11 Things You Must Know About Chikungunia During Pregnancy


What is Chikungunia? A viral disease transmitted in the form of mosquito bites. The symptoms could prove fatal for pregnant women as in certain cases virus could be transmitted to babies. Pained joints coupled with stooped posture are common symptoms of this disease.

If fever, headache, chills emerge at recurring intervals, get in touch your physician immediately. Timely intervention will prevent complicated infections. If an infected mosquito has bitten you it would take 2 to 3 days for symptoms to be visible. Joint pain could stretch to prolonged duration.

11 Things You Must Know About Chikungunia During Pregnancy

Here are some things that you should be aware about Chikungunia during pregnancy

1} Pregnant women who reside in visited or infected regions need to take adequate precautions to prevent mosquito bites. Pregnant women who reside in epidemic regions should be discouraged of visiting areas infected by the same.

2} As a pregnant woman there is no risk of passing on the infection to the baby.  Registered cases of transmission could arise, from the mother to baby if fever is present in mother leading up to the period of delivery. Babies who have a C section are equally prone to this problem as well.

3} For a Chikungunia mosquito to breed standing water is the main source. Do not mistake the greed of blood which the mosquito possess and keep your house neat and clean. Do not allow water to accumulate in any area of your home. Frequent changing of water sources would be a better option


Chikungunia During Pregnancy

4} To keep Chikungunia at bay, best course of action would be to keep your surroundings clean. A clean room, and staying away from mosquito breeding areas would serve the purpose. Kids, old aged people along with pregnant women are vulnerable. By keep surroundings tidy and clean you can keep mosquitoes at bay.

5} If you are bitten by a Chikungunia mosquito there is no particular treatment which can be prescribed. Proper rest, medication and good diet are the best remedies. For a pregnant mother, it would be pretty difficult to perform tasks on their own, so a family member should be there to help them.

6} No way the disease is a life changer if proper instructions of your doctor is followed. Supportive mechanisms in the form of pain relief or extra fluids is suggested. Your diet has a huge say in how the disease is going to be eradicated.

7} If you happen to be a frequent traveller and a trip to a tropical region is around the corner. Then the best course of action would be to cover yourself and particularly yourlimbs. Clothes should be worn to cover your entire body and another effective tip is a bug spray on your clothes.

8} It is pretty rare that someone is affected by this disease and does not show any symptoms. The main symptom happens to be joint pain. This can pave way to fever coupled with fatigue and bouts of vomiting. The acute versions of the disease could last from a few days and in the rarest of cases it could stretch for months.


9} If you have a C section delivery, in no way it points that transmission of virus can be prevented. For this specific reason pregnant women are risk prone and till the time of delivery they need to be monitored by a doctor.

10} Ample rest, well balanced diet and intake of fluids are prescribed methods of treatment for this disease. Pain killers could be an option during pregnancy, but do consume it in prescribed doses. A key aspect is to prevent dehydration, so increase the intake of water along with other fluids. Coconut water is a good option as it detoxifies your liver.

11} External methods could keep fever at bay. A cold compress can be implemented with a few ice cubes and a towel. If temperature is above prescribed levels then a bath could work in your favour as well. Alternate medicines like Ayurveda can treat chikungunia,but no evidence points to the fact.

To sum it up, no one wants their near or dear ones to be infected with Chikungunia virus. In no way it can be termed as dangerous but is common. Proper care is the need of the hour so that they cover in the shortest time frame possible. This is achieved if you are able to figure out what is to be done, when and where. Everything is in the hands of God, but there should be no dearth of effort on your part.