9 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Fat


Some of the ways to get rid of neck fat include doing facial exercises, eating a healthy diet,chewing gum, drinking water, using hot towel treatment, blowing balloons and using a face mask.

Have you ever felt that your face is looking kind of fat? Or you are having a double chin and are laughing on it? But at the same time feel very uncomfortable as the photo makes you look this clumsy and chubby? Well, it’s a common thing happening to half of the population. Some deal with it by saying that they have put on weight and that is why it is showing, others on the other hand make efforts to lose weight and gain their perfect look back. Double chin or neck fat is not always because of weight gain but happens to be genetic as well and needs certain exercise to bring your face to a chiselled shape.

What Is Neck Fat And How Does It Happen?

Fat does always not stick to only a person’s belly area but happens to show from different body parts. Some fats affect the leg, some the arms and maximum of the fat are seen putting up on the face making it look fat and chubby. A medium weight person can also have this double chin issue as that happens to be genetic as well but in most cases, the extra body weight happens to show itself in this manner. Fat is an issue not only regarding the body but also regarding the face and other parts of the body as it affects the looks of a person in the long run.

neck fat

How Can One Reduce Neck Fat?

Reducing fat is a matter of time and internal practice or orientation, like eating healthy, exercising daily and the list goes on. But when it comes to reducing neck and fac fat, it takes time, gradually as physical exercise happens to reduce the fat in the body and after a lot of hard work the face to gets into shape. For that, one needs to work on their face separately.

No, it doesn’t require any makeup as such, or facial cream but it requires facial exercise and that one can do by themselves without going to the parlor.


9 Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Fat

Facial Exercise

This is one natural remedy one can do in their day to day life with other exercises as well. Facial exercise is easy to do as it requires very little time and one can do it anywhere anytime. It doesn’t require a particular routine to get rid of neck fat. Rather one can proceed with the exercise such as face up-down, then face and neck rotation, making pout faces and vice versa.

Chewing Gum

Now, this is a very common way to get rid of neck fat. All you need to do is chew something and keep chewing, not mere eating but chewing which helps all the muscles in your mouth to extract and also helps the gums and your whole face muscles to get active and tighten up itself.

Drinking Water

This is something which is suggested by all the doctors. Water helps one deal with any disease or any uncomfortable bodily process. Having said that, drinking water daily will help one get rid of neck fat, eliminate extra calories from the body and improve metabolism.

Healthy Diet

Neck fat happens to appear because of body fat and following a healthy diet reduces face fat and also helps one with weight loss.

Blowing Balloons

A fun exercise, blowing a balloon helps in tightening the skin internally. When one is blowing a balloon the face and neck are exercising and it makes the lip muscles firmer.

Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut oil can be used on the face to get rid of neck fat. When one massages with coconut oil it helps the face relax a bit and also all the face muscles working together brings shape to the face.


Hot Towel Treatment

Hot water is always beneficial, like vapor because it makes your face sweat a lot, and sweating is the way to understand whether one is losing extra calories from the body or not. Hot towel treatment makes the face sweat and that releases the toxic extra fat from the face and helps you to get rid of neck fat.

Using A Face Mask

A face mask is not only useful for facial purposes but also tightens the face and makes it glow as it releases all the dirt and oily particles from the face and also helps in eliminating toxins from your face.

Do The ‘O’ Exercise Often

Lastly, this is one of the most effective methods of get rid of neck fat as one needs to say ‘O’ and make a face like whistling and by doing so the face muscles come to their active form and help in face tightening. Doing this for 5 minutes, every day, will reduce face fat faster.


These upper mentioned methods when done daily for 10 to 15 minutes should display results within a month or so.