11 Reasons Why Postpartum Sex is Painful


Many of the people still do not know that it’s just not the delivery that is extremely painful and uncontrollable but postpartum sex is equally painful for the women. Although some couples start to have sex weeks after the delivery but mostly what doctors recommend is that you should have no intercourse for at least six weeks after the delivery. It is not just one single problem that you might be suffering from extreme pain every time you try to have sex but there can be a number of them.

For instance, it is not always about the stitches that have not yet healed or maybe it is not always the fact that you might be infected. Different women might be experiencing different symptoms. So, why does sex feel painful after the delivery? What are the reasons behind sex being painful? Lets’ read it below:

Painful Postpartum Sex: 11 Reasons

painful postpartum sex

No extra stitches:

No, I am not talking about the extra stitches that you might have got. I’m talking about the ones you had to get anyway initially because this was actually what you needed after your delivery. No doubt that these stitches will heal well but at the same time they can leave you with scar tissue at the perineum. Scar tissue makes everything tighter than it used to be which can be a lot problematic during sex. It can thus make the muscles in your vagina tense when they should actually be relaxed.

Breastfeeding and dryness:

Breastfeeding can lower your hormone levels which will make the vagina dry and thereby lowering your sex drive. At this point, the best thing you can use is a lubricant because if your sex drive is low, your vagina doesn’t get wet and if that happens, there is friction and thus dry sex. Coconut oil and olive oil are some of the most gentle lubricants.


Well, C-Section leaves scars and it becomes extremely important for you to work on this. Because, if you don’t take proper of this, the scar tissue will grow into multiple layers beneath it which will then create problems which mean painful sex. Not only this, but it can also cause bladder problems or bowel problems as well. People generally do not enforce on how important it is actually to treat the scars but if you don’t do it now, you may have problems later.


Attempted both?- A vaginal delivery and a C-Section

In this case, there is enormous number of reasons why sex could hurt so bad. Here, you have got to work on the scars at both the places, your pelvic floor as well as your abdomen.  Treating your scars is the only solution that will not make sex a problematic issue for you.

Worrying about the baby walking in while having sex

Did you know that your pelvic floor is a mind reader? Oh, that sounds interesting, right? Whenever you are anxious or uncomfortable or nervous, your pelvic floor muscles will respond to every emotion of yours and will tense up.  At that point, your vagina gets smaller. You may take it to be as your body’s old-fashioned way of protecting your reproductive parts just so you can survive. I feel you should have sex when your body and mind, both are ready for it and especially when it’s the right time.

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Natural tearing:

You are going the scar tissue problem in this as well. It is vital for you to massage the area and knead it so that sex isn’t a major problem for you.

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The extra stitch:

In case, the doctor had cut the perineum and you needed stitches so possibly you might have got ‘the husband stitch’ as well. This is an extra stitch at the perineum that makes the vaginal opening smaller. And surprisingly, some women do not even know that they got one! It has nothing to do with the fact that your stitches have not healed correctly but it’s just that your vagina is now smaller than before.


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Problems in the pelvic floor:

The tissue and muscles that provide support to the internal organs are sometimes trained, injured during pregnancy. These symptoms include soreness in the vagina. Another problem can be pelvic organ prolapse, this happens when the tissue between the vaginal walls and the pelvic organs weakens that will further make the surrounding organs to bulge into the vagina.

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An infection:

Has it been months and you still have pain while having sex, it may be a problem then. Generally, new mommies can easily forget or skip to have their routine check-ups, maybe because they are too tired. It is recommended you consult a doctor if you still suffer from this pain months and months after your delivery.

Your vagina is protecting itself:

After the delivery, your vagina can often times try to protect itself from anything or anyone who tries to get near to it. And yes, it does not matter if that is not something that you want it to do. There can be involuntary muscle contractions which can make sex painful and almost unbearable sometimes.

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A painful delivery

The way you managed the pain during your delivery may have long-term consequences in your sex life as well. When women experience uncontrolled pain during delivery, it is more likely that they will suffer from the long-term pain as well. It may cause nerves to become more sensitive and thus you may feel the pain more intensely.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!