11 Ways to Cope Up with Depression During Pregnancy


Are you pregnant and feeling depressed and low? It is not uncommon to feel low and dejected during pregnancy. However, do not despair! Listed below are 11 simple ways that you can cope with depression during pregnancy.

11 Tips to Cope Up with Depression During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous phase in the lives of most of the women. However, at times, you may suffer from depression and anxiety. It is a common issue with a large sizable section of women. In case you face challenges in maintaining your mental stability during pregnancy, it is necessary to fight it off. A research reveals that around 70% of women feel depressed or anxious during pregnancy. Besides, they face frequent mood swings during this time. Depression and anxiety are more likely to affect a woman, in case she has a family history of similar issues. Along with these, other factors like lack of sleep, unplanned pregnancies or stress can cast a negative effect on the mood.

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Well, if you are down with depression or anxiety during pregnancy, here are eleven ways to cope up with the situation.


Yoga is a powerful tool to fight off depression during pregnancy. It has a calming influence on the mind. You may consult an expert to know the right yoga postures and meditate in particular physical poses to maintain a sound mental condition.

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Women who exercise during pregnancy are more likely to stay away from depression. Make exercise a part of your regular routine, at the most convenient time. You need not exercise every day to fight off anxiety. Four days of exercise a week can help you out. Exercise for just 30 minutes to stay mentally healthy during pregnancy.


Sleeplessness can cause depression and anxiety in pregnant women. It is not only necessary to get enough hours of sleep during this phase, but you also need to sleep at the right time. Make a daily schedule consulting your doctor and get enough sleep during pregnancy. Make sure to get eight to ten hours of sleep every day.


Well, the mind needs something healthy to stay engaged. Emptiness in the mind can cause depression. Therefore, you need to relax as much as possible. Engage yourself in activities that keep you distracted. You may pursue an interesting hobby, read your favourite novels or do anything that keeps your mind active.

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Find the right friends

It is necessary to get connected to the right circle of people to interact with. You should speak out to your friends who understand you. Getting the right people around can help you share your feelings and prevent you from feeling isolated. It has a positive impact in the minds of the individual.

Get expert help

At times, you might find depression and anxiety affecting the normal lifestyle. In these cases, you need to seek professional help. It might happen, that you are unable to rest, sleep or eat due to stress. It is important to keep your appetite intact and get necessary rest during pregnancy. Consult the professionals for the right remedy in these cases.


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In case you are under medication for other health issues, you need to check out whether they are safe for you during pregnancy. Inform your doctor about the other medicines prescribed to you. They can suggest alternatives or make changes in your medication to ensure that the mind remains free from stress.

Eat the right food

Food items containing Omega-3 fatty acids can help you fight off depression. You may also consult your doctor to get the right food plan. Seafood and certain oily foods can keep off depression.


Physiotherapy during pregnancy can be of help. Massaging the body has certain stress-reducing effects on the body. You need to approach the right professionals for massage and keep away depression.


Staying happy through self-help is a powerful way to keep off depression. Engage in activities that brings you pleasure. You may watch your favourite movies, listen to music or perform other activities that make you happy.

Learn tips and tricks

Most of the women maintain a healthy mind through learning post-delivery tips and tricks. Read baby care tips and enjoy a healthy time. A number of websites offer valuable information about taking care of the new born.


You will find these guidelines beneficial to fight off stress and depression during pregnancy. Consult experts to know the right diet, or exercise, or knowing the right sleep hours. Take care of your mental health to stay stress-free during pregnancy.

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