Advanced Maternal Age and Risks of Getting Pregnant


Every woman wants to experience the beauty phase of her life which makes her strong and mature. This phase is non-other than motherhood. It is better for both mothers as well as a baby if the woman gets pregnant at an appropriate age. It becomes a little difficult after a certain age. Pregnancy in a woman above 35 years of age is called as “geriatric pregnancy“.

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Geriatric Pregnancy
Importance of Advanced Maternal Age
Chances of Getting Pregnant at 35 and Above
Risks Associated with Advanced Maternal Age
Things to Remember During Such Pregnancy

All You Need to Know About Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy

Geriatric Pregnancy

Any woman who is pregnant for the first time between 35 to 39 years of age then it is known as geriatric pregnancy. Nowadays this term is replaced by “advanced maternal age”. In today’s modern world, women prefer late pregnancies. But late pregnancies also have risks.

advanced age pregnancy


Importance of Advanced Maternal Age

This could be due to the availability of birth control methods which help women delaying parenthood. Changes in social and cultural factors also play an important role. Educating females has made them realized to take self decisions. Divorce, having multiple partners before settling down has also helped in delaying. Economic facilities and unemployment also contribute to this.

Due to advancements in the medical field, fertility treatments people are adopting them. Therefore, fertility treatment options along with birth control options and social and cultural factors are the reason for advanced maternal age pregnancies.

Chances of Getting Pregnant at 35 and Above

A woman above 35 years can get pregnant though it is difficult when compared to conceiving at a young age between 19 years to 26 years. Chances are reduced to about 40 percent but still, she can get pregnant. Though rates of certain birth defects and miscarriages are high in her 30s-40s age. Also if the partner’s age is also important, if he is above 35 similar conclusions can be made. Same as women, men also show the pattern of fertility according to age.


Risks Associated with Advanced Maternal Age

Women are born with a fixed number of ova (eggs) for her entire life which degenerate with time. Thus, becoming pregnant in the late phase of life is difficult as well as risky. Following risk can be seen during advanced maternal age pregnancies :

Chances of Multiple Pregnancies

There are chances of developing multiple embryos due to hormonal changes associated with increased age thus causing the release of multiple eggs simultaneously.

Gestational Diabetes

Such type of diabetes occurs only during pregnancy as is common in older women. Therefore, proper strict control over sugar consumption with physical exercise is a must. If not treated, the baby delivered is abnormally large.


Women who develop high blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to a medical condition known as preeclampsia. To avoid complications, doctor consultation is required throughout the pregnancy.

Low Weight Birth Babies

It is very common for an older woman to deliver pre-mature babies associated with medical problems.


Usually, the older woman has high chances of pregnancy-related complications which make them go for C-section delivery.


Miscarriages and Stillbirth

Risk of pregnancy loss by miscarriage and stillbirth increases due to chromosomal abnormalities or fetal abnormalities. The quality of eggs also declines with an increase in woman age.

Chromosomal Abnormalities

High chances of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome can be seen.

Things to Remember During Such Pregnancy

It is important to care for the pregnant woman as well as the baby. Special attention is to be given :

Preconception Appointment

It is necessary to consult a doctor before going for a pregnancy when the woman is above 35 years by discussing the lifestyle changes to have a healthy pregnancy.

Prenatal Care

Regular prenatal checkups are a must. This helps to monitor the development of the baby inside the womb.


Healthy Diet

A healthy nutritional diet intake is required and this should be started a few months before conception.

Physical Activity

Stay active and recommended physical activity is important as this would help in comforting the body during pregnancy.

Avoidance of Harmful Substances

Prohibition of tobacco, alcohol is required for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Weight Gain

It is important to keep control of weight as with gain in weight, problems associated with them such as diabetes, hypertension also increase which may result in affecting the pregnancy.


Advanced maternal age pregnancy is common these days but for a successful pregnancy, one should take care of herself properly and consult a doctor whenever required. The choice a woman makes will definitely have an effect on her as well as her baby.