Pregnancy Milestones to Celebrate Until Your Little One Arrives


Finding out that you are pregnant, seeing the baby on the first ultrasound, hearing the heartbeat of the baby,  announcing your pregnancy, feeling the first flutters, having a gender reveal party, preparing the nursery and preparing for hospital are the best pregnancy milestones to celebrate until your little one arrives.

Nine months is a long time – especially when you’re pregnant. At some point, you get a bit frustrated with all the symptoms and simply anxious for your little one to arrive. Though the time may creep by, celebrating milestones throughout your pregnancy can make it a lot more exciting (and help the time pass faster). What milestones are worth celebrating throughout your pregnancy? Here are a few listed below:

8 Pregnancy Milestones That Deserve Celebration

pregnancy milestones

Finding Out

One of the first milestones in your pregnancy is finding out that you’re pregnant. Whether you were planning for a child or it happens to be a surprise, it’s an amazing feeling to see the test read positive. You can celebrate this moment by sharing the news with your partner.

First Ultrasound

The pregnancy may not even seem real until you’ve seen that little bean growing inside of you. Another milestone that will capture your heart over the next few trimesters is seeing your baby on an ultrasound. The moment is even more exciting when your ob-gyn tells you that your baby is growing nicely and all looks well. Be sure to keep your first ultrasound as a keepsake to share with your child when they get older.

Hearing the Heartbeat

Morning sickness may have you feeling terrible in the first trimester, but one thing that will make it all worth it is hearing your baby’s heartbeat. This generally happens around 12 weeks or so and is a very special moment. Be sure to schedule your appointment during a time your partner can be there to share at the moment with you.


Pregnancy Announcement

After your first trimester, you are typically in the clear (meaning you have a lesser chance of having a miscarriage). This is when you get to share the news with the rest of your relatives and friends. Instead of just calling people up and spreading the word, make a cute pregnancy announcement and post it on social media. There are lots of intimate, funny, and creative ways to let everyone know you have a little one on the way.

First Flutters

Here’s a milestone that will melt your heart – feeling the baby’s first moves. Often the mother feels the fluttering of her little one long before others will be able to. Almost like butterflies or swimming fish, it can be a bit weird yet also very sentimental.

Gender Reveal

Next up on the list of pregnancy milestones is finding out the gender of your unborn child. While some parents like to wait until the arrival of the baby, it can be nice knowing whether you should prepare for a little boy or girl. Some couples even throw a baby gender reveal party for a fun way to share the news. You can serve some refreshments and drinks, play music and games, and then have a grand reveal using a gender reveal confetti cannon.

Preparing the Nursery

Though not necessarily a milestone in pregnancy getting the nursery ready for your baby is a lot of fun. Women often do this during their third trimester as they prepare for the baby. You get to have a lot of fun coming up with a theme, choosing decor, and assembling furniture to make the nursery come together.

Preparing for the Hospital

You’re in the home stretch now! When you start getting your hospital bag packed, you’re not too far away from seeing your baby in person. Create a checklist to ensure you don’t forget essential things like a change of clothes for you and the baby, some form of entertainment while you’re in the hospital and other necessities. You also don’t want to forget to install the car seat or else baby will have to stay behind.

Pregnancy, though filled with a lot of ups and downs is a precious moment in a woman’s life. If the idea of carrying a little one around for the next nine months gets you a bit anxious, celebrate the milestones as they happen. It’s a great way to record what happened during your pregnancy, including loved ones, and pass the time until your prince or princess arrives.