11 Amazing Health Benefits of Climbing Stairs


Climbing stairs regularly tones the body, fights headaches, helps in weight loss, builds stamina, lowers the risk of osteoarthritis and risk of mortality. No skill is required and no extra expenses are needed.

It is very important for everyone to exercise for at least 25 minutes a day. And by this, we do not mean that you have to spend some money and go hit the gym. You can also do some good work out at your home that can provide you with the same results as that of working out in the gym. One of the exercises that you can do at your home is climbing stairs that provides one with a number of health benefits. In this article, we will be discussing about 11 health benefits of climbing stairs.

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11 Health Benefits of Climbing Stairs

Tones the Body

When you get in the habit of climbing stairs, your body, as well as your stamina, significantly improves. Your body shape will become firm as the muscles will begin to get toned. You can set your goal for 20 minutes every day when it comes to climbing stairs.

Keeps Diabetes at Bay

The blood pressure and blood sugar levels improve when you climb stairs, thus keeping the diabetes symptoms at bay. However, you must be in the habit of same in order to eliminate any weakness that the problem brings along.

No Extra Expenses

Climbing stairs is almost equal to working out at the gym. The only difference lies in the expenses that you do not have to pay by choosing to climb stairs. This can be done in your apartment, house or actually anywhere you feel comfortable.

Good for Blood Pressure

Climbing stairs help to unclog the arteries, thus ensuring better heart health and blood pressure. This will help in improving the heart rate and boost your overall health with better blood flow.

No Skill Required

I have seen a lot of people denying to work out at the gym just because they are not sure of the proper moves. But when it comes to climbing stairs, guess what? You do not have to fear any such thing because there are no skills required for that. This is pretty easy and can be done by anyone.

Helps in Weight Loss

One of the best benefits of climbing stairs is shedding the extra weight. All you have to do is go up and down and do this a number of times throughout the day. Not only will this help with the weight loss but will also help in providing you with adequate energy.


Fights Headaches

According to the studies, climbing stairs was shown to help fight against dreaded headaches. When you climb stairs, the overall blood flow improves that makes it difficult for the knots to form in the tender nerves which are responsible for causing headaches.

Improves Mental Health

When you climb stairs, your body pumps blood and you get an adrenaline rush, which reduces the risk of developing mental health issues dramatically. Thus, once your body gets in shape, risk of suffering from mental health issues like stress and anxiety too goes down.

Builds Stamina

You may experience some pain and leg cramps when you first begin with it but trust me, it gets better with time. All you need to do is just stick to it and your stamina will gradually become better. This will improve your energy levels and you will feel the same too when it comes to indulging in physical activities.

Lowers the Risk of Osteoarthritis

For women who have a sedentary lifestyle and have desk jobs, stair climbing can actually lower the risk of osteoarthritis among them. It helps in improving the flexibility of muscles and reduces the risk of painful cramps.

Lowers Risk of Mortality

The overall health tends to improve when you perform this exercise on a daily basis. just start off slow and then gradually improve yourself and you will find yourself habitual to this. This will thus provide you with your daily exercise as well as lower your risk of mortality.


Dos and Don’ts of Stair Climbing

  • Staircases can have variation in height, so you must pay careful attention to your steps.
  • Do not take the stairs in your stocking feet, loose shoes or floppy slippers as that can increase your chances of slipping down.
  • Avoid using cell phones or looking somewhere else when you are using the stairs. Basically, avoid any sort of distractions while you are on it.
  • Do not go up and down the stairs in the dark as you cannot navigate yourself very good in the dark.
  • In case you feel like you are losing your balance, hold firmly to the handrails as that will save you from falling down.
  • Always pay close attention to clutter as some stairs can have temporary clutter on them like kid’s toys, clothes or anything else.
  • If you are exercising outside, look out for signs close to the stairs as some stairs may be under renovation and the signs are used to caution the users.
  • Make sure you turn on the lights when you are using the stairs. Good lighting reduces your risk of falling down.

Word of Caution

In case you are suffering from certain medical conditions, make sure that you consult your doctor first and only then move further with it. Climbing stairs is a great way to lose weight but at times you may not be recommended to go up and down using the stairs by your doctor.


Climbing stairs provides one with a number of health benefits. Not only is this easy but it also saves your time and money that you otherwise have to invest when going to the gym. But in case, you are suffering from heart ailments or knee, ankle or hip problems and those with shaky limbs should avoid taking stairs. In case, you are planning to begin with it, you must consult your doctor first. So, now there’s no need to skip your workout schedules because you have got it all at your home.





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