52 DIY 4th July Independence Day Crafts for Kids


July 4th marks the 239th year of independence. And here are some crafts and decorations that kids can make for this July 4th. We wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day in advance.

DIY 4th July Independence Day Crafts

fourth july diy crafts

Here are some of the DIY independence day crafts for kids.

Pinwheel Flag craft: Here’s an easy craft. It is a pinwheel craft. Pinwheel is an easy to make craft and it can be so much fun, the making as well as playing with it. Make pinwheel with red, white and blue colored papers which are part of the American flag.

Flag Craft with pin wheel
Pinwheel craft of American flag

Source: Modern Mami

DIY Candle holders: Here’s another craft with American flag colors. This requires 3 tin cans which are painted in red, white and blue colors. Before coloring the can, you could make holes in the tin can like a star shape, letters USA or fireworks, and put candles in the holders.

Flag Candle Holders
American Flag Candle holders

Source: Crafts For All Seasons

Garland with bottle caps: You could make easily make a decorative garland with bottle caps. First you need to color the bottle caps in red, blue and white and then stick them to a cardboard cutout as a ring.

Bottlecap Garland American Flag
American Flag Bottle Cap Garland

Source: Lifestyle All Womens Talk

Spangled Wavers: Here’s an easy craft for kids which they can wave all day. All it requires are pieces of cardboard and pencils. Cut the cardboard in star shape and color then in different patterns of red, blue and white and attach it to the pencil.

Star Flag Wavers
American Flag Color Wavers

Source: Crafting Motherhood

Ribbon Wand With Flag: Here’s a craft that is similar to the above craft. The only difference is that it is made with ribbons representing the flag rather than the star-shaped wavers. All you need to do is to collect these ribbons and tie them to a pencil or a twig.

Flag Ribbon Wand
Flag Ribbon Wand

Source: Cool Mom Picks

Flower Pot Decoration: You can also decorate flower pots in flag colors. You just need to draw lines properly on the flower pot and color them with appropriate colors and stars.

Flower Pot Decoration
American Flag Flower Pot Decoration

Source: Etsy

Popsicle Flags: Here’s a craft you can make with popsicle sticks. All you need to do is to collect as many popsicle sticks, stick them and color them. You can add a ribbon to the flag for decoration purposes.

Popsicle Stick American Flag
American Flag With Popsicle Stick

Source: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Pinwheel Garland: We’ve discussed about Pinwheel flag craft and Garland crafts. Why not combine them both. Make a garland and stick the flag pinwheels on to the garland and decorate your home with it.

Pinwheel Garland American Flag
American Flag Pinwheel Garland

Source: USA All Festivals

Cross Flag: Here’s another craft that combines two seemingly different things. On one side, there is the American flag and on the other there is the Cross. By combining them both, you have a very good craft.

American Flag With Christian Cross
Christian Cross And American Flag

Source: Pinterest

Garland with Cloth Clips: Here’s another garland craft with cloth clips. Decorate the cloth clips with flag colors or ribbons and clip them to the garland without leaving any gaps in between.

Cloth Clips American Flag Garland
Garland With Cloth Clips

Source: Refresh Restyle

Garland Made from twigs: Collect as many twigs as you can and arrange them in a circular way. Before arranging them, color them with blue, red and white colors and you can make flag pattern with it.

Garland Made From Twigs
American Flag Twig Garland

Source: Pinterest

Garland of Paper Lanterns: Make a bunch of paper lanterns and color with flag colors and you can decorate them like a garland.

4th July Lantern Garland
Paper Lantern Decorations for 4th July

Source: Top Dreamer

Paper Flower Flags: Make a craft with colored paper flowers and decorate them with colored buttons of red, white and blue, just like in the picture below.

Paper Flower Craft American Flag
American Flag Paper Flower Craft

Source: Mom 4 Real

Cute Uncle Sam: You can make a cute little Uncle Sam craft and decorate your home with it. All you need are cardboard, colored papers, a pair of googly eyes and cotton.

Cute Uncle Sam Craft
Cute Uncle Sam Craft

Source: Five Little Chefs

Flags with Paper and Pencil: Here’s a craft which can be made very easily with just a paper and a pencil. All you need to do is to draw the flag on a piece of paper and stick it to a pencil or a use-n-throw pen.

Flags with Paper and Pencil
Flags with Paper and Pencil

Source: Pinterest

Hand Print American Flag: Here’s a craft which can be easily made by toddlers. All you need to do is to paint your toddler’s hand with American flag colors and print it on to a piece of paper.

American Flag Hand Print
Hand Print American Flag

Source: Paint And Clay Studio

Star Garland: Here’s a craft which has stars in red and blue colors that can made easily with colored ribbon papers. All you need to do is to fold the paper with as many folds as possible and cut a star pattern out of it and your garland will be ready.

