7 Must Know Tea That Lower Fertility in Women


Herbal teas are usually very beneficial for your health. Natural herbs have amazing medicinal properties that can improve your overall health. But there are also herbs that can prove to be harmful. Among other risks, a few herbs can actually lower fertility in women. Consuming these herbs in teas can make you sterile.

Herbal teas like mugwort tea, black cohosh and feverfew tea are capable of making you sterile. Even chamomile tea, sage tea and rosemary tea are sterility boosters. It is always recommended to avoid consuming tea made of these herbs to avoid infertility.  Read on to find out the 7 herbal teas you must avoid if you are planning to become a mother.

7 Tea That Effect Fertility in Women

teas that lower fertility

Mugwort tea

Mugwort is a herb that prevents spasms and improves digestion. But this herb can also make you sterile if you consume this tea on a regular basis. Mugwort can contract your uterus. Reduction in size of the uterus will automatically make you infertile. This is one of the most important side effects of taking mugwort tea if you are already of childbearing age. Avoid this herbal tea if you want to stay fertile. Do not consume this tea when you are pregnant also. This herb can cause miscarriage and other complications in your pregnancy.

Black cohosh tea

Black cohosh root is a powerful herb. It has been used for ages to treat various medical conditions. It is mainly used for menopause symptoms and to treat menstrual cramps. Despite its effectiveness, black cohosh root can possibly make you infertile. Though it is not scientifically proven, this is a possibility you should not ignore.  Avoid having black cohosh tea in your pre-conception time. If you are pregnant, you must avoid this herbal tea. It can induce premature labor. Black cohosh is also known to cause problems related to breastfeeding.

Echinacea tea

Also knows as American cone flower, Echinacea is a herb that can treat several illnesses. It is primarily useful to boost the immunity and treat cold. But this particular herb is very dangerous if you want to become a mother. One of the side effects of consuming this tea is your increased chance of becoming infertile.  Echinacea can cause hormonal imbalance in your body. Hormonal stability is very important for conceiving. If your body does not produce required hormones, it can cause several reproductive problems. As a result you can become sterile.


Ginkgo biloba tea

One of the oldest trees in the world is ginkgo biloba.  The leaf of this tree is infused to make herbal tea and consumed.  Ginkgo biloba tea is essentially beneficial for health. It is high in antioxidants and can give you a long healthy life. This herbal tea is known to improve your brain function, treat depression etc.

But it has a dangerous disadvantage as well. This herbal tea can also make you infertile. Ginkgo biloba extracts can impact the concentration of hormones in your body. This can cause disruption in your ovulation process. Not being able to ovulate will obviously make you sterile. Not only women, men can also become infertile if they consume this tea regularly. It affects their sperm count.

Pennyroyal tea

History says that pennyroyal herb was used by Romans and Greeks to prevent getting pregnant.  Pennyroyal tea can induce infertility in women of child bearing age.  This is one herb that should not be consumed if you are willing to conceive sooner or later.  Pennyroyal tea can cause severe harm during pregnancy as well. It was originally used as an agent of abortion. During pregnancy, this herbal tea can induce premature labor and even miscarriage. Apart from this, pennyroyal herb can also cause nausea, vomiting, blood clotting and liver damage. It can possibly kill you also. This herbal tea is actually very dangerous for your health.

Jack in the pulpit root tea

Jack in the pulpit is a herb that prevents pregnancy. It is a very powerful herb. This herb is also known as Devil’s ear, Wild turnip, Dragon in different countries.  Many women use this herb to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Jack in the pulpit root actually prevents egg implantation in your ovary. If your egg is not implanted in the ovary, it cannot get fertilized by the sperm. Therefore, drinking this herbal tea can make you permanently sterile if consumed regularly.

Rosemary tea

Rosemary tea is useful for treating different health related problems. It is good for digestion, heartburn, headache and blood pressure. But rosemary tea is essentially harmful for a woman trying to conceive or already pregnant. Many health experts are of the opinion that rosemary herb can cause uterine contractions. It can also cause abortions in pregnant women. The herb can prevent fertilization of the eggs and thus make you sterile. Excess consumption of rosemary tea is therefore very risky for a woman of child bearing age. It is better to avoid this herbal tea.



Herbal teas are great for health. These teas contain several vitamin, minerals and antioxidants that help in curing many health problems. These teas are made from infusion of dried parts of different medicinal herbs. Herbal teas are non-caffeinated and generally beneficial. But despite the advantages, there are a few herbs which are toxic.

Teas made of herbs like pennyroyal, mugwort, black and blue cohosh is very harmful for women’s fertility. Also popular herbal teas like chamomile and rosemary are considered unsafe if you are trying to conceive. These herbs can cause severe complications in the reproductive system of women. The can prevent the eggs from getting implanted and fertilized.  It is a dangerous side effect of drinking these herbal teas. It is therefore necessary to always consult with a doctor before taking any herbal tea or supplement.  A doctor will be best equipped to give you proper advice on which herbal tea is safe for you. Never buy any product off the counter without taking expert advice