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11 Health Benefits of Using Protein Powder by Teens


Protein powder is precisely what everybody thinks it to be. It is protein present in the powdered form. It helps in advancement and offers brawn to the body. All the ingredients that are required by a teen for a genuine and competent growth are present in this product that is protein powder. It also contains around thirty to forty percent of milk within.

How Does Protein Powder Function In The Body?

Protein acts as a complete food to a person. It is a salient element of the cells present in the body. All the tissues are repaired by it and it also plays a crucial role in the building of muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, and blood. All in all, it is a “macronutrient” that is required by our body in large amounts and unlike fats and carbohydrates, protein is not stored in our body hence there is no way to withdraw it when it is needed.

Protein Powder for Teens: 11 Health Benefits 


protein powder for teens

Given below are some of the stupendous health benefits that a teen can achieve by the consumption of protein powder.

Promotes muscle growth

Protein powder is a magnificent product that helps in developing muscles. If your teen is having fat in his/ her body then that can cause many chronic diseases and health problems. But if your teen supplies protein powder to his body with a proper healthy meal and does regular exercises, then the fat will be shed off and muscles will grow.

Aids in weight loss

Obesity is one of the biggest and common issues found in teens these days due to consumption of junk food and overeating. Well, protein powder can help him to lose weight as it is fulfilling and reduces hunger hanker to a large extent. It is a healthy way to lose weight. Also, keep in mind that overconsumption may lead to weight gain too so keep a check on the amounts that are taken in.


Maintains bone health

During teenage life, the body is still in developing phase. The teens’ mind, bones, muscles everything is flourishing hence it is of utmost importance that he takes proper nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. The bones require proteins to develop. Therefore taking protein powder is a way of keeping bones strong and healthy.

Refines memory

Protein powder will not only benefit your teen physically but will also succor him grow mentally. In this competitive world, everyone wants their kid to superlative. Try including protein powder in his diet to get the best out of him. If your teen is facing difficulties at school then this will broaden his brains and sharpen his memory.

Minimizes depression and anxiety

Not only adults but teens too suffer from depression and anxiety and many a time they fail to communicate that to their parents. Teenage can be a difficult time. It can be a result of hormonal changes or the pressure due to studies or some matter at home. Protein powder is known to provide calm to a person and reduce stress and anxiety, hence try including that in your teen’s diet.

Lowers blood pressure

A recent study has proved that protein powders are an effective way to reduce blood pressure levels. As protein powder aids in the production of nitric oxide, which maintains elasticity in teen’s vessels. The deficiency of nitric oxide can lead to higher blood pressure. Accordingly supplying protein powder to your teen can remarkably reduce the blood pressure level in his body.

Palliates diabetics

Diabetics is found recurrently in the teenagers due to changes in lifestyle and food habits. But protein powder is found to minimize the occurrence of diabetics in teens. It especially cures type two diabetes by controlling the blood sugar levels in the body.

Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is a way in which the body responds saying that it is suspecting some damage. Although inflammations for short-term may be favorable but long-term inflammations signify unhealthy lifestyle and can be chronic too. Chronic inflammations might cause various disorders and indicate health problems. A detailed research has found out that regular consumption of protein powder significantly reduces CRP (C-reactive protein), which is a key factory that cause inflammations in the body.


Reduces risk of heart diseases

Protein powder is a great source to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Supplying it to your teen on a regular basis can prevent him from cardiovascular diseases. Proteins lower triglyceride levels in the body so do protein powder. Obesity can lead to various heart problems but since protein powder are a healthy way to reduce weight, therefore, they ultimately reduce its risk too.

Protein powder is filling hence suppresses appetite

If your teen is gaining weight day by day then it is a concern as overweight leads to various diseases. Also supplying medicines that reduce hunger can have many side effects but protein shake is a natural way to reduce hunger pangs. It is best to take protein powder with water in this case.

Provides good sleep

your teen can have protein powder before going to sleep. The best way is to mix a banana and some milk to it. As dairy products promote good sleep due to the presence of tryptophan that is a sleep-inducing product hence it can be beneficial if your teen is struggling to sleep.

Things to remember

Though we have comprehended that there are numerous health benefits of using protein powder but the one thing you still need to keep in mind is that excess of everything is bad. Protein powder can also have some negative effects if consumed in massive quantities. It can cause acne, teens already suffering from this problem are more prone to it. If a teen is sipping it all day long then it can have some adverse effects. So make sure that your teen is not consuming protein powder in prodigious amounts, to keep him away from any sort of side effects.