11 Tips for Pregnant Women to Stay Safe During Covid-19


We know that the novel coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets sent into the air when a person who has COVID-19 coughs or sneezes. This is even more important for women who are pregnant because they have full responsibility for the care of their unborn child. That is why you can protect yourself and your baby in the right way by taking more precautions than normal at this time. In this article, we will discuss tips for pregnant women to stay safe during COVID-19.

11 tips for pregnant women to stay safe during COVID-19

Follow the prevention steps

Steps are being taken to avoid crowding. Pregnant women should avoid going out to run errands to avoid contracting the infection. If for some reason you have to venture out, use a mask that covers your face properly. Also, do not touch the mask other than the straps to wear it and remove it. Ensure you practice social distancing of at least one meter from any person.

Pregnant Women

Know about the infection

Be very aware of the potential symptoms of coronavirus and regular flu symptoms so that pregnant women can call their health provider if they have experienced any, which include fever, respiratory symptoms or possibly even diarrhea. Additionally, if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you should monitor your own temperature and be especially aware of any respiratory symptoms. Your doctor can advise the best steps for care and testing.


Ensure necessary precautions

It is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly with soap several times a day for at least 20 seconds. If you are in a place where water is not available, and then keep using an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean the hands.

Regular online check-ups

Regular check-ups during pregnancy are very important for the health of your baby and you. You should have your check-up periodically. Since it is unsafe to go outside unless absolutely necessary, try to have as many appointments online as possible. Many offices are already working to consolidate in-person appointments; for example, if someone is coming in for an ultrasound, a routine prenatal check might be added to the same visit. So apart from social distancing, try and cut your routine checks ups to online consultations. But at the same time, it is very important to inform your doctor immediately if any health problems arise.

Do not touch your face repeatedly 

If you have a habit of repeatedly touching your mouth, eyes, nose and ears, change this immediately. It is even more important for pregnant women because it can be harmful to their health as well as to their babies.

Get enough sleep

To keep the body and mind energetic, you need to get enough sleep. It has been proved in many researches that by getting enough sleep each day, our body’s immunity increases amazingly. If your immunity is good, you can easily avoid many health problems. Along with this, moments of rest are very important for the baby growing in your womb. So do not compromise and make sure you get enough sleep.


Balanced diet

The immune system’s efficacy dips during pregnancy, which places pregnant people at a higher risk for contracting many transmissible illnesses whether foodborne or respiratory. So it is necessary for expectant mothers to have a nutritious diet. The right diet and all kinds of vitamins increase your body’s ability to fight against diseases.

Stay away from people that are sick

A pregnant women’s immune system is weak due to physiological changes, making her more prone to respiratory infections and other illnesses such as flu or cold. A high fever during the early stages of pregnancy can lead to birth defects.

Carry your own food and water 

It is best to avoid eating outside. While cravings are very natural, it is more important to be safe currently. Carry your own set of meals for regular intervals and at least 2 litres of warm water. Have steamed and cooked food instead of raw.

Avoid public restrooms

While the tendency to use restrooms is extremely high during pregnancy, do try and avoid crowded public restrooms. In office premises, ensure you wipe the seat before use and do not forget to thoroughly wash your hands later. If there is an option of carrying your own bidet or stand and pee funnels, do not hesitate.


Utilize the benefits

Working mothers should try to utilize all the benefits provided by the company – for instance, if work from home is an option that would be advisable. While it is best to commute by your own vehicle, in case it is not an option, do opt for cab service provided by the company as corporate are adhering to strict protocols, which involves screening of drivers/employees on daily basis.

These tips will help you take care of yourself or a pregnant woman you know during this pandemic. Hope everyone is safe.