American Flag Star Streamers
Star Streamers American Flag Colors

Source: Studio DIY

Tin Can Windsocks: For this craft, you’ll need few tin cans, some ribbons and colors. After coloring the can, make a hole inside the can to run a thread for hanging. Also on the other side of the tin can, stick ribbons of white and red colors and you can hang them.


Source: A Little Craft In Your Day

Uncle Sam Hat and Beard: Here’s an easy craft of Uncle Sam with hat and beard. All you need are a piece of paper with American flag patterns, ending with curved piece for beard. The beard can be made with cotton.

Uncle Sam Hat and Beard
DIY Uncle Sam Hat and Beard

Source: Edu Cents

Uncle Sam Hat decoratives: Here’s another craft for Uncle Sam’s hat. All you need are American flag paper strips and red colored round base for the hat. Attach the crown part to the brim with hot glue gun.

Uncle Sam Hat Decorative
Uncle Sam Hat Decorative

Source: She Knows

Popsicle Stick Uncle Sam: Here’s another Uncle Sam craft which can be made with popsicle sticks. All you need are popsicle sticks glued side by side. You need to color them with appropriate red, white and blue colors, stick a pair of googly eyes and cotton for beard.

Popsicle Stick Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Popsicle Stick Craft

Source: Space Ships And Laser Beams

Uncle Sam with Paper Plate: This craft requires a paper plate, few color papers and hand shaped cut out of paper for beard.

Paper Plate Uncle Sam Craft
Uncle Same Made With Paper Plate

Source: Glued To My Crafts Blog

Uncle Sam Craft: Here’s another Uncle Sam craft with paper. You can easily make this craft with different colored papers, star stickers and a pair of googly eyes.


Source: No Time For Flash Cards

Papercup Craft: Here’s a craft that can be easily done with papercups. All you need are papercups, colors of the flag which include blue, red and white, some star stickers and glue.

Papercup American Flag
Papercup American Flag

Source: First Palette

Uncle Sam’s Hat: Here’s a craft for making Uncle Sam’s typical hat. The hat can be made with cardboard which are colored appropriately in the colors of the flag. And the pieces need to be glued.

Uncle Sam's Hat Craft
Uncle Sam’s Hat Craft

Source: Gallery 4 Share

Paper Plate Crown of Liberty: Make a crown of liberty craft with paper plate and cardboard. First, cut a portion of the paper plate, color it and decorate it with stars. After that glue the cardboard spikes on to the crown and thread it, so that it can be worn tightly.

Crown of Liberty Paper Plate
Crown of Liberty Paper Plate

Source: Home School Creations

Patriotic Crown: Here’s another craft that requires thick paper sheets in blue, red and white colors. Cut a broad strip of paper and this becomes the base of the crown. Now, glue stripes of colored papers like blue, red and white on to the base and your patriotic crown is ready. Make sure to stick stars on this crown.

Patriotic Paper Crown
Patriotic Paper Crown

Source: Little Stars Learning

Uncle Sam Hanging: Make an Uncle Sam hanging with things that are available at home. You could use a cardboard sheet and a cardboard cutout for the base of the hat and some white paper for beard and moustache for Uncle Sam.

Wall Hanging Uncle Sam
Wall Hanging Uncle Sam

Source: Tip Junkie

Uncle Sam Hat Treat Holders: Here’s another craft that is easy to make with just the things at home. All you need are two or more popcorn holders. Color them in Uncle Sam’s Hat colors and place Twizzler candies and white popcorn, representing the colors of the flag.

Uncle Sam Hat Treat Holders
Uncle Sam Hat Treat Holders

Source: Pinterest

Uncle Sam Flowers: Here’s a different kind of decorative craft of Uncle Sam. This merges flowers and Uncle Sam. All you need to do is to make small versions of Uncle Sam on a piece of paper and stick each of them to a twig and place them in a jar or vase.

Uncle Sam Flower Decorative
Uncle Sam Flower Decorative

Source: Beth A Palooza

Tissue Roll Uncle Sam: Make an Uncle Sam craft with tissue rolls that are readily available at home. These tissue rolls will act as the base for your craft. On top of the roll add colored paper pieces representing the hat and draw a face for Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam With Tissue Roll
Tissue Roll Uncle Sam

Source: Hooray For Rain

Paper Cups Uncle Sam: For this craft, you’ll need paper cups, some colors, cotton, googly eyes and cardboard sheets for making the hat.

Uncle Sam Paper Cups
Paper Cups Uncle Sam

Source: She Knows

Uncle Sam Hat Hangings: Make a craft of Uncle Sam’s hat handing with just cardboard sheet, few colors and a piece of threat for hanging.

Uncle Sam Hat Hanging
Uncle Sam Hat Hanging

Source: Kix Cereal

Handprint Flag: Here’s a craft for toddlers which is easy to make. All they’d need is a piece of paper and blue and red colors. Dip in the colors and handprint them in the flag’s pattern.

