21 Most Popular Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls


Buying gifts for anyone can be quite a daunting task, especially if the gift is for a child. Five year olds are just now exiting their toddler age and entering the primary school. Interests and hobbies of every five year old vary from the other. Some love playing with their favourite dolls in the dollhouse while some love running around on their skates wrecking havoc.

Here are twenty one most popular gift ideas for five year old girls that you can gift the adorable, sweet angels for their birthdays or festivals or just simply!

Toys for Girls: Top 21 Popular Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

toys for girls

Wooden stringing beads

If your five year old is quite the artist with all her craft papers and coloured sheets, then this is just the perfect gift for her. Moreover, it is an added bonus if your little angel loves jewellery too. Making various bracelets and necklaces are a boost to your little girl’s creativity. She can make use of the stars, moons, hearts and even the alphabets to learn.

Girls musical jewellery box

These boxes are beautifully adorned with dancing ballerina figurines just like the ones shown in the Barbie movie of Swan Lake and also the box comes with shelves to store your little girl’s articles and jewelleries. This can a beautiful present to be kept as a piece in her room.

Interactive talking maps

Learning about geography is always boring, but this gift is an excellent learning tool. Your girl can start learning about the various places at a young age. Some maps also come with added quizzes and interesting facts too.


Girls rocking chair

If your girl is quite the hyperactive one, always jumping around and swinging on the chairs, then this gift is a good idea. You can pick a rocking chair of the favourite colour of your girl and place it in her room.

Girls dollhouse

These dollhouses can be up to three levels reaching 12” and comes with furnished rooms. Your girl who has been collecting dolls and figurines can place them in this dollhouse and have a fun time creating her own episode series going on in the house.

Girls vanity set

These vanity sets are your little girl’s very own mini dressing table with stool, mirror, shelves and a table. She can be just like her mom with her vanity set and looking all dolled up and pretty.


Legos are the perfect plaything for any age and any gender. It boosts their creativity and also is a fun way to while the time.

DC superhero girl’s action figurines

They come with nine action figurines in different poses and amazing pieces too. It includes the all the brave, kind Wonder Woman, Cat woman, Harley Quinn and many more.

Flash cards

The cards come with the word on one side and the picture on the opposite side. This is an excellent toll for your girl who has started her school. It is a fun, creative, innovative way of learning words that may seem too big for them.


Brain quest games

Some brain quest games come with around 300 questions and answers cards which give you endless hours of quizzing fun. You can use one card or more depending on the attention span of your girl. This is recommended by teachers and is also in schedule with your girl’s curriculum.

World of Disney eye found it board game

Girls are fascinated by Disney and love watching Disney movies for hours on a stretch. This board game is a Disney themed board game and is lovely for the Disney loving girls. This board game is such that either all win or no one wins. There are several hidden treasures and all the players have to find them before the time runs out. So this game thus prevents arguments on who’s the winner or not and also helps in enhancing your girl’s observation and concentration skills.

Kids karaoke machine

This is the age when your girl starts singing and this gift will make her feel like a rock star. Kids karaoke machines come with several options like multiple microphones, flashing lights, in built tunes or even connection to your own device for singing karaoke.

Good night stories for rebel girls

This book features hundred illustrated stories from writers and artists around the world. This book has the protagonist as the woman who was brave, compassionate, courageous and hard willed to have fought and change the norms of the world.

Girls bicycle

Gift your little girl a pretty bicycle to paddle down the streets and inculcating the need for physical exercise too. Bicycles come with various designs and also training wheels.

Street scooter

This is another gift idea for your little girl to run down the hallways and yards with her scooter. This also ascertains the importance of physical activity in your girl.


Creative straw kit

Your girl can try experimenting and enhancing her creativity by making models with straws and foam wheels. Some of them come with in – built designs which your girl can use or she can create her own designs either.

Dado squares

These are three inch cards as flattened squares which are an alternative to Lego blocks and can be used to build buildings, towers and anything she wishes to.

Drawing and writing journals

Your five year old has just started learning how to write and she loves scribbling on papers and walls. These journals are an excellent gift idea and she is going to love having her own journal to write and draw whatever she feels like.

Magnetic puzzles

Magnets are always fun to play with and are especially fascinating for little ones. Your little girl can create designs via magnets either on her own or make a replica of the designs given in the kit.

Little gardener’s educational kit

This is a fun tool to get your girl’s hands muddy and also teach her a thing or two about gardening. This kit includes tools to learn how to plan and easy steps on how to nurture and grow the plant.

Art kit

If your girl’s loves colouring and scribbling then you can give her an art kit with poster paints, wax crayons, markers, sketches, pencils and also thick canvas sheets. She is going to love colouring the canvas sheets with her creative ideas.