11 Best Natural Muscle Relaxers


We all have faced a muscle tightness and bulging in different parts of our body. They are called muscle spasm. It can happen due to various reasons and is common among people who are indulged in sports. Muscle spasm is common in body parts like abdomen, hamstring, arms, calves, feet and quadriceps. Muscle spasm is also common among people who:

  • Suffer from back and neck pain
  • Have McArdle diseases
  • Women who are menstruating
  • Pregnant women are also prone to spasm

natural muscle relaxers

People sometimes have to take pain killers and other medicines to get rid of muscle stiffness. But if the pain is not severe you can get relief by doing some light stretching as well. There are some natural muscle relaxers that can help people who face light muscle spasm frequently.

Top 11 Natural Muscle Relaxers for Real Relief

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is a really important food nutrient needed by our body to carry on various functions. And its deficiency can lead to frequent muscle pain and spasms. To over come this and relax muscles it is important to include:





on diet. Sitting in sunlight for 10 minutes is also very effective. Other than that, there are many Vitamin D supplements available in market.

Blue Berry:

Blueberry is a really good food for relaxing muscles. A study also proved that a jar of blueberry smoothie before and after a workout helps in recovering the muscles even faster because it helps in reducing muscle stress and also prevent anerobic respiration. Blueberry is super rich in antioxidants due to which it also helps in decreasing inflammation in muscles. Including a few blueberries in diet can reduce muscle spasm up to some extent.

Light Stretching:

Making light stretching and exercising a part of your life style can also help in maintain muscle strength. No one is asking you to adapt a rigorous workout routine but a few stretching of legs, arms and neck can prevent muscle stiffening and muscle spasm up to some extent. By doing this your muscles will not come in stress due to sudden movement.


Magnesium is needed for human nutrition found in food items like:

  • Almond
  • Bananas
  • Brown rice
  • Spinach
  • Peanuts

It helps to maintain the proper functioning of muscular system and nervous system. Its deficiency can lead to various muscular problems. That is why intake of magnesium in an adequate amount is recommended to people who face the problem of muscle spasm.


Cherry and Cherry Juice:

Cherry juice have some properties that can help in combating muscles pain and stiffness it can also help in relaxing inflammation caused in muscles. It is all because of the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that cherries have. They are really good for marathon runners. And studies also prove that a glass of cherry juice post work out is really beneficial for the recovery of muscles.


A soft and light massage is really good for the recovery of muscles, using oil for that is like a cherry on top. That is why most of the athletes prefer to get massages after a competition so that muscles can relax. For people who face muscle spasm frequently, getting a massage is really good thing. But one must keep in mind to not be rigorous while massaging and if possible, to get massage from a professional do that. Because pressing at the wrong points can show various side effects on body and can further lead to tearing of muscles.


Chamomile is a herb which is in use from an ancient time. It has approximately 36 flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory properties. Its essential oil can be used for massaging body so that muscles can be relaxed. Other than that, it can be included in diet so that our body can get its benefits. Nowadays, Chamomile tea  is also very popular among people because of its various health benefits.

Cayenne Pepper:

This special pepper has a substance named Capsaici in it which is a natural muscle relaxant and is very beneficial for use during muscle spasm. It is also available in a form of cayenne capsule and cream. Applying its cream when ever someone faces a muscle problem can be proved really beneficial to relax that situation.


Hydration might sound vague in relaxing muscles but dehydration of body can lead to a lot of problems and one such problem is stiffness of muscles. So, it is necessary to consume a required amount of water a day to avoid any muscles related problem. Being hydrated is also important because water helps in transporting other nutrients to different parts of body as well.

Ice Pack and Heat Pack:

Quickly applying an ice pack or heat pack at the place where muscles have faced an spasm can help in relaxing the muscles instantly. Ice pack in a first aid kit of athletes is a must.



The last best muscle relaxer is proper rest because our muscles work a lot through out the day and proper rest is required for them to relax and recover. For athletes a proper cool down exercise is a must to calm their muscles after a hepatic workout. Frequent muscle spasm can be a result of lack of proper rest. So, resting is must to relax muscles.

Our nature has provided us with some natural pain relief that not only help us in getting rid of muscle pain but also other body pains in general. So here are some natural pain killers:

  • Turmeric
  • Acupuncture
  • Cloves
  • Willow bark
  • Heat and Ice

These natural muscle relaxers can help in getting rid of pain quickly but if you face muscle spasm very frequently that too when you are indulged in sports, it would be good to consult a doctor once.