21 Hassle-Free Parenting Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier


Having kids can sometimes be fun, but most of the times, parents need to keep a tab on their toddlers doing mischief and also having kids increases the workload exponentially. Apart from managing career and household things, managing kids can sometimes make parenting the worst nightmare for parents, particularly for young and novice parents.

21 Parenting Hacks and Tricks that can make your life easier

Here are some of the tricks and hacks that can make your life easier while handling kids.

1. Help your kids from accidentally locking themselves: With this trick you can make sure that your kids are not locked or accidentally lock themselves either in bathrooms or bedrooms. This hack can be very good particularly, if it is hard to find the keys.

Prevent Your Kids From Accidentally locking themselves
Use Rubber Band To Prevent your kids from locking themselves

Source: Life Hack

 2. Keep a water sprayer in your car: Keep a small water sprayer in your car ready during summers. During summers, the interiors of your car might get very hot. These can include the seatbelt buckles and other metallic and plastic objects. Spraying them with water can cool down after parking your car in the sun for some time.

Bottle Sprayer In your car
Store Bottle Spray In Your Car During Summers

Source: Aroma Tools


3. Use Laundry Basket For Toddler Baths: You don’t have to buy an expensive small bath tub for your little one. This can be useless once your baby has grown. So, it is economical to use your laundry basket in your bathtub for baby bath.

Use laundry basket to bathe your baby
Laundry basket for baby bath

Source: Red Tri

4. Use Cookie Cutters As Cabinet Locks: It makes some sense not to invest in expensive locks for cabinets just because your little one is curious and opening all the cabinets. Instead use cookie cutters as locks for cabinets. Also, you could use strong threads to tie and lock down the cabinets. But, don’t use rubber bands, because when they break, they can hurt your baby.

Close cabinets with cookie cutters
Cookie cutter to close cabinets

Source: Red Tri

5. Use Magnets For Water Cups: It is rather a bad habit of toddlers and children to pick up new cups for water each time. This increases the number of dishes to be cleaned and also increases trash of paper cups. So, take different colored cups, glue magnets to them and stick them on to your refrigerator.

Stick Magnets On Water Cups
Stick water cups to refrigerator using magnets

Source: Pinterest


6. Use Cupcake Covers for Popsicles: Even, if your little one is not a messy eater, popsicles can make any kid a messy eater. So, the next time you’re freezing popsicles, make sure to add in cupcake cover at the bottom of the popsicle so that the drips don’t end up on your floor.

use cupcake cover for popsicles
Popsicle with cupcake cover

Source: I Women

7. Ziplock Pouch for Painting: Fill ziplock pouches with colors and stick them to windows and let your child create patterns with it. This way, you’ll save time twice on cleaning your house and getting rid of paint off of your child’s hands.

Toddler painting with ziplock pouch
Fill ziplock pouch with colors

Source: Long Win

8. Pizza Boxes As Canvases: You can use large pizza boxes as canvas for your child’s paintings. It’s a great way to use something that will be thrown away. Use it like this before throwing it away.

Pizza Box for kids painting
Use Pizza Box For Kids Painting Activity

Source: Juxtapost


9. Old Baby Shampoo Bottle As Sink Extender: Use this hack when your children find it difficult to reach for water tap at the sink.

Fix Baby Shampoo Bottle On Water Tap
Fit Baby Shampoo Bottle On Water Tap

Source: 24 Parent

10. Bracelet With Your Phone Number: If you are worried that your child might go missing, then the best way is to make a beads bracelet with your phone number on it.

If Lost Bracelet With Phone Number
Make Bracelet With Phone Number

Source: Twenty Two Words

11. Temporary Tattoo With Phone Number: Alternatively, you can opt for a temporary and water-proof tattoo for your child with your phone number on it. Opt for these two ideas, especially when your traveling.

Temporary Tatto with phone number if your baby is lost
Use Temporary Tattoo With Phone Number

Source: Safety Tat


12. Use Barrettes To Tighten loose Tank Tops: When you have children, it actually makes sense to buy clothes that are larger in size compared to your child because in few months of time your child will outgrow those clothes. But, you can use barrettes or similar clips to tighten such loose clothes, especially tank tops.

Barrettes To Hold Loose Tank Tops
Hold Loose Tank Tops With Barrettes

Source: Twenty Two Words

13. Use Cardboard Boxes As Slides On Staircase: If you happen to have cardboard boxes that came along as packaging for refrigerator or TV or AC, use them for slides on your staircase.

Cardboard Box For Homemade Slide
Use Cardboard Box as Slides

Source: Crumb Bums

14. Use Open Pacifier For Putting Medicine: Use an open pacifier to put in medications for your child can make your work very easy and gets rid of all the tension surrounding the concept of giving medications to children.

Medication In Open Pacifier
Use Pacifier For Giving Medications

Source: Twenty Two Words


15. Dip A Lollipop in Medicine: Alternatively, you can also give medications to your child by dipping a lollipop in the medicine. This way, you’ll reduce your kid’s fuss over taking medication.

Dip Lollipop in Medication
Dip Lollipop in Medication

Source: Virality Facts

16. Easy Baby Mop: Cant stop your baby from crawling all over your house? Instead of cleaning every nook and corner of your home, let your baby do the work. We’re not being harsh here, but if you cant stop your baby from crawling, perhaps let the crawling do the work.

Baby Mop
Baby Mop

Source: Deliver Me this

17. Close Cabinets Like this: If you have a curious child who wants to open each and every cabinet, then it is the best way to keep them off of those cabinets.

Close All Cabinets With a Scale or Stick
Close All Cabinets With a Scale or Stick

Source: Diply


18. Old DVD Case To Hold Color Pencils: Use an old DVD case for holding color pencils or crayons and there will be place for drawing as well.

DVD box for holding pencils
Use DVD Box to hold pencils

Source: Swifty

19. Dishwasher For Shoes and Toys: Use your dishwasher to wash your kids’ shoes and toys. Your kids’ shoes will be very dirty because of their activities and also their toys. Instead of washing them in a washing machine, where the results wouldn’t be so nice, wash them in a dishwasher.

Dishwasher For Shoes N Toys
Wash Shoes and Toys in DIshwasher

Source: Pinterest

20. Use Sauce-to-go To Store Pacifiers: Sauce-to-go are perhaps one of the best places to store your child’s pacifiers. Right after sterilizing them, store them in clean sauce containers. This is a good tip while you’re travelling.

Use sauce containers to store pacifiers
Store Pacifier in Sauce Containers

Source: Blessed Beyond Words


21. Dress Your Kids In Same Color Clothing: While you are going out with your children either for shopping or when you’re on a vacation with your kids, try to dress them in same color or identical dressing so that it would be easy to identify them.

Dress Kids Identically
Dress you kids identically while going out

Source: Articles Closet