7 Health Benefits Of Eating Star Fruit During Pregnancy


Fruits are loved by all children, adults and especially pregnant women. It is said that the ladies who are pregnant they should feed themselves fruits in a regular basis as it uplifts their mood and makes them happy and help them with all the cramps and pain. Being a mother is never easy from the day a woman gets to know she is pregnant she not only becomes responsible for her own health but also is responsible for the child which is inside her. And that’s when she has to be extra sure of what to eat, what not to eat, what is good for the baby and what might affect the baby.

Fruits, vegetables and all other nutrients should be taken by the mother but when it comes to fruits one need to be a bit choosy as some fruits contains citric acid which might be a bit harmful for the baby and cause some issue. But have you heard about star fruit? Surely you have I believe. Well, star fruit is a perfect pregnancy fruit as it has many health benefits.

star fruit during pregnancy

What is star fruit and how it tastes like?

Star fruit is also known as carambola. It tastes both sweet and sour and it looks like a five point star. This is available in both green and yellow color and the skin is edible as well.

You will often see that woman in this period craves to eat something which is sour is taste for them this fruit is the best as it will not form as acidic compulsion rather it uplifts and mood and makes one to eat more. And the best part of this fruit is that there is no routine in which it needs to be feed one can take it whenever they wish to have it.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Consuming Star Fruit During Pregnancy

Boost immunity

Star fruit contains protein, vitamin C, calcium, and all these helps in maintaining the immunity inside the body so that the body can fight the viruses and bacteria and also protects the child from any environment based diseases.


Relief from constipation

Constipation is one issue which many woman faces during pregnancy because of mood swings and also digestive issues. By feeding oneself the star fruit the problem of constipation can be resolved and when stomach feels good the mood automatically uplifts.

Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants helps an individual from getting effected by heart disease. And also helps them stay young and beautiful.

Promotes growth and development

Star fruit contains calcium which are good for the bones and not only the mother’s bone but also its effects the bone growth of the child inside the mother’s womb.

Good for eye health

Pregnancy brings a lot of problems starting with leg pain, muscles pull, affecting the blood pressure and lastly eye sight issue. Star fruit has a good source of vitamin A which nourishes the eye and protects it from any infections.

Controls blood pressure

This is one main reason because of which doctors also suggest pregnant women to have star fruit as the amount of blood pressure irregularity is very common and to control that star fruit contains high level of potassium which again helps in controlling and regulating normal range of blood pressure.

Regulates hormones and control stress

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy and that is one big reason that they faces hormonal imbalance and a lot of stress, which is again not good for the baby if the mother is not happy or is having a lot of stress it effects the bay inside. The taste of star fruit helps with the mood and releasing stress.


How to consume star fruit?

It is a versatile fruit one can have it in different manner like:

  • One can slice it and have it either raw or by a pinch of salt on it.
  • Can even add in salads with other fruits or veggies.
  • Can use it in carry. Basically cook it and have as side meal.
  • Those who prefer juice can make a juice of star fruit and can drink it
  • If one prefers jam or jelly they can even makes those by this fruit and have it as they wish.

Is it safe to have star fruit during pregnancy?

Well, those who have kidney issues they should avoid star fruit but other than that one can have it without any further issue as it is famous for its medicinal benefits in the long run.


It’s a delicious fruit one must not miss having in the first place and as it is risk free even pregnant women can have it without any issue. It’s a package of nutrients and minerals and helps one accumulate from any given issue. It will keep the mother and the baby healthy and illness free.