7 Maternity Must Haves for Every New Mom


Are you expecting a baby? It is prudent you would have started reflecting or planning of things to come. If you are in the company of someone who has been a mother earlier, then by now you would have a rough idea of things that made them comfortable during their pregnancy days. So pick a piece of paper along with a pen and note it down!  A key aspect is to be comfortable during pregnancy and what is going to work in your favour.

Must Have Maternity Things for Every New Mom

maternity must haves

The obvious things like drinking plenty of water, frequent visits to a doctor, plenty of sleep or rest is not listed here. These are things which are like music to a pregnant mother over and over again.

Here is a concise list of the 7 maternity must halves for every new mom

Prenatal supplements

The mother along with your baby needs an influx of vital nutrients provided by prenatal supplements. The onus is you along with the practitioner on what is right for you.  Some women do find extra ounce prenatal vitamins tough on stomach (all the more during first trimester of pregnancy when nausea is at its peak.

A word of caution, any supplements consumed during pregnancy must be under the knowhow of your doctor.


Beauty products

Safe is the mantra to follow! A lot of would be mothers focus on the interiors of their body, but they ignore what is happen on the exterior front. A word of caution beauty products like notions or creams is incorporated with questionable ingredients for a budding fetus. You would need to check to avoid the ingredients and check out the labels when you are shopping.

Childbirth books

Most information is available online, but nothing stands in comparison to a book in order to relieve anxiety. Getting into the grove, of what is about to happen helps you to be confident for this big day rather than being petrified. If pregnancy, baby or child birth is sending you panic attacks, ease into some books to keep anxiety at bay.

Documenting your pregnancy

For a lot of mothers this assumes less importance and no way has it stood with body pillows, prenatal vitamins or waist bands. This could be life changing months, but believe me down the lane you would like to have some form of documentation. Trust me these three trimesters of your pregnancy are going to be cherished possessions for the rest of your life. You will like to look back upon them down the years, but looking up to some pregnancy ideas for inspiration.

Start with basics or a classical version” The Pregnancy Book”

A good pair of pregnancy jeans

For a casual laid back look, every pregnant lady should have 2 to 3 pairs of comfortable jeans. Most pregnant women find it difficult in finding jeans that fit them and without looking dumpy and baggy. If you cannot find a pair of jeans to suit your expanding waist line, then opt to stretch your existing jeans.

Bands supporting belly

Towards the third trimester of pregnancy, your baby is going to drop down into the birth canal as it justifies them a position preparing for labor. It does make it easy to breathe, meaning that the baby is not going to be pressed against the ribs but some vaginal pain is experienced when you are walking. Pains or acnes could stretch down from your ankles to the feet as well.


The whole idea is to make you comfortable and some women have reported that the bands helped with cope up with morning sickness. A lot of mothers do not use it during their earlier pregnancy and regret it during the days to come.

Body pillow

This has to be one of the top must haves for maternity. Ideally for a pregnant mother, sleeping is at an uncomfortable stage during this juncture. In the last trimester using a pillow (large) would supporting your bulging body? Your partner is likely to feel jealous and might even catch hold of it!

To conclude, you could be pregnant, or someone close to you might be pregnant, but these are maternity must halves for sure. Their bring back a smile and do make expectant mothers a lot happy as well. You could use them on a day to day basis and the results will change your life for the better. Investing a few does promise a pleasant experience. Hope all of you agree?


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