Yohimbe During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?


Yohimbe is an indole alkaloid extracted from a bark of an African tree and is commonly used as a dietary supplement. It is commonly used to cure erectile dysfunction in men but lack of adequate proves and insufficient researches make the use of the same risky for patients. It is often marketed in the pharmacies as a traditional medicine. Many women use yohimbe to get rid of the excess fat in the body in an easy way. The body parts that have the highest amount of stored and accumulated fat like thighs are directly tackled by yohimbe to execute the stubborn fatty elements. Yohimbe also exhibits strong aphrodisiac effects on the consumer and increases sexual activity.  Often yohimbe is sold in a capsulated form and consumed by many because of its effect on the free flow of blood giving the experience of an adrenaline rush.

Yohimbe as listed above has many health benefits. People located in central Africa not only consume it for an increased sexual libido but also to increase their athletic performances as yohimbe increases the hormonal level in the body which ultimately affects the amount of adrenaline in the body.

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Yohimbe During Pregnancy: Things You Need to Know


Yohimbe experimentation has not been carried out on animals. Therefore, a set and accurate answer in regards with their effect on the reproductive system cannot be estimated by doctors. The lack of adequate knowledge in regards with the effect of yohimbe on the mother and the foetus makes it a possible threat to the risk of both the mother and child due to which gynaecologist do not encourage the use of it during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding mothers should also prohibit themselves from consuming yohimbe as its effect on the mother’s milk cannot be predicted. The food and nutrition consumed by the mother while feeding the baby before and after pregnancy directly affect the health of the baby as well. Mothers who have priory been making the use of yohimbe in their diets must discontinue this practice to ensure the safety of their unborn child.


It is believed that yohimbe causes extreme relaxation in the uterine muscles that increases toxicity levels in the womb making the conditions unsustainable for the foetus. The continued use of yohimbe may lead to a miscarriage that can also threaten the health of the mother. Yohimbe is also used for diluting the blood of many patients, therefore, it makes them bleed incessantly even from a minor cut or scrape.

This factor of yohimbe makes it extremely dangerous for pregnant mothers who may die of haemorrhaging and uncontrollable bleeding post-delivery. It is always advisable by both doctors and nutritionist that the patient must consult them before using this drug during pregnancy and otherwise. It is better to look for alternatives of the yohimbe bark and to check and make sure that the reason for which it was being used has no other safer alternative treatment available except for the tree bark.

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What are the side effects of Yohimbe?

Every drug has certain side effects associated with them either because of the difference in genes in each individual or because of the dosage of the drug depending on the body weight. Though yohimbe is a naturally derived medicine yet it can cause serious problems in the body especially when one is pregnant. Some of the main risks related to the use of yohimbe are;

  • Yohimbe can lead to high blood pressure and erratic hear beat as a result of its relaxant nature that increases the flow of the blood in the body. Not only will the increased blood pressure interrupt with the working of the heart but also endanger the health of the foetus, which may not be able to bear an increased blood pressure in the mother’s body.
  • Chest pain is another side effect that accompanies the use of yohimbe bark. It can lead to acute painful sensations in the body that can cause discomfort and restlessness in the mother’s body.
  • Since yohimbe is an un-experimented drug, it can lead to multiple skin allergies in the body. Rashes and itchiness are the best example of the same.
  • One of the most concerning side effect of yohimbe use is that it can lead to the generation of tremors in the body that can cause difficulty in handling things and may pose as a threat to the baby as well if the mother suffers from an unexpected injury because of the unpredicted tremors in the body.
  • A constant painful feeling in the genitals
  • It can lead to severe cases of diarrhoea in the patients. A pregnant mother who suffers from diarrhoea has high chances of falling prey to dehydration in the body. This will decrease the nutrient supply of the body to the children.
  • Headaches and migraine are also associated with the casual intake of yohimbe and therefore it is always handled with great precautions while prescribing to patients. Only if the benefits of the bark are severely outweighing the negatives by a large number only then should the drug be prescribed.
  • It makes the consumer extremely cranky, dizzy, nervous and constantly worried. This is not good for the health of the mother and the baby as well. They are always expected to be stress-free taking adequate rest essential for their body.
  • A pregnant mother already suffers high chances of pregnancy insomnia due to discomfort and lack of a relaxing sleeping position. Yohimbe bark is also known to reduce the feeling of drowsiness and reduces the amount of sleep one may wish for. This side effect can endanger the health of the mother and the child as napping and regulated rest are a major part of the journey of pregnancy.

Thus it becomes very clear that even though yohimbe bark and the drug have multiple benefits yet the side effects and the degree of risk accompanying the drug makes it unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It is always advisable that even in the regular living scenario one must try and find out all possible alternatives to this drug.




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