7 Safe and Best Sex Positions for Second Trimester of Pregnancy


Throughout the period of pregnancy, it is vital for you to keep yourself safe and healthy. However, that does not mean that you cannot have fun with your partner! We understand that it is tough for you both to refrain from getting intimate for nearly a year, while sharing the same bed! During your first trimester, you can get intimate with your partner normally, like you used to. But, after you enter into the second trimester of pregnancy, you have to be more careful about your movements and positions while engaging in sexual acts. Here are seven safe yet pleasurable positions to adhere to:

Sex During Second Trimester: 7 Safe and Best Sex Positions for Pregnancy

Sex Positions for Second Trimester of Pregnancy

V-shaped angular position

To give the rather round belly some space while you engage in intense sexual activity, most doctors suggest the position in which your partner and you lie in an angle of roughly 45 degrees. Keep your thighs on your partner’s hips. This gives you both ample space to make sure that the belly is safe and is not being squeezed while at that same time both the partners’ genitals are touching one another for their union.

Woman (sitting) on top

Although during all times, sexually active people are aware of the woman of top position, it must be executed even more during the second trimester of pregnancy. Sit on top of your partner who is lying on his back, and rest your belly on his belly. This position will help you go easy on the abdominal area and control the depth of the penetration, according to your comfort levels at this stage.

Sitting on a chair

This is a bit similar to the boat pose mentioned in the Kamasutra. This pose entails two people sitting – in this case on a chair – and straddling while penetrating and achieving orgasm. If you have sex in this position, you will have to make sure that the chair being used is a tough and spacious one, and that it is kept leaning against the wall. This minimises the chance of toppling over while you gradually get up, clutching on to its edges for support and balance.

On the edge of the bed

No matter however weird it might sound to some of you, choose one point at the edge of a the bed to have sex at. Keep your upper body, till the torso, on the bed and let your legs stick out for your partner to enter, while holding on to your thighs. Keep your legs upward facing, bending them from the knees. To make sure that your legs are up and that you are not fully lying flat, keep a pillow below your waist. This will make the movements easier.


Doggy style

This is more than just a cute sex position that most youngsters giggle at these days! Kneel on the bed, supporting yourself with your elbows. Lift the lower part of your body to make it easier for your partner to penetrate from behind. You might also want to keep a pillow under your stomach for better support and reduced irritation or heavy feeling.

Missionary style with a pillow under the back of the woman

Although many doctors might advise you against this practice, you can still go ahead if you do not suffer from any complications related to pregnancy. You have to be careful and keep in mind that your partner supports himself well with his elbows so that his body weight is not on your abdomen. You also must remember to keep a pillow under your back and waist so that your body is not flat against the surface. This will help your body get that proper movement that will prevent cramping around the lower waist.

Sideways (from behind)

Lie down with your partner, with you in front and him behind. While you lie sideways, keep a pillow below your thighs for extra support and comfort while your partner penetrates. One thing that you both must remember is that the penetration at this stage should be shallow in order to avoid discomfort and unnecessary internal abrasions. The well being of the growing baby must be thought of, too.

For more details about safety, always ask your gynaecologist without any hesitation. Remember to enquire about the usage of commercial lubricants during this phase of pregnancy. There are some clinically approved lubricants that can be used safely during pregnancy, whereas many others are not. There is nothing – not even pregnancy in its early and middle stages – that can now come between your way of making love to your partner!

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