Standing for Long Period During Pregnancy:  Can it Impact the Baby?


Pregnancy requires you to make a lot of changes in your lifestyle, and standing for a long period may be one of the things that you may have to avoid if you are expecting. Our legs can carry quite a bit of weight. But during pregnancy, the load on them increases by pounds.  You may be in a job that requires longer standing hours or you generally are on your toes all day long. Whatever the case is, standing for longer durations during pregnancy may have an impact on you and your unborn child.

If you stand for a long duration, your legs will surely suffer but if you are expecting, it can create more problems. So let’s see what else can go wrong with standing for a longer period during pregnancy? Read to find out the full article to see the complications related to this case.

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Is It Safe to Stand for Long Period while Pregnant?

standing for long periods during pregnancy

Will it affect the baby?

If you’re wondering if it is safe to stand for long period while expecting, the answer is yes. You may stand but your doctor may restrain your movement or advice you against standing for long durations in certain case like if you have a high-risk pregnancy. A study reveals that women who stand for long hours during pregnancy are at a higher risk of having preterm delivery and it can also affect the baby’s growth and development. So it clearly depends on your health and whether you have a high-risk pregnancy.

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What are the complications?

Back pain

Most women suffer from pain in their lower back during pregnancy. And most women often complain of leg pain. If your work involves standing all the time, you are more likely to get back pain while expecting.

Affects foetal development

There are higher chances that your baby may suffer from stunted growth if you stand for longer durations than usual during pregnancy.

Can aggravate oedema

Many women complain about oedema or swollen feet during pregnancy. Standing for longer period can worsen it.

May lead to high blood pressure conditions

High bp can be dangerous for everyone. But it can be more life threatening for pregnant women. Prolonged standing can spike bp in pregnant women

Can cause pubic pain

Some women suffer from spd (symphysis pubic dysfunction) during pregnancy. It causes pain in the pelvic region of women (especially in the pubic bone). Prolonged standing can lead to worsen the symptoms of spd and can cause severe pubic pain.

How can you minimize the risks?

 Here are some ways that may help reducing your risks.

  • Wear compressor stockings to minimize the pain, promote better blood circulation and give support to your legs.
  • Manage your stress levels by practising yoga and meditations.
  • Take occasional walks in between standing periods may help.
  • Drink water to stay more hydrated, avoid caffeine as it may dehydrate you.
  • Wear footwear that are comfortable and has soft soles.
  • Keep moving instead of standing to keep the blood flowing in your veins, and prevent clotting and other oedema.

How long should a pregnant women stand on her feet?

A pregnant woman should avoid standing for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time without any breaks to rest, says OB/GYN. For some women, especially those who are more than 24 weeks pregnant, being on your feet for long periods could cause risk for premature delivery. Listen to your body to know the amount of time you can tolerate standing on your feet while your late pregnancy. If you are experiencing leg swelling which are painful or are have any other complications then you may need to lay down give your body some rest, drink some fluids and hydrate yourself.

Especially during the last five weeks of pregnancy, many women find it more difficult to stand for that longer period. You shouldn’t forget that pregnancy is a hard time, and you are developing a very active human inside you, so you need to give yourself some extra care and attention.


There is not much to worry about in regard to standing for long periods during pregnancy, but it is always better to be cautious and prevent any complications. Get in contact with your obstetrician and learn how you can effectively manage to overcome such issues.



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