Top 10 life lessons for teens


Teenage is filled with complications. It is important to learn life lessons and keep in mind as there is always too much happening in the background, which one might not come to terms with. Teenagers are highly influenced by the environment they are living in. Oftentimes, they refuse to share their doubts with their parents and rather share them with people of their age and ultimately get in trouble.

Teens are new to reality and the outer world. They need to understand the realistic approach to life. For that, they need to start inculcating good habits and important life lessons at a young age.

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Top 10 life lessons for teens

Never depend on anybody

Make yourself independent enough to not need anyone’s help in the future. It is also a very good habit which one must inculcate at their early age.

Don’t trust too much and too many

Trust is a word that holds a lot of expectations and beliefs onto itself. One who trusts another creates a bond with expectation and liability, and when that bond breaks or something happens the whole idea of trust gets shattered. So don’t trust easily take your time to know an individual personally and then let yourself follow your heart.

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself and never settle for something less of your worth. Look up to yourself every day saying you can do this, you are no less than anyone else, and stay active and enthusiastic. There is one life to live so better live it with confidence.


Learn cooking

Unfortunately, parents are not going to stay with you all the time. You may leave home for studies or a career and then you would need to cook your food yourself. Thus it is important to learn cooking early for your survival and future benefit.

Figure things out

What, how, when, where, these are the questions which one must answer when it comes to making a life-long decision or setting an aim in life. Take time, know your worth and then choose wisely what will serve your purpose in life.

Complete your education

Education is a must in today’s time along with some additional skills. Never take education for granted, it will serve you well if you acquire it better now. Don’t leave your education incomplete without having a proper on-go plan as later you may suffer because of your sudden decision in life.

Have your voice

Never let anyone else take your voice or your right to speak. Speak for yourself, and put your point of view forward. Never let anyone decide for you or influence you negatively. Better have your command over yourself.

Never jump to conclusions

It is important to not jump to conclusions. First, try to figure out what exactly you want. Or when it comes to a person, try to understand the circumstances and the reaction over it. Jumping to a conclusion or reacting based on the present scenario might make you feel guilty in later times.

Don’t limit your knowledge

Don’t be limited in terms of gaining knowledge. Read books, learn a musical instrument, learn a game, know about the world and things going on around you. The more you’ll gain knowledge, the better your future version will become.


Everything is unpredictable in life  

Things may not go as planned but that doesn’t mean you are not worth anything or life is over. It is just the beginning and so you need to understand that there is a lot to do in this world. Dreaming and working towards it is very important. However, if one fails to achieve their goal it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. Maybe something better is coming ahead!


Life lessons learned at this age will help teenagers anticipate the upcoming ups and downs of life. The above-mentioned life lessons might help one with all the drawbacks they are already facing or are about to get in life. Thus, it is never too late to understand the scenario and act accordingly.


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