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Shiitake Mushrooms: Benefits, Side Effects & Recipes


Shiitake mushrooms help to fight cancer cells, boosts energy, supports heart health, boost the immune system, promote skin health, and fight obesity.

Shiitake mushrooms are known for their rich and savory taste and uncountable health benefits. These types of mushrooms are one of the most popular mushrooms in the world. These small fungi have the ability to fight cancer, are packed with vitamins, prevent heart diseases, have antibacterial properties and many more. Here we will know about the 7 amazing health benefits of shiitake mushrooms. Let’s get started.

Firstly, let’s know what shiitake mushroom is.

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What is Shiitake Mushroom?

Shiitake mushroom is a kind of edible fungus. These mushrooms are incredibly beneficial for your health. A kind of extract is made from these mushrooms, which is generally used as a medicine. Shiitake mushroom is an interesting food with several potential benefits. It has a nutritional profile and some potential compounds. These are native to East Asia and quite popular in China, Korea, Japan. For hundreds of years, shiitake mushrooms are featured in Eastern medicine. We can find them as fresh or dried in supermarkets. With its rich sources of protein, vitamin, fiber, iron, you can add significant benefits to your diet by adding these mushrooms. 

The following are the amazing health benefits of shiitake mushrooms. Let’s know about the nutritional value of it first.

Nutritional Value Of Shiitake Mushrooms

Amount per 100 grams

Total fat 0.5g 0℅
Sodium 9mg 0℅
Potassium 304mg 8℅
Total carbohydrates 7g 2℅
Dietary fiber 2.5g 10℅
Suger 2.4g
Protein 2.2g 4℅
Vitamin A 0℅
Calcium 0℅
Vitamin D 4℅
Cobalamin  0℅
Vitamin C 0℅
Iron 2℅
Vitamin B6 15℅
Magnesium 5℅
Selenium 5.7mg 8℅
Zinc 1mg 7℅

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Shiitake Mushrooms

Fights Cancer Cells:

Some research suggests that shiitake mushrooms fight cancer cells. The lentinan found in this kind of mushrooms is beneficial to heal chromosome damage which is caused by anticancer treatments. Shiitake mushrooms are considered as a natural cancer treatment. These have the ability to inhibit tumor cells’ growth by their microchemical value.


Boosts Your Energy and Improves Your Brain Function:

Shiitake mushrooms are a good source of Vitamin B complex. It supports the adrenal function. It also transforms nutrients from food into usable energy. It also breaks through the brain fog to maintain your focus all day long. You can get the extra benefits of vitamin B by adding shiitake mushrooms in your diet.

Supports Heart Health:

These mushrooms have certain sterol compounds in it, which decrease the production of cholesterol in your liver. By consuming shiitake mushrooms, can improve your blood circulation and steady level of blood pressure. According to some studies, shiitake mushrooms stop blood pressure from rising. So it is quite beneficial in the situation of hypertension.

Better Functioning Immune System:

Research suggests that shiitake mushrooms incredibly improve your immune system function as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. It helps you in combating many diseases by providing important nutrients. Intake of shiitake mushroom improves gut immunity and cell effector function.

Beneficial for Skin Health:

Shiitake mushrooms contain selenium, vitamin A and E, which help in reducing acne and scars that occur afterward. Such mushrooms are considered as a natural acne treatment also. The zinc found in shiitake mushrooms decreases the buildup of DHT to improve skin healing.

Contains Antimicrobial Properties:

Scientists believe that shiitake mushrooms contain antimicrobial properties in it. Chitosan is a kind of natural sugar that is found in shiitake mushroom stems. Chitosan has antimicrobial properties that are capable of killing bacteria. According to studies, these mushroom stems have antimicrobial activities against different species of disease-causing bacterias.

Fights Obesity:

Daily consumption of shiitake mushrooms provides you with healthier body weight. It also helps in reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels naturally. Supplementing the diet with these mushrooms is highly beneficial in controlling obesity in humans as well. Shiitake mushrooms are considered as a high-nutrition, low-calorie and healthy food option for your diet.


