National Daughter’s Day: 21 Quick and Easy Ways to Make it Special for Her


Parents don’t need a reason to celebrate their children. That being said, having a day dedicated to them doesn’t hurt at all. This is the reason why national daughter’s day is an occasion for you to celebrate your daughter and shower her with all the love and care possible. In this article, we will discuss the significance and history of this day, and then proceed to discuss 21 special and easy ways to make this day special for her. Read on to find out everything that you need to know about national daughter’s day.


Daughter’s day, just like days such as mother’s and father’s day is an occasion to honor your baby girl and give her the respect and care she deserves and needs. Daughter’s day in India is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September every year. This year, in 2019, it falls on the 22nd of September.

national daughters day


Patriarchy is the norm across cultures, and as a result, daughters have been given a lower stature than sons in most of the families. This discrimination has increased the status of boys beyond measure, and done some serious harm to the self-confidence of a lot of girls. Many girls believe that they cannot do the things that boys can, because they have always been shown in an inferior light. The problem is so deep rooted in India that it puts women one step behind men in terms of progress.

The Indian government, like many governments across the world has recognized the need to celebrate daughters and elevate them, so that people see that daughters are no less than sons. This gives the entire family an opportunity to get together and spend some quality time with their daughters.

21 Interesting Ideas to Celebrate National Daughter’s Day

There are a lot of ways to cherish your daughter on this day. However, you might be confused because you might be apprehensive about your daughter’s likes and dislikes. Worry not, because here we bring to you some generic, yet foolproof ideas that will make both you and your daughter happy for sure.


Plan a Meal Date

A lunch, dinner, or even a Sunday brunch is the perfect gift for your daughter. You can sit down and spend some time with your daughter. You can talk to her about her life in general and genuinely get to know her. You never know the things that you will know, things that will bring you even closer to your daughter and strengthen this bond.

Gift Her Something She Loves

Try and gift your daughter something that she will cherish. This could be something that connects her to her interests. In case she is a music aficionado, then get her an instrument. Sign her up for sports classes in case she is interested in pursuing some sports. After all, this special day is about giving her what she wants.

Go on a Holiday

You guys can move out of the usual setting and explore a new place together. You can make this a small family vacation solely dedicated to your dear daughter. Indulge in the things that she likes while you’re on a holiday.

Bake a Cake or a Home-Cooked Meal

Nothing is more special than hand-made meals, specially made for the person in question. Cook her favourite meals or bake a cake. Maybe you guys can do it together, if both of you are passionate about cooking. You can also invite a few family friends over and make an event out of this day.

Take Her Shopping

Take her out for clothes shopping and ask her to pick out anything that she likes. It doesn’t have to be clothes though; it could also be books, music, or anything that she likes and has been planning to buy for a long time. There is no better way to bond than going shopping together.

Fill Your Daughter’s Bedroom with Balloons and Streamers Whilst She is Sleeping. 

Your little girl could barely contain her excitement when she wakes up in the morning and sees this. This is an amazing idea, don’t you think?


Decorate the Breakfast Table

Put a white tablecloth on the table and covered it with colorful party scatters. Then tie a large bunch of balloons to her chair and then watch her squeal with excitement.

Make a Special Luncheon

If your daughter loves any particular cuisine, then make a special luncheon for her and watch her smile her widest smile.

Wear Party Hats at the Breakfast Table

Birthdays are not the only time wearing party hats! Wear them today and make her feel happy.

Write ‘Happy Daughter’s Day’ on the Car

Doing this will make your girl feel cherished, because this is more of a public gesture and this will make her feel special for sure.

Take Her Somewhere Special

Take her to any place she has wanted to go to for a long time. It could be a mall, or any place in the city, where you guys can have fun.

Let Her Choose the Dinner for the Family

Today is the day dedicated to your daughter, so it would be a great idea to ask her to select the dishes you guys will have for dinner? It would make her feel like an adult and therefore very happy


Make Up a Voucher Book to Cash in Different Special Treats. 

You can make a voucher book, where you can give your baby girl treats for doing good things. In this way, she will gorge on her favourite foods throughout the day and also stay away from mischief.

Say ‘Happy Daughter’s Day’ at Every Opportunity

This day will last for only twenty four hours, so make the most of it and wish her as many times as you can throughout the day.

Let Her Answer the Phone when Relatives Call

You can ask all of the friends and family to call and wish her like it was her birthday. Seeing that so many people other than her parents value her as their daughter will make her very happy.

Make Special Pancakes for Her

If your daughter has a sweet tooth, then begin by making special pancakes for her. Many girls and kids love eating pancakes in their favorite colors for breakfast. Just divide the pancake batter into a couple of bowls, and add food coloring to turn the pancakes pink, blue, yellow, or green or any colour your daughter loves. You can swirl the colors together or cook up various colored pancakes to add to the happy surroundings.

Clean the Kitchen 

If your daughter loves the kitchen, then encourage her and your other kids to carefully wash dishes, wipe the table and counters, and put the syrup away. This will educate your daughter on the mechanisms of running a kitchen, which is necessary for everyone irrespective of gender.

Play Games

Play your daughter’s favorite game after you are done with work. Kids love to spend the morning playing their favorite games with their parents. National daughters day is the perfect excuse to spend the morning playing games with your daughter and bond with her.


Engage in Playful Household Chores

This might seem boring, but nothing is more fun than doing housework together. The workload will be shared and when you guys work together, you will also get multiple opportunities to converse. This will also inculcate a sense of responsibility in your daughter.

Go to the Park in the Evening

 if your girl is still a kid, then head out to the park in the afternoon or preferable in the evening. She will love spending the afternoon running her energy off, while you can relax and watch her play with other kids. Perhaps you’ll even join her in her games. Imagine the fun and laughter, and the way it will make her day.

Give Her a Greeting Card

Giving her a beautiful greeting card would just go on to show your love for her, so definitely do it.

Happy daughter’s day to all the women in the world!