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13 Powerful Plants that Help Your Child Sleep Better


Some of the powerful plants that help you sleep better include bamboo palm, english ivy, peace lily, aloe vera, golden pothos, jasmine, snake plant, spider plant, gardenia, etc to name a few.

Sleeping is really necessary for kids to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping problems such as EDS, night terrors, etc. can arise in your child due to several factors and can be a hurdle in your child’s sleep. This can disturb his physical as well as mental health. Your doctor can recommend all sorts of medical aid to help your child with sleeping disorders. However, nature too has something in store for you. There are some plants that can help your child sleep better. They can be easily grown in your garden and your bedrooms.

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13 Best Plants Which Help Your Child Sleep

plants that help you sleep

There are plants that purify the air and help us breath better. Apart from their relaxing and calming traits, plants can help your child get a sound sleep. Let’s learn more about such plants and their features.

English Ivy

This plant is  a very powerful air purifier. Even astronauts prefer taking this plant along to space because of its purifying capability. It is considered to be invasive in several areas but it is completely safe for indoors. It purifies the air in the bedroom, hence helping your child sleep properly.


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Bamboo palm

This is a tropical plant which just adds a different vibe into your vibe. I’m sure you remember those large trees, the bamboo palms. They are not just beautiful and shelter, it is also a great air purifier.  It will remove impurities and bad small from your room. They need little moisture and partial sunlight for their growth.

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Peace lily

Well, this plant is not just beautiful, it also purifies the air of two dangerous compounds formaldehyde and benzene. If the weather is dry, it helps to add some moisture into the room saving you money from buying a humidifier. These plants are very easy to maintain and need watering only once a week. Thus, they are a boon for anyone who wants their child to sleep tight.

Golden Pothos

This plant is just wonderful as you can grow it in a glass jar,a hanging container, or decorate it in the corners of the room. They can grow in the most polluted of regions and yet be efficient to clean the air of impurities such as benzene and formaldehyde. Placing it near the window will be a great idea.


Aloe vera

I’m sure you must be aware of this extremely useful plant. Aloe Vera has many implications in our day to day life from skin to stomach to hair, it works wonders. This plant exhales oxygen at night as well so if it is kept in your child’s bedroom, it will keep the room oxygenated. The best part is that this plant needs no maintenance as such, so with little efforts you can gift some good sleeping hours to your child.


This flower must be one of your favourite. And if that is the case, I’m sure you will be glad to know that it can be an aid to your child’s sleep. The sweet smell of this flower has been proven to have a calming effect on people as they try to fall asleep. So, you can keep them in your kid’s room, it will surely help him have a sound sleep.


These beautiful flowers also have a calming effect on people. This has been clinically proven that the scent of lavender helps to calm down babies and helps them sleep properly. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider keeping these plants in your child’s bedroom.


The roots of valerian is used for curing insomnia and anxiety. Many studies have proven that it has a positive effect on sleep and relaxation. So, I suggest you must keep these pretty flowers in your child’s room so that he can benefit from them.

Snake plant

This amazing plant exhales oxygen even during the night instead of inhaling. So, on top of purifying your kid’s room, this plant will also keep it highly oxygenated. Thus, no matter what time of the day it is, these plants are always in quest to keep your room clean and purified.

Spider plant

As the name suggests, so is the shape of this plant. It is another powerful plant that helps to clean many toxins from the air such as formaldehyde thus giving your child a sound place to sleep.



These flowers are very much similar to jasmine in appearance as well as smell. They have a smell that has a sedative effect. Thereby, helping your child fall asleep easily. Some doctors recommend jasmine and gardenia as an eco-friendly substitute over sleeping pills to cure certain sleep disorders.

Gerbera Daisies

So, do you want your child’s bedroom to look beautiful and be peaceful enough to help him sleep better. These daisies are one such flowers. They are extremely beautiful, your daughter will love to have them in her room. It releases more oxygen as the night falls. If your child has some breathing problem, this plant can be a boon for him as even if they inhale less air, they will be getting optimum amount of oxygen.

Red Edged Dracaena

Dracaena is another flower to add vibrance and purity to your kid’s bedroom. It is a colourful plant that purifies the air and needs a bit of light for its growth.


So these were some blessings of nature which can help your child sleep better. It is always a more safe and preferable option to keep plants in the bedroom to combat sleeping disorders. These plants and flowers not only add vibrance and beauty to the room, they also purify the air and add a calming effect to the room. So, let your child choose their own plant roommate that will help them sleep better.




13 Best Plants to Help You Sleep


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