11 Health Benefits of Qigong During Pregnancy


Qigong during pregnancy decreases the chance of premature birth, increases post parent well-being, boosts immunity of the body, stress tolerance factor is increased, stress tolerance factor is increased, eliminates all kinds of fears, reduces the risks of depression and manages labour pain and  increase the production of milk.

Pregnant women have the tendency to have a problem while giving birth such that it becomes really hard for them to have a proper breathing pattern and turns out to be really disastrous in the end. To regulate the breathing pattern while giving birth, there are several methods that one could implement in order to give pregnant women a rhythm that they can hold onto and give birth peacefully. One of those many methods is qigong. Let’s understand this better in details and also know the benefits of qigong during pregnancy.

What is Qigong?

It’s a Chinese style of breathing that uses the implementation of Tai Chi to regulate breathing patterns that comes very useful during the overall birth-giving process. Not only this but then it has been in the tradition of Chinese families to perform qigong in order to sustain the pain and enable a soothing factor to circulate all throughout the body without any kind of difficulty.

11 Benefits of Qigong During Pregnancy


Decreases the chance of premature birth

Practicing qigong enables the mother to have the development of the baby in a proper manner. Not only this but then qigong also helps in the soothing of mind and releases all the stress hormones from the body such that the mother can stay calm while giving birth. It’s an ancient technique that has bought several changes in how the mother gives birth.

Increases post parent well-being

The regular performing of qigong enables the parents to have a peaceful time after the delivery has taken place. There are no complications whatsoever such that you can have a state of mind where there is nothing in your mind but only that calmness factor that makes it really easy for the mother to enjoy her life and also be stress-free for sure.


Boosts immunity of the body

Qigong exercises the mind and also the breathing pattern of the body such that the immunity gets affected in the best way possible. It improves your immunity towards common infections and other conditions that you might get after delivery. Also, it improves overall concentration and the mindset of the body as well.

Stress tolerance factor is increased

Practicing qigong during the days of pregnancy gives you the best time in improving the amount of tolerance that a person could possibly take. Not only this, but also it helps in being patient and bring about a normal rhythm of handling situations calmly after the baby has been delivered.

Eliminates all kinds of fears

Pregnant women can be really prone to anxiety attacks into thinking that what if something were to go wrong during giving birth and several other things related to it. Qigong manages to eliminate all such sorts of fears and gives you the best possible way to relax your mind and stay tension free before and after pregnancy.

Reduces the risks of depression

Right after delivery of the baby, there are several hormonal changes that are constantly happening to bring back the body back into its original shape. Not only this but then these are few of the many things that could happen right after pregnancy. Qigong enables the body to regulate the hormonal changes to be controlled and reduces the overall risk of the person going into a state of depression.

Manages labor pain

Qigong meditation helps the person to deal with the overall pain during the time of labor. Not only this but then it reduces the pain by 40% which might not seem to be that much in number but goes a long way into giving the person a smooth but yet a normal delivery where the mother can have some amount of peaceful time after delivery and not have any kind of complications whatsoever.

Increase the production of milk

Usually, with pregnant women, there are so many problems after pregnancy such that the basic necessities of the baby aren’t met and leads to the baby having some or the other kind of complication. Hence qigong manages to help the mother in controlling her own senses and gives a boost to the overall production of milk in the body to help feed the baby.


Insomnia occurrence is prevented

Insomnia can be a really disastrous condition where you might never really know when it might come and ruin the overall state of mind. It’s something that most of the pregnant women get these days such that if it ever comes, then the baby’s health might be at risk. Needless to say that qigong is one of the many ways that you can eliminate this and bring about radical changes in the body to help it grow out of the initial attacks.

Improvement of sleep

Pregnant women need a whole lot of sleep because during the time of delivery there is so much of pain and labor involved that it takes its toll on the women to just have a peaceful time after delivery. Qigong helps in maintaining this sleep patterns such that you get a peaceful sleep time despite any kind of interference whatsoever.

Emotions are kept under control

The overall emotional quotient in women during and after pregnancy just shoots up such that you never really know when she might lose her mind or even be moody most of the times. Qigong helps in regulating them and also provides the mind to be as peaceful as possible such that the baby can be delivered normally without any kind of problems.

Side effects of qigong

The side effects of qigong mainly revolve around the joints and cracks of the legs and hands. This can be a fatal condition in pregnant women as it can cause some really adverse condition to occur.

Hence it’s a revolutionary technique that can give you the best time of your life and improve the overall stability of the mind and the body. So do try to implement this and stay healthy.



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