11 Home Remedies for Chikungunia in Children


Has your little one been prone to chikungunia? What is it? A viral infection accompanied by joint pain and fever. It derives its name from a Tanzanian word indicating “bends up”. If not dealt in a proper manner it could prove to be fatal.

A female (tiger) mosquito is responsible for the spread of this disease. What is worse is that this mosquito bite is also responsible for dengue and Zika. In stagnant water this mosquito breeds and in the early mornings or late afternoons they bite. It extends its reach to densely populated areas where there are numerous breeding options.  Close to 58,000 cases of Chikungunia were reported in 2016 in India.

Some home remedies for Chikungunia in children are as follows

11 Home Remedies for Chikungunia in Children

1} Ample amount of rest

To minimize health troubles ample amount of rest is the key and contributes to early recovery. With proper rest fatigue is reduced and you are bubbling with energy.

2} Increase the intake of fluids

When you are down with infection, increase the intake of water along with fluids to keep dehydration at bay. Your body is hydrated and infections are a thing of the past. Fresh juices are a better option as antioxidants prevents cell damage emerging due to unrestricted radicals.

3} Garlic paste

With water you would need around 12 garlic cloves. The garlic should be chopped and a paste is to be formed. It should be applied on the affected area and left for a few hours. This paste can be applied for a couple of times in a day. Garlic is known to improve circulation and alleviate pain at the same time.



4} Papaya

To around 7 to 8 papaya leaves add some water and then form a paste. The pulp should be discarded and then liquid is to be strained. At every 2 hours duration a couple of teaspoons of this paste is to be consumed. If fresh papaya leaves are not available, then leaf tincture of papaya is also available. Papaya helps to increase blood platelet count.

5} Coconut water

Is an effective home remedy for chikungia virus and the liver?  Coconut water leads to a faster recovery time frame for the patients as it detoxifies the liver.

6} Tulsi leaves

To treat Chikungunia fever one of the top rated home remedies. After food boil 5 to 6 Basil leaves in a cup of water. The water levels will reduce to almost half whereby denotation is stained. Sip in this drink a few times in a day. It will enhance your immunity levels and fever is bound to subsidize.

7} Turmeric

To a full glass of warm milk add half a teaspoon of turmeric. It should be drunk when it is warm and for effective results one glass should be drink in the morning and other at night. Turmeric is also part of our households and considered to be a top antioxidant.

8} Chilli peppers

To water cayenne pepper is to be mixed and then for around 10 minutes is to be boiled. Then add beeswax and keep on stirring it for a few minutes till it has blended well. This paste needs to be applied on the affected areas and use gloves when you are applying the paste. If you have a sensitive skin, chances of burning also exist.


9} Cold compress

You would need a few ice cubes along with a hand towel. For better results, the home remedy should be repeated for a few times in a day.  It works magic in reducing inflammation, joint pain. A restriction of blood flow is constricted to the affected area.

10} A combination of grapes and cow milk

To a cup of cow milk add in a few grapes. Chew the grapes as you drink the milk and this remedy could be repeated two times in a day. With this remedy symptoms of join pain and fever are reduced, but a word of caution as do not stick to this remedy if you are allergic to dairy products.

11} Massage oil

To a couple of teaspoons of castor oil add a tinge of cinnamon. Then warm the oil and apply to the effected region for some time. This oil massage could be repeated a few times day.Anti-inflammatory abilities of castor oil come into play to reduce joint pain.

If you have been affected by Chikungunia, then do follow the above remedies or incorporate the above mentioned foods in your diet chat. You will fast track your recovery process, but if things go out of hand, and then do seek professional help.