11 Effective Tips to Ensure Comfortable Sleep During the Third Trimester


Reclined position, relax on your pillow, using a pillow, exercise, cramps at night, light food at night, clothing, limit drinking, keep room temperature cool, try to have positive thoughts and apply oil on legs and back are some of the important tips for third trimester sleep.

To become a mother is not easy you have to face many traumas starting from the first to the third trimester. Vomiting, nausea, back pains, and the worst thing goes with the sleepless nights. Especially in the third trimester, it becomes difficult to sleep with your grown-up baby bump. The belly weighs you down and your bladder gets pressurized which makes it difficult to sleep peacefully. The experience of a pregnant woman is different at each stage of pregnancy. In these stages actually when does the third trimester starts?

The hardcore third trimester begins with the 28th week of the pregnancy and ends till you give birth to your little one. That is from month 7 to month 9 you have your third trimester and discomfort level increases with each day from when the third semester starts. You have no choice with your bigger belly. It is a big one like a balloon which troubles you to sleep make feel like the delivery should happen the next day. But you have to wait and keep yourself calm until the baby arrives in this world.

The pregnancy hormones are also responsible to disturb your sleep cycles. When you are awake at night, you feel exhausted during day time. The third trimester is quite stressful and makes you feel terrible at times. But when you keep your hand on stomach and feel the baby’s movements you forget all your pain. This is the right time for you to sleep and help your baby to grow well. Don’t go helplessly when there are certain ways with the help of which you feel can feel comfortable to have third trimester sleep.

Third Trimester Sleep: 11 Important Sleeping Tips During Third Trimester

third trimester sleep



Reclined position

Don’t sleep straight much as you can start having a backache. Just simply roll over towards the right or the left side. And the best position is to sleep reclined with your knees folded. In this way, you feel relaxed with no pressure on the back or the stomach. Sleeping position while pregnant third trimester should be given special importance to keep your baby healthy. Sleeping towards the left sides is said to be a good position as the blood circulation flow is proper to the baby.


Relax on your pillow

Until you keep your head relaxed on the pillow you will not fall asleep. Keeping mobile phones on till late nights is not a good practice. It does not make your mind relax to sleep instead it will keep you awake the whole night.

Using a pillow

Using a pillow down your belly and between your legs if a good way of sleeping. Keep extra pillow with you when you lie down on the bed. There are extra-long pregnancy pillows available in the market, you can use them as well to raise your stomach and give soft support to the back and the hips. But don’t use extra pillows down your head or you may have heartburns and acidity.


What is better than exercising?

Though you may not feel that happening to do exercises during the third trimester as the big belly is hard to handle with exercising. But a 30minutes walk in the morning or at night before bad make you sleep better and keep your baby healthy. You may feel lazy to exercise but keep yourself motivated to exercise for better health of the baby.

Cramps at night

While entering the third trimester some small irritable things start to happen in which the cramp is the most common one. Cramps disrupt your sleep and once you awake it becomes difficult to fall asleep again. To avoid cramps to a little extent stretch your body especially the leg before sleeping.

Light food at night

Before sleeping does not jump for heavy food items. Instead, eat light food so that the already heavy stomach does not feel heavier while sleeping. Also, when you have heavy food heartburns and acidity may also happen which can affect your good night sleep. Stay away from spicy food as well they may make you feel uneasy before sleeping and hinder you from sleeping.



Do not wear tight clothes while sleeping as they will not let you sleep well. The clothes should be skin-friendly, lose and comfortable. With your favorite clothes, it makes you feel happy to sleep and comfortable to change positions as you feel comfortable in.

Limit drinking

Yes, you need liquid in your body but you should stop drinking water before 2 to 3 hours you are about to sleep. This will help you to avoid going the bathroom in between your cozy sleep along with the pillows. Coffee causes you to pee more so it should be strictly avoided along with the soft drink. You may have a little warm water which can help to soothe the nerves of your body. Go for the final trip to the bathroom before turning the lights off.

Keep room temperature cool

With cool air, you can fall asleep faster. As already your body is warm due to hormonal changes and flow of extra blood. When the temperature is cool you feel relaxed after the heavy working day.

This is the best way to calm yourself to have a nice sleep and the baby’s kick or the heavy belly will not be a problem in a nice cool temperature. You can also have a body wash before moving towards your bed to feel fresh. Keep yourself away from the noise.

Try to have positive thoughts

Negative thoughts may restrict you from sleeping and making you feel worried. During your whole pregnancy have positive thoughts in your mind. When you have no tension in your mind nothing can stop you to sleep relaxed.

Apply oil on legs and back

The third trimester makes you feel more fatigue and you may feel to have a massage to relax. Apply a little oil on legs and back so that you feel relaxed and fall asleep quickly. Eat well, stay happy and enjoy being pregnant. The third trimester sleeping positions may vary from person to person and their comfort level. Find yours and have a wonderful pregnancy experience.

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