Is GM Diet Good For Breastfeeding Mothers?


The General Motors diet is also known as GM diet. It is a very popular weight loss management technique. The diet prescribes you to be on only fruits, vegetables and lots of fluids. Many people around the world have gone through this dietary regime and got good results. It is a very rigid diet plan to undergo and it lasts only a week. The stringent rules make it a very difficult challenge. However, people around the globe have experienced significant weight loss using this technique.

On the other hand, this kind of GM diet routine is very dangerous for lots of people. Pregnant women are the one who should never go through this diet routine. The GM diet deprives you from having lots of different kinds of foods. This stops a pregnant mother from getting the desired amount of nutrition. Naturally the growth of the baby, inside the mother’s womb will be hampered. That is why you must never go on a GM diet whilst you are pregnant.

GM Diet for Breastfeeding Mother

New mothers tend to add excess weight during their pregnancies. Getting rid of this extra flab is a major concern for new moms. Going on a GM diet is certainly an option to get back into the pre-pregnancy body. Regular dieting and exercise take its time to provide any sort of real effect. However, it is not safe to go on a General Motors diet immediately after becoming a mother. The GM diet can only be started only after a certain period of time. There are reasons to believe that GM diets are both safe and also unsafe for new mothers. Lactating mothers should normally avoid going on GM diets. It is advisable that GM diet can only be started once the baby stops breastfeeding or it has crossed seven month of age.

Why is GM diet safe?

Generally speaking, GM diet is considered to be a safe dietary option for weight loss. This is because it does not involve any kind of chemicals. Any sort of chemical induced diets are harmful for new mothers as well as the child (if it is breastfeeding). GM diet does not prescribe any pills or drinks. In that way, your baby is safe. On the other hand, this kind of diet helps your body to detoxify. GM diet prescribes you to have a whole lot of fluid. The added intake of fluid helps you to flush out the harmful toxins from your body. It also helps you fight off the chances of obesity.

GM Diet for Breastfeeding Mother

Moreover, GM diet will help you bring discipline to your overall diet. During pregnancy you had to undergo a different sort of diet. Naturally since you had a fetus in your womb, you had to eat more. But reducing the amount of food intake, drastically, is also not possible. Going in on a GM diet helps your cause. GM diet schedule gives you the ultimate push and motivation to reduce your food intake to the desired level, which will help you get rid of all the natural fat you have gained during pregnancy.


Why is GM diet not safe?

GM diet can be very dangerous to lactating mothers. Mothers who are still breastfeeding should not essentially go on a GM diet. By breastfeeding, the new moms, tend to pass on important nutrients and vitamins to their babies. However, going on a GM diet will necessarily mean that the excess nutrients will not be present in the mother’s milk. That will deprive the child from the desired level of nutrition. So if you are breastfeeding them you must be on a full-on diet with lots of vitamins and minerals.

Remember that your milk is the only source of food for your infant child. Going on a rigid diet routine will deprive him/her from the nutrient he/she needs to grow.  Also even if the mother decides against breastfeeding, going on a GM diet, immediately after childbirth, can be a bit risky. This is due to the fact that the body takes time to adjust to the changing level of hormones. Some of the nutrients are still needed till your body gets back to the shape.

So when can you start a GM diet?

Getting rid of the excess fat is necessary. But you have to choose the right time to get started. Timing of going on a GM diet is very crucial. It determines your health as well as your baby’s. Below are some generic tips which you can follow to make sure that your GM diet works well. This will help you time your diet perfectly and help you get back to your pre-pregnancy body shape.

  • Start a GM diet after you are done with breastfeeding. The breastfeeding period is not defined. However, if you are continuing breastfeeding even after your child is well into solids then you can start on with the dieting after consulting your doctor. The ground rule here is that you should not go on in a GM diet while your baby is drawing a majority of the nutrients from your body.
  • GM diet can take its toll on your body. Make sure that you rest well for two to three weeks, once you have undergone that kind of strict dietary plan. GM diets can tend to be very tiring. This is because it deprives the body of important carbohydrates. Good amount of rest helps you restore back the energy, you might be lacking during the diet. Also before going on the GM diet make sure that you inform your partner or nanny or anyone supporting the care of your child. This is because of the fact that during the week, you will be exhausted and tired.
  • Try and do some stretching. Stretching often helps your muscles to relax, while you are on such strict diet. It also helps your muscles to tone. Toning is necessary especially when you are losing so much weight in such a short duration. Stretching and light exercising also will help you combat anxiety. It will keep you active as a new mother.

GM diet is a very strict dietary routine. You must always consult with your doctor before deciding to go on for such a diet. In GM diet you might need certain nutrition throughout your post-pregnancy period. You might be deficient in certain vitamins. Under such conditions, GM diets are strictly not advised.

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