withdrawal. It is important to focus on a healthy, balanced and most importantly a nutritious diet once you start eating again. You must include all sorts of food in the right amount so as to meet your caloric needs. Add green veggies, fruits, whole grains and lean sources of protein in your diet.

B-complex vitamins

Consumption of alcohol leads your body to burn through B vitamins at a comparatively faster rate than normal. So, in order to reduce the alcohol withdrawal symptoms, it is essential for you to take vitamins like B-1, B-3, B-5 that can also aid in the detoxification process. These essential vitamins can also help reduce fatigue, lead to an effective brain functioning and support adrenal function.

Essential oils

As suggested by Janice Rosenthal (owner of Garden of Essences and aromatherapy expert), organic essential oils can help to soothe the alcohol withdrawal experience. It has been recommended to apply a mixture of 15 drops of grapefruit oil, 15 drops of fennel oil and 4 ounces of shea body butter to your upper abdomen, sides and back.


Hydrate yourself

Fatigue, anxiety, depression, nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting are some of the common symptoms that can be caused during alcohol withdrawal. Generally, these symptoms last somewhere between 24-72 hours and this may adversely affect your ability to eat. Thus, during the early stages of alcohol withdrawal, it is recommended that you keep yourself hydrated with water, juice, ice pops and Gelatin etc.


Meditation can majorly help you to stay balanced during the detoxification period. At times, people often feel like giving up the process in the mid-way but meditation can help you to clear your mind and set a defined goal. Apart from that, you can also go for some regular exercising as that may help you feel stronger and powerful.

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Although these natural remedies may help you go through your process of detoxification but in case you experience any complications through your process, it is important for you to consult your doctor and seek immediate medical care. More importantly, the process may seem a bit difficult at first but always remind yourself of why you started it at the first place and do not give up at any cost.

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