Body Odor During Pregnancy: 11 Ways to Get Rid Of It


Body odor is quite among pregnant women. During pregnancy your body goes through a lot of physical and hormonal changes. This causes profuse sweating and body odor. However, there are many effective ways to get rid of body odor during pregnancy.  Bathing twice or more daily, regular head bath, drinking plenty of water are useful ways to get rid of that odor.

Also wearing breathable linen clothes, trimming your underarm and public hair, using mild talcum powder can also work. Using unscented deodorant containing baking powder is a natural remedy of body smell. Eating healthy and natural deodorizers are also extremely beneficial in fighting body odor.

The ways to get rid of body odor are as follows:

11 Ways to Get Rid Of Body Odor During Pregnancy

Bathing daily

Taking shower twice a day at the least will ensure less body odor. Daily cleansing of your body of all the sweat and germs will reduce the body odor to a great extent. If possible try bathing more than twice during summer. You can use a mild anti-bacterial soap to get rid of the bacteria accumulated in your skin. These bacterias cause body odor. Wash yourself thoroughly with a clean towel after taking a bath.

Regular head bath

During pregnancy even your scalp can become very smelly. You must shampoo regularly to get rid of your scalp odor.  If not regularly, try to shampoo at least three times every week. Use mild anti- fungal shampoo to keep your head from accumulating fungus.  Always use a clean towel to dry your hair. A clean comb is also necessary for brushing your hair. This will keep the dirt and sweat away from your hair and reduce the smell.

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Staying hydrated

Drinking plenty of water and fluids will flush out all the toxins from your body. Keeping your system clean is very important to get rid of the bad smell.  Drinking lots of water will remove the toxins through your urine instead of sweat. Sweating is the main culprit behind your body smell. If you want to control the body odor, start drinking as much water as you can.

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Body Odor

Eating healthy

Avoid eating onions, garlic, meat and other foods which are spicy and cause odor. Rich foods can cause body odor. Include lots of vegetables and leafy greens in your regular diet. Fruits are also very useful for reducing body odor. This kind of healthy diet will not only prevent your body odor but also keep you healthy.

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Wearing comfortable clothes

Comfortable clothes which are not very tight are useful to fight the body odor. You can try wearing clothes made of cotton or linen. These fabrics are breathable and will not let too much sweat accumulate in your body. These natural fabrics improve air circulation in your body and prevent bad smell. Do not wear clothes which are not washed. Unwashed clothes increase body odor. Avoid repeating the same clothes after taking a bath. And make sure to launder your clothes to avoid bacterial growth in them. This can cause body odor.


Freshening your bath

You can add drops of lemon in warm water before bathing. Lemon will freshen your bath water and add a pleasant smell. Taking a shower in this water will keep you smelling good for a long time. You can try this every time you take a shower. You can also add boiled mint leaves in your water. The fragrance of lemon and mint will keep the bad smell at bay.

Applying talcum powder

You can apply a mild talcum powder to areas where you sweat. Doing this all through the day will get rid of the odor.  A mild smelling talcum powder is safer than a strong one. Your underarms sweat profusely during pregnancy. Sprinkle the talcum powder in such areas. If you sweat more than normal, use an aluminum based anti-perspirant. That is more effective than talcum. Always carry the talcum powder with you wherever you go.

Trimming underarm hair

Sweat accumulation increases body odor. That is why you must regularly keep your underarm hairs trimmed or shaved. Keeping these areas hair free ensures no bacteria gets trapped in there. Bacteria cause the bad smell under your arms and other areas.  Therefore the best way to fight the bad smell is keeping the hairs trimmed.

Using dried orange peel powder

Dried orange peel is a natural remedy of sweating. Applied as a powder, it controls excessive sweating in your body. This will in turn prevent body odor. This is an excellent natural and homemade trick. You can apply this powder a few times regularly for best results. Before using this, it is best to consult your doctor.

Natural deodorizers

Using natural deodorizers like rosemary essential oil and tea tree oil are also helpful to fight body odor.  These kind of natural essential oils are pleasant smelling and fights body odor very effectively. You can try using this kind of oils while taking a shower.  Deodorizers containing baking powder that are unscented are also beneficial. Using scented deo can affect your skin and cause irritation. This kind of unscented deo are healthy for the skin and also useful to fight bad smell.

Quitting smoking

Tobacco is a source of body odor.  If you continue to smoke during pregnancy, it will affect your health as well as cause embarrassing body odor. It is high time to quit if you are a smoker, to get rid of the smell. It may take a few weeks but you will see the results once you quit.


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Body odor can be very embarrassing for everyone. But it is very common in pregnant women. There is no need to be stressed because of your body odor during pregnancy. There are several ways in which you can get rid of the odor. Maintaining basic hygiene is a must to fight body odor. Even after doing everything if you sense body odor, consult your doctor.  You might need medications to get rid of this odor.