8 Proven Benefits of Tamanu Oil in Your Child’s Diet


Tamanu oil treats Acne, sun protection, skin problems, skin injuries, body odor, diaper rash, immune system and improving the hair health.

Also called as Alexandrian laurel oil, it is also well used in Indian medicines for curing various skin diseases. Over thousands of years ago, Tahitian people made discovery of a strange looking tree, producing green fruits that contained nuts. People observed that when these nuts were dried and squeezed, a greenish yellow oil was produced. Eventually, this oil was used as a moisturizer, sun protector as well as a healing substance for both skin and hair.

Strengthening the immune system, improving the hair, health, dealing with acne, sun protection and various skin problems are some of the best uses of Tamanu oil. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-neuralgic, analgesic and antibacterial properties of Tamanu oil serves to provide enormous number of health benefits. Thus, we have listed 8 proven benefits of Tamanu oil in your child’s diet. Read below to find more:

8 Amazing Benefits of Tamanu Oil for Kids

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The naturally high concentration of caliphyllid and calophyllolides in Tamanu oil functions as the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents. The antimicrobial properties of Tamanu oil helps to get rid of the bacteria that is responsible for causing acne, whereas the anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the irritation.

The oil has also a good inhibitory effect on the growth of the bacteria, as per a MICRONA – 2002 study. It also speeds up the healing process, thus making it one of the best oils for the treatment of acne.


Sun protection

As per the research from France, the oil has the ability to protect your child against UV-induces damage and oxidative stress. Also, people have been using it protect their skin from harsh sunlight long before it was scientifically proven.

As per the researchers, the SPF for Tamanu oil is 18-22.

Skin problems

Conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, sores and insect bites can be best treated with Tamanu oil. The oil has the ability to work through all the three layers of the skin which enables its antimicrobial properties to work effectively. It also helps to soothe the pain and itching because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Thus, by getting to the root of the issue that has been causing such skin issues, the oil is considered to be highly effective for fighting against the microbes leading to the condition.

Skin injuries

The stimulant nature and antioxidant compounds of Tamanu oil is the best for healing scrapes, bruises, cuts and other wounds. In fact, the antioxidant properties of the oil help in the stimulation of healing the damaged cells, which also reduces the appearance of these scars. You can also use a cotton ball for the application of Tamanu oil on the cuts, scrapes, bug bites, sores and burns etc.

As per a study in 2012, a product containing Tamanu oil was applied by a number of participants twice a day for a period of nine weeks and it did lead to a significant improvement in the scars.

Body odor

Tamanu oil can be used for all such body parts that perspire a lot, for instance under the arms in order to reduce the body odor. Not only this, Tamanu oil is beneficial in getting rid of any fungal infections. You can use a cotton ball and drop a few drops of it and a drop of oregano essential oil and apply it on the affected areas for the best results.


There are scientific studies conducted for Tamanu oil being used on the toenails and foot, that help to fight against the fungal infections.

Diaper rash

There is no doubt how painful a diaper rash can be for your child. But the good news is that this oil can speedily help to eliminate the pain your child is suffering from. The oil has the ability to heal the rash in just a day and even faster at times. It can also be used to fight against other rashes and not just a diaper rash, for instance eczema that is pretty common in infants.

As per the studies, Tamanu oil can provide significant relief when suffering from issues like irritation and redness.

Immune system

Tamanu oil has the ability to get into your bloodstream which can further help in strengthening your immune system as well. This is all because of the antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic,  anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the oil. Be it the environmental pollutants and irritations, the oil can help you fight off wide range of pathogens.

As per the resources, the oil provides the immune system with a shield to fight against the harmful agents.

Improving the hair health

From providing moisture and restoring the shine to fighting scalp fungal infections and reducing scalp inflammation, Tamanu oil has been considered the best for providing healthier hair and scalp. Apart from that, Tamanu oil helps with providing adequate hydration and replaces lost oils and keeps your hair moisturized and healthy.


Although there are no scientific evidences for the same, but there have been reports of many people who have noticed great results after using Tamanu oil on their hair.

Words of caution

Tamanu oil is generally considered to be safe for use. However, in case you suffer from any side effects like redness, itchiness or any sort of irritation, it is better to immediately stop using the product. Also, if your child has been suffering from any skin disease, you must consult the doctor before you decide to use it for your child.


Apart from the benefits listed above, Tamanu oil is also beneficial in treating dark spots, dry skin issues, and rosacea. You can either purchase it online or get it from your nearby store. Before using Tamanu oil for topical application, it is advisable to do a patch test by applying a little amount of the oil on your inner arm. Observe if this leads to irritation within 1-2 hours and if it does, do not use the oil topically. You can always add the same in your child’s diet. Also, in order to increase its shelf life, you must store the same in the refrigerator.






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