Now, we will discuss the side effects of shiitake mushrooms.

What Are The Side Effects Of Shiitake Mushrooms?

Most people can safely have shiitake mushrooms without any severe problem, but sometimes few side effects may occur. The following are the few among them.

Can Cause Skin Problems:

Some people may experience skin rashes from eating or handling raw shiitake mushrooms. This is called shiitake dermatitis. A compound called lentinan, found in these mushrooms, is responsible for this kind of skin problem. The skin rashes can worsen because of sunlight exposure. Excessive intake of shiitake mushrooms can lead to photosensitivity also.

Digestive Problems:

Shiitake mushrooms are safe for your health if consumed limited. But it can upset your stomach and disturb your digestive system if consumed in large quantities. As sometimes our bodies can be failed to process the large quantities of these mushrooms in one go. You may experience vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, stomach upset and nausea by intaking excessive shiitake.

Abnormality in Blood:

Studies suggest that daily consumption of over 4 grams of shiitake mushroom for a time period of 10 weeks can lead to eosinophilia, which is a type of blood abnormality. It is caused because of a type of increased white blood cells. This situation occurs as a result of gastrointestinal symptoms caused by intaking shiitake mushrooms.


Can Lead to an Allergic Reaction:

The allergies caused by shiitake mushroom can affect your lungs, throat, nose, skin. You may experience symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, swelling in neck, throat and face, elevated heart rate and hives. You should consult with your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms after consuming shiitake mushroom. 

After knowing the awesome health benefits of the nutrients rich shiitake mushroom, you must be thinking about cooking delicious shiitake mushroom recipes. Let’s know how to cook this mushroom.

How To Cook Shiitake Mushroom?

Those who like meaty and rich-flavored mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms are favorite of them. These mushrooms are large in size and taste as wild mushrooms. These mushrooms go incredibly well with gravies, sauces, any meat dishes, any kind of soups or it can also be prepared as a side dish. For preparing your favorite shiitake mushroom, you need to follow some guidelines first. Let’s have a look.

* First Preparation: First, you need to select good shiitake mushrooms from the local grocery store or supermarket. Wash the mushrooms thoroughly, very carefully and gently under cold water to get rid of dirt. If the mushrooms are tender enough, you don’t need to cut the stem, but if they are not, then you need to cut any tough spot on the stem or the entire stem as well. Dry the mushrooms well by using a clean paper towel. Depending on your recipe, you can slice them or chop them, or you can use them as a whole. Your favorite shiitake mushrooms are ready to cook now.

* Ingredients: You will need olive oil or butter, salt, pepper, and a little soy sauce. You can also use sesame oil for a toasted nutty flavor.


* Instructions: At first, you need to preheat the non-stick pan on medium heat. Add olive oil or butter. Add shiitake mushrooms and stir well. Add a little soy sauce to it and saute for about 3 minutes. Shiitake mushrooms cook very quickly. Add salt and pepper as per your taste. You can serve the sauteed mushrooms over noodles or fresh arugula.

Lastly, let’s have a look at the word of caution of using shiitake mushrooms in your diet.

Word Of Caution

1) Shiitake mushrooms are possibly unsafe to take by mouth in medicinal amounts. It can lead to abnormalities in the blood, stomach discomforts, inflammation, etc. It can also lead to shortness in breath, skin allergies, sun sensitivity also.

2) There is no reliable information regarding the safety of taking shiitake mushrooms during pregnancy and breast-feeding. So it is good to avoid during pregnancy.

3) If anyone is suffering from auto-immune diseases, shiitake mushrooms should be avoided as it makes the immune system more active.


4) You should consult with your doctor immediately if you experience any kind of allergic reaction after consuming shiitake mushroom.

Shiitake mushrooms have a long history of use both as food and supplement. Shiitake mushrooms are low in calories. It contains vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. You can have shiitake mushroom to an omelet, soup, salad, stir-fries, and any meat dishes.