Using a Surrogacy Clinic to Finally Start Building the Family You Want


While having multiple treatments fail can be devastating, it’s not the end of the road. A surrogacy clinic may be just what your family needs.

Whether you’ve gone through an exhausting number of unsuccessful treatments, or you’ve known from the get go that you’re unable to carry your child, a surrogacy clinic may be your next step.

Many intending parents shy away from looking at a surrogacy clinic for a number of reasons. Cost, confusion, and ambiguity can all deter couples from taking a closer look at surrogacy. As medical technology and laws concerning surrogacy advance, it’s now easier and safer than ever to consider it as a viable option.

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Exploring Surrogacy to Build Family


Using the right surrogacy clinic can help you build the family you’ve always wanted. Affordable programs, well cared for surrogates, and knowledgeable staff are all important parts of a great surrogacy clinic.


Why Choose a Surrogacy Clinic

For some future parents, choosing a surrogacy clinic is a really difficult choice to make. Aside from the emotional pain of not being able to carry your own child, many parents look to surrogacy as admitting defeat. While it is a difficult choice to make, it’s important to remember all of the amazing things that the right surrogacy clinic can offer you.

The mental and physical stress that your body undergoes throughout multiple attempts of fertility treatments is sometimes difficult to bounce back from. Many parents report greater personal struggles with each round. Choosing a surrogate can offer you and your family the much needed respite from these trials. All surrogates are given multiple health screens prior to even becoming candidates. Most countries require that a surrogate candidate gave birth at least once before and without complication. This ensures the health of your future baby, and the health of the surrogate. Giving you one less thing to worry about.

While you may not be able to carry your own child, many surrogacy programs allow you to be involved in the aspects of the pregnancy that are right for you and your family. They encourage your participation and inquiries. Choosing a surrogate is an intimate and gratifying process. A great surrogacy clinic will narrow down their candidates to a manageable number for your family to choose from. While making that choice, you’ll be able to meet and spend some time with your surrogate should you so choose.

Your surrogacy clinic will provide you with only the best candidates to fit you and your family. A great clinic will have referrals from previous patients, as well as anecdotes from surrogate mothers.

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What to Look for in a Surrogacy Clinic

The right surrogacy clinic will offer a wide range of programs and treatments. Discuss your expectations and desires with your partner or your family early. These will help guide you in choosing the surrogacy clinic that is a good fit.


Open lines of communication and a friendly and knowledgeable staff are an absolute must when choosing a surrogacy clinic. It’s also important that you choose a clinic with an integrated approach, so they can accommodate any fertility treatments or IVF procedures for you as well as handle the process and procedures for your surrogate. They should also be able to provide donor materials should they be necessary.

Because surrogacy is a multi-pronged and multi-step process, it’s important that your surrogacy clinic offer legal assistance, travel and accommodation planning, counseling, as well as medical care. Their medical facilities should be clean and comfortable. With a staff that’s capable of providing the highest level of care that science can provide, to both your family and your surrogate.

Legalities concerning surrogacy change from country to country. Contracts will have to be negotiated and payment plans will need to be set up. Your surrogacy clinic should provide you with the necessary information to smoothly transition through the entire process.

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Surrogacy Clinics Abroad

Many potential parents find themselves concerned with the cost or legality of domestic surrogacy programs. Rightly so. For example, in the United States, each of the 50 states has its own legal statutes regarding how a surrogacy may be carried out. Few insurance programs cover surrogacy, and the cost of domestic services can start at $60,000 dollars.

Ukraine has been making headlines and headway in surrogacy news for some time. They have excellent medical care, loving surrogates, and the latest advancements in reproductive technologies. All at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay in other countries.


Choosing a surrogacy clinic abroad can also give you and your family the perfect excuse from some much needed travel time. Ukraine is the perfect getaway for any family that has been feeling the pressures of family planning. Choosing the ideal surrogacy clinic to help you begin building your family seem like a tremendous first step, but realizing the dream of having a child is worth it.

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