11 Must Watch Teen Pregnancy Movies


Juno, for keeps, cold miner’s daughter, precious, where the heart is, riding in the car with boys,15 and pregnant ,17 girls, unexpected, and how to deal are some of the teen pregnancy movies.

Teenage pregnancy has now become serious topic due to its increase in the recent times. It is important to educate the teenagers about the issues and how life can turn out with pregnancy at this age. Media and films have become the best ways to communicate with the teens about teenage pregnancy.

Here are some wonderful movies which follows the topic of teenage pregnancy to the core. These movies show how life turns out for teenage parents.

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11 Top and Best Teen Pregnancy Movies

teen pregnancy movies


“Juno” is a wonderful movie on teenage pregnancy. High school student ‘Juno’, and her best friend bleaker have sex and Juno gets pregnant. But instead of going for an abortion, she decides to give birth to the baby and then give it up for adoption. It is so entertaining and unique about its comedy.


For keeps

“for keeps” starring Randall Batinkoff and Molly Ringwald. High school couple Darcy and Stan were good together until Stan discovers that she is pregnant. The teen couple decides to keep the baby while their parents want them to abort. Due to their parents influence the duo break up. In the end, everything comes in place and all goes well and they start a new life.

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Cold miner’s daughter

“coal miner’s daughter” is an autobiography. It’s about a girl who gets married at the age of 13, has four kids by the time she’s 20 and is a grandmother at the age of 29.

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It’s a story about precious starring Gabourey Sidibe, who is a 16-year-old, overweight, African-American girl who gives birth to a mentally challenged baby. In the movie, she becomes pregnant for the second time by her disturbed father and is abused by her angry mother. But later in the end her life takes turns and thus begins her life’s journey as a strong girl. This movie will make you emotional.



Mary, an obedient christian girl, joins high school with her best friend, Hilary Faye. Her boyfriend one day tells her that he might be gay. And to save him from homosexuality, Mary loses her virginity to her boyfriend, but she gets pregnant.

Everything then turns against Mary and she finds herself alone but then the pariahs defend her and help her a lot through the journey.

Where the heart is

“where the heart is” is drama movie. It’s based on the novel by Billie Letts. This movie shows how a child can give an uplifting experience to a woman.

Riding in the car with boys

“Riding in cars with boys,” is a true story of Beverly Donofrio on her experience of teenage pregnancy. The movie is about a girl named Beverly whose life does not turn out as expected.

Beverly is her father’s beloved. She meets a guy named ray and shortly after meeting the boy, she becomes pregnant. Her father the force her to marry ray, after marrying Beverly’s life turns out to be very unexpected as thing go against her but she manage to deal with it and change her own life into something good.

How to deal

“How to deal” is a romantic comedy. Halley, a young, high school student with so many things going on in her life she finds out that her best friend is pregnant. Everything was going not so good until she meets a guy who teaches her the real meaning of love.



“Unexpected” is a beautiful movie where a teacher in a school in Chicago finds out about her pregnancy suddenly. After a few days, she get to know that one of her best students is also pregnant. The teacher-student duo develops a unique bond while struggling to go through their pregnancies.

17 girls

“17 girls” is a french movie. It is the story of Camille, who accidentally gets pregnant then 16 of her friends also decide to get pregnant at the same time.

The girls dream of living together in a house where all the kids can grow up together. In the end, Camilla has a car accident and loses her baby.

15 and pregnant

“Fifteen And Pregnant” is about a girl Tina Spangler, who was having a good life. But she becomes pregnant and her boyfriend dumps her. But then her family comes forward to support her.

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