11 Home Remedies for Treating Swollen Eye in Children


Washing face, rinsing out eyes, cold compress, allergy eye drops, oral medicines, staying indoors are some of the remedies for swollen eye in kids. Usage of tea bags, cucumber, egg whites, and coriander are also some of the effective remedies for swollen eye.

Eye allergies can be caused by a number of causes, such as pollen grains in the eye, dust particles, seasonal change, mold, or any irritants that can get into the eye. As children, it gets doubly difficult to deal with, since the first thing they do is rub their eye, worsening the condition. Small things like this often lead to the eye condition of swollen eyelid, where the eyes get swollen and puffy and cause a lot of irritation.

Swollen eyelids can also occur when there is an excess fluid or inflammation in the connective tissues around the eyes. It can cause discomfort, frustration, and embarrassment in some cases when swollen eyelids are very visible. Some reasons of a swollen eye are eye trauma, injury, infections, and allergies. It can also occur due to excessive crying, weather changes, lack of sleep, and physical stress. Sometimes you can see redness in the eyes as well, and it is a very unpleasant thing to have to go through. On the bright side, it is just an allergy and can be treated easily at home. It also does not have any lasting effects on visibility.

11 Must Know Home Remedies for  Swollen Eye in Kids

swollen eye

Wash his/her face

Swollen eyelid is caused due to dust or pollen particles that get stuck in the eyelid or get trapped in the eye lashes. These remain there and the body, detecting foreign particles, surrounds them with a boil like growth, which is the swelling on the eyelid. This bump can be very painful. Therefore, if you see a small bump or swelling forming on your child’s eyelid, be sure to wash his face and eyes thoroughly so as to remove all dust and foreign particles.

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Rinse out the eyes

Sometimes it so happens that there are allergens that get stuck in the eye, and can later cause swollen eye when they eventually come out of the eye. Allergens present in your child’s eye can make child rub them, which could further increase the risk of him/her developing a swollen eyelid. Therefore, when he/she comes home from school or from playing with friends, make sure to wash out their eyes, just to remove all allergens and clean them.

Apply a cold compress

Swollen eyelid, red eyes and puffy eyes are all different ways in which an eye allergy shows itself. They are very irritating to deal with and can even be quite painful in some cases. Therefore, a cold compress can be very helpful in such circumstances. A cold compress sounds quite formal, but is actually a really simple thing to make. All you have to do is soak a towel, washcloth or eye pillow in cold water, or refrigerate them. Make your child lie down and then apply it to the affected area. This can be tremendously helpful in alleviating both, the pain and the itching.

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Try allergy eye drops

Since an eye allergy can be caused by so many different reasons, many people suffer from eye allergies. Therefore, there is a wide range of over-the-counter medication available to treat eye allergies. One such option you could go for is anti-allergy eye drops. They should be available at any pharmaceutical store; be sure to consult the pharmacist of the dosage, and get one that is suitable for your child’s age. Antihistamine eye drops would be a good option to treat eye allergies.

Take oral medicines

Sometimes, the eye allergy can be a bit more severe than the kind that goes away with eye drops. In such case, you may need to go for anti-allergy pills or tablets. Normally, antihistamine tablets are recommended for eye allergies. They are also part of the over-the-counter category, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding them in any good pharmaceutical store. Just as is the case with antihistamine eye drops, make sure to get tablets that are suited to your child’s age, and stick to the recommended dosage.


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Stay indoors

Most eye allergies such as swollen eyelid, red eye, swollen eye are caused by dust, pollution and pollen articles that get into the eye and aren’t removed properly. Therefore, if your child is suffering from such an allergy or infection, it is advisable to keep your child indoors till the infection is cured. Keeping them indoors will give plenty of rest and help heal faster, but more importantly, it will prevent further exposure to dust, pollen, and other allergens which could aggravate the infection or lengthen the healing process.


Cucumbers can be tremendously helpful when it comes to treating swollen eyes. Cucumbers are natural coolants, therefore help with relieving the pain and itchiness in the eyes. What you have to do is cut the cucumber into slices, and refrigerate them for anywhere between five to ten minutes. Place these chilled slices over the affected eye and have your child lie down for fifteen to twenty minutes. You can repeat this process about twice or thrice a day or as required.

Tea bags

Tea leaves have certain properties which when used correctly can constrict the blood flow in the blood vessels of the eye and thus reduce the swelling. The tannin in the tea can be quite refreshing. Therefore it is a great treatment for swollen eye lid. What you have to do is place the tea bag in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. Place this tea bag in the refrigerator to cool down for some time. Take it out when it is chilled enough, and apply in on your child’s affected eye. This will help relieve the pain from the infection allergy.


Coriander, just like the cucumber is a natural coolant. Needless to say, it can be helped for alleviating the pain in your child’s eyes. For this you have to tie up a handful of coriander seeds in a cloth and soak it in water. Refrigerate this for some time. This cold water can be used to rinse the eyes. Additionally, use the soaked cloth as a cold compress to provide lasting relief from the pain to your child.

Egg whites

Egg whites contain some ingredients that can help in tightening the skin. These will also help in getting rid of the swelling. To use egg white for getting rid of swelling eyelids, takethe whites from two eggs and whip them in a bowl until they attain a stiff consistency. You can add a few drops of witch hazel to this. Use a soft cloth to treat your child’s eyelids with it. After thisleave to dry and repeat procedure daily.


Eye mask

An eye mask is a kind of mask filled with a cooling gel, which you can refrigerate and apply on your child’s eyes. These remain cool for long periods of time and you can put them on your child’s eyes when they go to sleep so that they have some lasting comfort and relief. These will alleviate the pain from the infection and also accelerate the healing process.

These were a few measures you could take to treat swollen eyes, swollen eyelid, red eyes, and other eye infections at home, if they affect your child. However, if the symptoms last for long, it is advisable to see an ophthalmologist to get to the root of the problem. To prevent eye allergies, make sure to keep dust and other allergens off your child’s face and eyes as much as possible.



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