Pull out method: effectiveness, advantages, and disadvantages


To the modern couple, contraceptives are essential because unplanned pregnancy is not only risky but also difficult to manage and expensive as well. In modern-day, there are numerous types of contraceptives that can help a couple to avoid unwanted pregnancy. In the market nowadays many hormone-based contraceptives guarantee a couple no pregnant unless they want to. Many couples do not want to imbalance their hormone levels. So what should they do? The simple answer is they should try to pull out technique.

pull out method

What is The Pull Out Method?

Pull out method is also known as a withdrawal method in which a man interrupts sexual intercourse and pulls the erect penis out just before ejaculation, to ejaculate outside the woman’s body. This method is one of the most basic forms of birth control.

This method prevents semen from entering the vagina, by doing this a woman does not get pregnant.

How To Use This Method?

This method involves man pulling out during sexual intercourse, this interrupts the penetration to ejaculate. The risk of unwanted pregnancies reduces efficiently by this method. This method is effective only when a man pulls out before ejaculation and ejaculate away from the woman’s body.


How to Make a Withdrawal Method Work Best?

During sexual intercourse, there should be a lot of control and willpower from both the man and woman so that this can work best. A man should also have a piece of intimate knowledge about his body. For this method to work effectively, it is recommended that a man should learn more about the penis.

Men should read about the penis in detail as well as regularly practise masturbation so that they can recognize the feeling close to ejaculation. A man becomes comfortable with various sensations he might feel during intercourse by practicing masturbation regularly. Masturbation also helps a man to understand the sensation that indicates the upcoming ejaculatory cycle.

This will work as an alarm for a man during sex. When a man knows he is about to climax, he can pull out just a few seconds before he does. Knowledge about the anatomy of the penis and vagina is considered extremely vital.

How Effective Is This Method?

There is nothing like a guaranteed contraceptive. Birth control methods mostly fail 20% of the time and condoms fail 8-15% of the time. So, the best method to prevent pregnancy is the pull-out method in which a man should ensure that he keeps ejaculation away from the vulva and vagina every single time he has sex. Only 4 people get pregnant in every 100 people who use the pull out perfectly.


In real life, about 22 people get pregnant out of every 100 who use the withdrawal method (about 1 in 5) because pulling out method can be difficult to do perfectly.

Birth control by this method is not as effective as other methods, but it’s better than others because nothing is used in this. To give extra pregnancy preventing power, this method can be easily combined with other birth control methods. For example, using pull out methods and condoms together will give excellent protection against pregnancy.

A woman should keep emergency contraception around while using the withdrawal method just in case if semen enters vagina emergency contraception can prevent pregnancy.

Advantages of Pulling Out Method

There are many advantages to this method as a means of contraception. Some of them are:

  • Cost: It works as free contraception as no equipment is required to execute this technique.
  • Beliefs: According to some cultures and religions, condoms and birth control are unethical or immoral. So, this technique satisfies those who would otherwise have no method of contraception.
  • Lack of chemicals: In condoms or a pill, there is an external chemical to which the body of a female is exposed. Pull out method avoids this chemical exposure. There is also the risk of chemical exposure in natural contraceptives. This is the only method that is a nonconsumption-based contraceptive.
  • No side effects: This is a safe method because it doesn’t have any side effects.
  • Pull out method makes other birth control methods more effective.

Disadvantages of Pull Out Method


This method also has some disadvantages like other birth control methods. These are:

The risk of failure is high.

  • Risk of spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Does not work for men with premature ejaculation.
  • Does not work for men with uncontrollable and unpredictable climaxes.
  • It is hard to pull out on time.
  • Needs a lot of self-control and trust.

Is the Withdrawal Method Right for a Woman?

Pull out method is recommended as a secondary means of contraception. This method is recommended as a primary contraceptive for those who believe that other methods of contraception such as condoms, pills, etc. are unethical and immoral. It is important to understand the risks that come with this technique so that we can estimate this technique is the right method of contraception or not.

Can Pull Out Methods Protect Against STDs?

There are no guarantees that the pull out method will protect a woman from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). To lower the risk of sexually transmitted diseases use of a condom is recommended.


One of the most commonly used contraceptives around the world is the pull out method. But this method is risky and the guarantee of success is also less. The risk of unwanted pregnancies reduces drastically when this method is used as a secondary source of contraceptives. If condoms are not used with this technique, then it is recommended that STDs should be tested regularly. It is important to diagnose and treat an STD as effectively as possible. Some STDs like herpes and AIDs cannot be cured.