My Baby Sweats While Sleeping: Is it Normal?


There is no such Overwhelming and heart-warming as that of a baby sleeping. But do you think that baby’s sleep isn’t as peaceful as it seems to be? Though, there are times when your baby sweats, whimpers, moans, groans, and kicks while sleeping and this can be sometimes very disconcerting especially to the newbie’s because the only concern for any parent would be about is baby sweating while sleeping or not?  Do you ever think what could be the reason behind it or any other sleeping habits if you ever noticed in your baby that you should be aware of?

Everyone loves watching their baby sleep like an angel, isn’t it? Have ever waked up worried and find out the baby drenched in sweat in the middle of the night? Well, if you can relate to the above-mentioned questions regarding this then yes my dear you’re coming to the right way! If your baby is sweating while sleeping it can initially cause a distraught for Parents. While new parents generally panic whenever they notice an uncertain change or signs of discomfort in their babies.

Baby Sweating While Sleeping: Causes and Tips to Deal with it

baby sweats while sleeping

What are its causes?

It is not something new there are many babies who sweat profusely more even when they are in deep sleep at night and are soaking wet and this is because babies spend most of their time in sleeping so it’s likely sure that baby will sweat at night more than the rest children or adults.

What are its common causes?

There are many common health conditions that can make your baby sweat while sleeping initially and some of the most common causes are:


Sleep Apnoea:

Sleep Apnoea is considered to be the most common cause of the night sweats in babies mostly and this condition generally makes the baby pause for around 20 seconds while breathing. In order to breathe, the infant’s body needs to work excessively hard for it because this condition basically affects premature babies only. So, if your baby eventually suffers from this condition called sleep Apnoea then he/she may also show other symptoms like wheezing, bluish skin tone along with night sweats.

Congenital Heart Disease:

If your baby is suffering from this condition called congenital Heart Disease they may sweat too much then and that too in the night and they may excessively sweat either while playing or while eating. This disease affects around 25 newborn babies each year and it only occurs due to the defective development of the heart in the foetus.


If the baby is sitting in the cool room or an air-conditioned room and is still sweating then he or she might be suffering from Hyperhidrosis where along with sweaty face your hands, feet, and head gets sweaty. Though it is not considered to be a serious health issue you can easily deal with it in order to avoid sweat.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:

SIDS is the other name for this condition as it initially causes overheating of the body in the middle of the night that will make the baby fall into deep sleep and initially it will make difficult for the baby to wake up.

Is it considered normal?

Sweating is something that is really common but when it becomes excess then it is not considered to be common because it becomes a problem. It could be the sign that there is something uncertain happening to the baby and this could also be the sign of the health issue sleep Apnoea or various other infections.


How should one deal with it?

You can check up the room temperature whenever required because Overheating can eventually lead to SIDS i.e. sudden infant death syndrome. So, make sure the room in which the baby is sleeping should not be hot or cold too much and maintain the room temperature of about 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you dress up your baby in comfortable clothes in the night and do not give them an urge to get up by ensuring comforters beside them like blankets or quilts outside the crib. Before going to bed hydrate and exercise and if you are still unable to find a valid medical cause for your baby’s night sweat you can make few changes or adjustments in the room she or he sleeps in.

Ensure that you give your baby a lot of water in order to replenish the water that is lost through sweating and never allow your baby to overexert themselves before going to bed because this might increase body heat. Dress your child properly in light night suits only and make sure you use blankets only. However, if your baby still experiences the night sweat but the reason is that of the medical issues you can consult a doctor in order to get an effective treatment and medication for the same.

Tips and Tricks to deal with the night sweats in Babies:

Here are some of the tips or tricks in order to deal with the night sweats that your babies get initially:

Hydrate your baby:

Ensure that you hydrate the baby completely and properly before getting on the bed each and every night because this will help in increasing the fluids that usually decrease while sweating.

Check the room temperature often:

So, if you really want to deal with this seating you need to check your room temperature often as this is considered to be the best way. But the basic idea that you need to keep in mind is that if your baby or you are feeling hot then you need to remove all the blankets from your baby’s crib so that he or she can sleep comfortably.


Dress him/her properly:

In order to get the comfortable sleep you need to dress your baby in comfortable night clothing basically in a light sleeping night suits, breathable material and it should be the most comfortable attire while going to bed.

Points to Remember

Even after trying all of the above-mentioned measure your baby still sweats you really need to seek Paediatrician’s help because only they can diagnose its cause correctly and can eventually guide you with the right and appropriate treatment for this condition. Therefore, if your baby show other signs or symptoms along with night sweating like head banging, snorting and snoring or rocking then he or she might be suffering from an serious health issue and in this case too you need to fix an appointment with the Paediatrician because only he or she can immediately guide or advice you all the possible techniques.

So, if you follow the above-mentioned tricks you’ll end up finding a great solution for your baby’s problem and if these tricks don’t work you can consult a doctor for the same.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!