7 Pregnancy Food that Promise Healthy Hair for the Baby


Some of the pregnancy food that promise healthy hair for your baby include nuts, oysters, chia seeds, flax seeds, sweet potato, salmon and avocado.

Can’t stop dreaming and wishing that your baby has beautiful tresses? Eat well for your dream to come true. Yes, you heard it right. You can now eat to ensure your baby has good hair! Listed below are a few foods that you must eat during your pregnancy so your baby has thick and beautiful hair.

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7 Pregnancy Food for Healthy Hair Baby

Do you long that your baby has beautiful hair just like you or your grand mom did? This is a dream that can come true. But, what do you do? Well, all you need to do is give proper nutrients to your child while it is still in your womb. Doctors recommend a number of Super foods to pregnant women to ensure good health of the child. If you want your child to grow up to and have stylish hair, locks, curly hair or anything that might mesmerize you, you should be consuming these foods during pregnancy. It is the best time to start nourishing the hair of your upcoming baby. Read on to unlock the secrets of good hair for the baby.

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Make sure you consume a variety of nuts during your pregnancy days. A variety of nuts are available in the market. You should have a talk with your physician and start consuming pecans, almonds and walnuts. These are good sources of biotin.


Biotin is one of the most essential vitamins that help babies have good hair. It is actually Vitamin B7, which makes the hair of the baby strong and healthy. The quality of hair in your child enhances and becomes thicker when you consume these nuts. You can complement your breakfast or evening snacks with a handful of almonds.

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Nutrients like proteins and minerals like iron and zinc are necessary to maintain the quality of hair. Eggs are among the most important foods that you should consume during pregnancy. You can start your day with an egg in your breakfast menu, or have it along with other stuff during lunch.

Apart from the taste, it will provide the essential nutrients to your child to improve the qualitative values of the hair. Zinc is responsible for promoting the reproduction of hair cells. It makes the tissues grow stronger and increases the strength of the hair follicles. Certain glands attached to the hair follicles secrete oil. Zinc maintains these glands and prevents hair fall in babies.

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Oysters are another food to be consumed during pregnancy to have good hair in babies. However, it is a seafood, so consult your physician before incorporating into your diet.

They supply proteins, fatty acids, iron, zinc, calcium and Vitamin C to the body. These are essential for maintaining good hair. Considering the overall taste and benefits, you can have it occasionally during pregnancy.

Sweet potatoes

Physicians often recommend sweet potatoes to pregnant women. It contains Beta-carotene, containing Vitamin A. It makes the hair strong and prevents them from becoming brittle and dry. In order to ensure good hair in your child, make sure that you have sweet potatoes in your diet chart. Besides being tasty, it will add to the strength of hair in your baby. You can even have it in boiled form.



Salmon is an important food you need to consume to have good hair in your baby. However, make sure you cook it well. It may harm your baby if it remains uncooked or raw. Salmon supplies fatty acids to the hair, which makes it healthy. The baby receives food from the mother, so it is wise to provide these nutrients to your baby when it is still inside your body. You need not have it in large quantities.

Per week, two servings of this fish are enough. You can also try out tuna, which has similar effects on the body.

Flax seeds and Chia seeds

Certain people try to avoid consuming animal products during pregnancy. In case you are one of them, here are two good alternatives for you. Flax seeds and Chia are the ideal options if you are trying to keep away from animal products. It makes the hair of the baby shiny, silky and beautiful.


Besides strengthening the hair of your baby, you should ensure that he does not suffer from hair loss. Vitamins B and E are required in good proportions during pregnancy. Avocado provides both these vitamins and help to maintain strong and beautiful hair that lasts long.


You should have these seven foods during your pregnancy so that your baby is blessed with healthy hair. It is common for infants to suffer from poor hair quality and hair loss. You can prevent this if you are careful enough about your food during the pre-delivery days and gift beautiful hair to your child.