Does Parenting Ever Get Easier?


Does Parenting Ever get easier? Tips for Easy Parenting

Parenting has never been an easy job, has it? Gurus of parenting may give you a dozen tips to be a great parent, but when it comes to their own they too need to face the many challenges of parenting.

Parenting is fun, it is scary, and is a mish mash of a number of emotions that are best understood by being a parent. You need to be highly creative while being equally patient to manage various issues with kids. However, recent research and studies have made parenting far easier than ever before.

 Tips to be a Fantastic Parent

Here are some useful tips that can help with easy parenting to raise happy and healthy kids.

  • Be Smart in Setting Limits

Make sure that you do not clip your child’s wings while setting limits. Show your love by setting boundaries in a way that your child can understand and manage the all so inviting and confusing world. Avoid fixing everything for your child. Give them a chance to find their own solutions.

Also, learn to choose your battles. Avoid arguing about minor stuff like occasional potty language or fashion choices. Instead, stress on more important things like no hitting, lying, or rude talk.

  • Spend Quality Time with Kids

This is one of the most effective ways to raise happy children. Spend quality time with your children. This can include playing with them, reading books together, and scheduling daily special time. An uninterrupted interaction of 10-15 minutes a day through an activity chosen by your child is the best way to show your love.


Encourage daddy time as well. Kids with engaged fathers are always good at studies, can solve problems more successfully, and cope better with life.

  • Be a Role Model

Children learn what they see. Be the role model that your child deserves and seeks for. If you want your child to grow up into a true and honest person; you need to be one yourself first. Care for your environment to create your child’s love for the same. Most importantly, support your spouse’s basic approach

  • Learn to Praise

Praise your child for every good thing done by him. Rather than simply saying, “Thank you”, try to be more specific about the task done by the child. Acknowledge what he did for you. This is one of the best ways to reinforce good behavior and would make him continue with the same in future.

  • Stress on Teaching Social Skills

Teaching social skills is an important aspect of parenting. Teach them the art of conversation through meaningful interaction.

Make them learn about the eye contact. One easy way is by asking your child the color of a person’s eye. Eye contact curbs hesitation and boosts the confidence level of the child.

  • Raise Thankful Kids

Talk to your child about the essence of being a good person. Explain the importance of values like generosity, honesty, respect, and gratefulness. One good way is to read bedtime stories to your kids and explain them characters being mean or nice for different reasons.

  • Stress on Family Meals

Eating together is the best way to connect with family members in a relaxed manner. This is the time when you can share jokes and happy news or just talk about the day. This would also help in developing healthy eating habits in kids.

  • Say that You Love Them

Show equal love to your children while showing unique treatment. Tell them how much you love them. Parenthood is the most exhausting job on the earth. Your house might be messy, the laundry piled up, and with all that mess and mayhem you still laugh at each other’s jokes during supper. You enjoy impromptu hugs and cherish even those silent moments when your child is asleep. Enjoy and savor these precious moments with your kids to create warm memories.

Parenting can get much easier and fun filled if you take it as a play rather than a task. Make it as interactive as possible to fill your life with love and create a sense of being loved in your children.