Independence Day Hand Print Craft
Hand Print American Flag

Source: Independence Day USA 4th Of July

Another Handprinted Flag: Here’s another handprinted flag craft for toddlers. You just need to apply appropriate colors on each finger and palm for this craft.

Hand Print American Flag
American Flag Hand Print

Source: Sew Many Savings

Papercup Garland: For this craft, you’ll need paper cups in red, blue and white colors. All you need to do is to place a cup halfway inside another cup and staple them and run a thread through them so that they can be arranged as a garland decorative.

Paper Cup American Flag Garland
Paper Cup American Flag Garland

Source: Pinterest

Paper Craft American Flag Decorative: Here’s another piece of decorative item made from paper. All you need are red, blue and white colored papers. Take a stripe of blue color paper and glue stars of different colors onto this strip as shown in the picture.

American Flag Decorative
American Flag Decorative

Source: Festival Season 2015

Twizzler Decoratives: If you’re arranging a small get-together for children on this 4th of July, make sure to arrange Twizzler decorative as well. Take some Twizzlers and wrap them with blue stripes with stars.

Twizzler Decorative
Twizzler Flag Decorative

Source: Room To Inspire

Popsicle Stick Star Decorative: Here’s another craft that you can make with popsicle sticks. All you need to do is to collect as many popsicle sticks as possible. Glue the sticks together to form star shapes and let them dry. After drying tie them with a thread and make a hanging. Also, don’t forget to color each of the star in blue, red and white.

Popsicle Stick Stars
Popsicle Stick Stars

Source: Metro Parent

Captain America’s Shield Craft: This is kind of an unusual craft, but hey, what represents the spirit of America more than Cap himself! So, we’ve added this to the list as well. Here’s an easy way to make Cap’s shield craft from cardboard. Cut the cardboard in circular shape and color one side with the colors of the flag and add the star at the center. Now, flip the shield and glue one or two strips of cardboard to hold the shield.

Captian America Shield Craft
Captian America Shield Craft

Source: Weisse Guys Blogspot

Statue of Liberty Craft: For this craft you’ll need paper plate, few cardboard cuttings, a tissue roll and some bright red and yellow color papers.

Statue of Liberty Craft
Statue of Liberty Craft

Source: Crafts By Amanda

American Flag Paper Crown: Here’s a paper crown craft that takes little effort to make. All you need are pieces of cardboard cut into star shapes and colors to fill in the stars. You could also add in some glitter as well.

American Flag Papercrown
American Flag Papercrown

Source: Blog Paper Source

Wall Hanging Flag Craft: This is a wall hanging craft which requires tissue roll and some strips of glitter paper. You need to place the glitter paper from the inside of the tissue roll and on the opposite side make a hanging with a thread.

American Flag Wall Hanging
American Flag Wall Hanging

Source: Pinterest

Star Decorative: This craft requires you to cut our star shapes from red, blue and white colored papers and glue them together in a garland shape and it is ready for decoration.

American Flag Garland
American Flag Garland

Source: Pinterest

American Flag Paper Cone Decorative: For this craft, you’ll need blue, red and white colored papers. You’ll also need to make cones from the papers and glue them together.

American Flag Paper Cone Decorative
American Flag Paper Cone Decorative

Source: Moms Shopping Engine

Tissue Roll Rocket Decoratives: If you happen to have tissue rolls at home, you can use them to make decorative rockets with American flag colors. For this you’ll need tissue rolls, cardboard cones and red, blue and white colors.

American Flag Rocket Decorative
American Flag Rocket Decorative

Source: 4th of July Quotes 2015-07-02

Paper Plate Flag: This craft requires a paper plate and flag colors. At the centre of the plate, make a small dot and divide the plate into 1/4th space and use the rest of the space for red and white colors. Now, color the 1/4th space with blue color.


Source: Make And Takes

Paper Plate Flag Decorative: Take a paper plate and stick color paper stars and colored ribbons on it. This can be used for wall decoration.

Paper Plate Flag Decorative
Paper Plate Flag Decorative

Source: Pinterest

Paper Plate Hats for Kids: Alternatively, you could also make paper plate or cardboard hats for your kids with or without the flag colors, just like the picture below and they can be quite adorable.

Paper Plate Hat for Kids
Paper Plate Hat for Kids

Source: Alpha Mom

4th July Tambourine: You can make a 4th July tambourine with two paper plate and some small bells. By the way don’t forget to color the paper plates in flag.

4th July Tambourine
4th July Tambourine Craft

Source: Camarillo Macaroni Kid

Paper Plate American Flag Hanging: This craft requires paper plate, flag colors and it needs to be hanged with a string and a cloth clip.

Paper Plate Flag Hanging

Source: Glued To My Crafts Blog

Another Wall Hanging with Paper Plate: The versatility of paper plates is that such that many crafts can be made with paper plates and here is another example.

4ht July PaperPlate Wall Hanging
Paper Plate Wall Hanging 4th July

Source: Hand Made Charlotte