The Best 31 Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys


I still remember how excited I was when I was nearing my 13th birthday. After all, we all are excited because that’s when we actually begin with our teenage years. So definitely, 13th birthday becomes special in one or the other. We all want the coolest gifts, want to hang around and be a part of the coolest group and want to get access to all the latest technology. In this article, we will look at some of the best gifts for 13 year old boys:

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31 Unique Gifts for 13 Year Old Boy

gifts for 13 year old boy

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Bluetooth wireless/ wired headphones

Almost every next teenager loves headphones and after all, these are not just one among those average headphones. They offer a mic for hands-free calling, noise reduction for clear listening quality, Bluetooth for connectivity and 3D HD stereo sound quality.


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Fender Fa-100 Acoustic Guitar Bundle

If your teen is interested in learning an instrument, this would be the best gift for them. This bundle consists of almost everything that will be needed to learn how to play, including picks, strap, instructional DVD, digital tuner and bag.


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Armogear infrared laser tag guns and vests

This laser tag set comes with some really exciting features such as invisible mode, night vision flashlight, voice guided directions and some real target vests. The guns are absolutely safe, durable and top-quality.


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Trust me, teens love gift cards more than anything. by giving them a gift card, you are acknowledging a bit of their growing independence by letting them make their own choice. Also, you do not have to worry about whether your teenager would like something that you offer them. So, they can buy something that he/she really wants.


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Qcopter quadcopter drone with camera live video

Well, this one is my favourite. If your teen is interested in photography, you must look forward to this one. This drone makes use of your smartphone as the controller and lets you view your footage in real time. With high definition wifi camera, you can zoom and crop your pictures easily. As compared to other drones that offer the flight time of just 8 minutes, this one offers around thirty minutes of flight time.


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Digital waterproof sports watch with LED screen

None of us these days can do it without a watch. And when it comes to those sports freaks, they need something that would last long. This digital waterproof sports watch is durable, waterproof at up to 164ft (50m) and shock resistant.


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So, if your are planning to make a huge investment and want to buy your teen a really ecpensive then this one would be the best. Ninetndo has been around since the 1800s. it can be used on your TV or tablet computer or juts separately on its own.

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Kindle fire HD 8 tablet with alexa

The tablet is reasonably affordable and comes in 16GB as well as 32GB version in red, yellow and blue colour. With Netflix, facebook, alexa, videos, movies, games and kindle eBooks, the tablet comes with all the capabilities.


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Bose soundlink micro Bluetooth speaker

Who doesn’t love music, movies or gaming? This rugged waterproof speaker is a perfect choice for your teenager. It is great for both, indoor and outdoor use. You have a choice among black, midnight blue, or bright orange and you can also choose to buy the case, wall charger and car charger at the time of purchase.


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X-games FS-20 BMX/freestyle bicycle

The price for this one is comparatively much less expensive than most mountain bikes. It is easy to assemble and comes with strong, grippy tires along with front and rear hand brakes.


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U.S. Marine corps two airsoft pistols with target kit

Is your little one interested in target shooting? If yes, then  this kit comes with two airsoft pistols, twelve inch sticky target and two packages with total of one thousand airsoft bbs. However, this one cannot be shipped to the state of New York.


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When it comes to jewellery, we have so much to choose from. Bracelets, fancy rings and what not. By far, bracelets have been the most popular pick among boys.


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Canon powershot ELPH 360 Digital Camera

With built-in-wifi and Near Field Communication, you can easily share and transfer the pictures and videos. It has 12x optical zoom, 1080HD video quality, 20.2 megapixels and optical image stabilizer that serves highest quality pictures and videos.


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Gravitrax starter set

Teenagers can easily get bored with most of the toys. But with this one, Your teen can design and build their own race tracks and can also conduct experiments with magnetism and gravity.


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I think perfumes are one of the most asked things by teenagers. Moreover, you have a wide range of otpions with all price ranges to choose from.


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Sports gifts

for that sporty boy in your house, you have range of options. For instance, sports memorabilia – a signed ball or a card, cool looking water bottle, sporty clothes, trainers or may be a ticket to see a game.


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Akai professional MPK Mini MKII 25-key USB drum pad

I have recommended this gift to my parents for my teenage brother and trust me, he loved it! with this, your teen can create his/her own music. It comes with 8 touch sensitive drum pads, eight controllable/assignable knobs, 25-synth-action mini-keys and all of it works in conjunction with their computer.


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LIFX WI-FI smart LED bulb

This will allow your teenager to illuminate their room into any colour. One can easily control the light with their smartphone and it works with IFTTT program. And the good news is that it also works with Amazon’s Alexa.


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Legato game capture HD60 S

In order to stream the PS4 or Xbox One gameplay on youtube, one will need a game capture card. You can just plug the game console into one of the ports and an HDMI cable to the PC and you are ready to stream.


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Estes 1491 taser rocket launch set

If your little one is one of those NASA kids, you need to get him this without thinking twice. With different engines to experiment reaching different heights, you get to build, use and reuse the rocket.


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Iphone charger sticker sets

With every person having an iphone these days, the charger sticker sets would help your teen to avoid losing identical charges. Not only this, but it will also make your teen’s charger more distinctive.


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Unicorn USB fan

I’m still a huge unicorn fan. Trust me, I can keep anything or almost everything in my room that is related to unicorn in some way or the other. This unicorn USB fan can be perfectly set up in your child’s room.


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Velvet channel stitch hang-a-round chair

This one would just make your teen’s room more adorable and complete. You can set this up near the window or replace it anytime you feel like changing the look of your room.


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LEGO architecture studio building blocks set

Who said LEGOs are just meant for kids? This architectural set comes with 1210 pieces and the kit is all set to harness their architectural interests. Also, it comes with a 272-page guidebook just to make it a little easier.


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And here, I don’t mean that you need to get one of those cheap ones but a really good quality one from Toy Machine or Enjoi. You know your child well, so you can just pick the one that fits the best according to their personality.


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Mini budha board

In order to bring out that artist from within, you just need to get your teen this simple case. All they need to do is dip the brush into water and make a masterpiece. Moreover, you can begin all over again once the water evaporates.


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Creative motion supermova colour changing sphere

With 9 LED bulbs within, 6 modes of operation for different lighting effects, this will allow them to create a cool light show right in their room.


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Air Hogs Extreme paraglider

This 2-in-1 RC flyer easily transforms from a skateboard to a paraglider. It comes with some really exciting tricks once you float it in the air.


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Ceramic flat iron

Believe or not, your teen is going to love it. as according to them, it is so important to serve looks in the teen years, this one would mean so much to them. And who said that only girls need them? Trust me, my brother makes use of it on a regular basis.


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The dangerous book for boys

This book consists of some really amazing activities. Your teen can read it for themselves and try out the activities either solo or may be with Dad, grandpa or actually anyone else they wish to.


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Holy stone F181C RC quadcopter drone with HD camera

This one comes with build-in 720p HD camera, LED lights for night flying. It is fast, durable and also very easy to learn.


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I’m sure you are now very confused among the 31 listed gifts because all of them are so good. But you know your child better and therefore, you know what they require the most for now. Apart from that, no matter what you choose for them, the fact that you thought of your child and made those extra efforts to make their a little more special is enough to get that smile on their face.