Are Probiotics Good for Baby?


A well-planned diet maintains the health of your baby and determines its well-being. Right from breastfeeding to solids, you should know the right time to provide the child with a particular kind of food. In the course of time, the children start eating vegetables. However, at times, you may have to provide the children with probiotics. This has to be supplied to the baby after consultation with the doctor. Probiotics can be provided to the baby along with their food or in the form of supplements.

Fermented foods

In order to keep the gut of the baby healthy and clear, you should provide them with probiotics. However, the quantity of these materials has to be well-calculated. The baby’s gut remains intact when he is breastfeeding. However, when he starts eating other food, you may have to provide him with additional probiotics through fermented food. Probiotics seal the lining of the gut. You may start providing these foods to the child in the form of juices. Pickle juice or sauerkraut is safe for children, so you can feed a teaspoon of these juices to your child. Besides, these are also available in the form of powder.

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Why does your Child need Probiotics?

The child needs probiotics to maintain a healthy gut. It keeps away various complications related to their immune system, digestive system, body weight and other factors.

Immune system

The strength and functional efficiency of the immune system in the body depends on the health of the gut. In order to keep the defence mechanism of the body, your child needs probiotics. During the early years, the child is prone to a number of ailments, including cough, cold, flu and other illnesses. In order to keep the child safe from these issues, the immunity has to be strong enough. Probiotics help the kids to maintain a healthy gut, which has a positive influence on the immune system. You can keep your child free from fever, cough, sneezing and other health issues when you provide him with the necessary probiotics.Probiotics

Digestive health

Probiotics enhance the digestive health of a child. The lack of probiotics may cause problems like acid reflux, colic and diarrhoea. Most of the children suffer from constipation in the early years. Probiotics maintain bowel movements, enabling them to maintain a healthy digestive system. The dearth of the required amounts of probiotics may cause complications in the children, like Chron’s disease or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Therefore, you must provide the necessary probiotics to your child, either with foods, or as supplements.



Researches have revealed that the bacteria in the gut have a direct influence in maintaining the mood of an individual. It is necessary to provide your child with probiotics to help them maintain a pleasant mood. During childhood, certain children develop shyness in their character traits, which have a negative impact on the rest of their lives. Anxiety and depression are also common in many children. In order to maintain a stable mood, the gut of a child needs probiotics. Evidently, you need to provide your child with these materials after consulting with the doctor.

Weight issues

Probiotics help the children to maintain the desired weight. Certain children suffer from a deficiency of TLR5. This is a protein that is responsible for maintaining the weight balanced in the child. It keeps a check on excessive gain of weight. The deficit of this protein may lead to diabetes, insulin resistance and other health problems in the long run. They also have an impact on the metabolic issues of the child, which in turn, influences the weight. You should provide the child with sufficient food containing probiotics to keep away these health problems.

Maintaining skin health

As the child grows up, you should take necessary measures to ensure that he gets a good skin. Acnes and rashes are common in children suffering from gut problems. Therefore, the child needs an optimal gut condition to keep away these problems. Probiotics help the children to get good skin and keep away skin eruptions.

Probiotics are safe for your child and they need it in sufficient quantities. You can also get probiotics powder or supplements with them. It will help them to maintain their health as they grow up.