Papaya in Baby food


Health Benefits of Papaya for Babies

In continuation with our previous article on Health Benefits of Papaya for Babies, here is an infographic which lists all the benefits of papaya, especially for babies.

Papaya is one of the tropical fruit mainly found in South East Asia. This fruit has been hailed by medical practitioners, dieticians and also by healers for the various health benefits that it offers. Some of those health benefits include good source of vitamin C and folate, good for eyesight as it supplies vitamin A, strengthening of muscles, good for bones due to calcium and phosphorous supply, stimulates brain development, acts as a natural laxative, an efficient killer of intestinal worms and controls skin ulcers when applied locally.

The right age for your baby to be fed with papaya is about 8 months. Make sure that you give only ripened papaya pieces to your child. Unripened papaya and over eating papaya fruit can cause stomach aches in children.

Benefits of Papaya in baby food
Papaya in toddlers diet