21 Early Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The causes are unknown to date and the discussions around it are ambiguous. Multiple sclerosis usually affects the age group of the twenties to the fifties. There can be many symptoms of this disease.

What is multiple sclerosis?

In multiple sclerosis the central nervous system gets affected the most . The central and the peripheral nervous system have nerve fibers which have neurons , these neurons are responsible for transmitting messages to different parts of the body. What happens in this disease is that the neurons are covered with myelin sheaths, once multiple sclerosis starts affecting the nervous system , the tearing and shredding of this myelin sheath starts . Thus it leads to the creation of different barriers to the functioning of the immune system and the body .

21 Early Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Women Should Know

multiple sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis leads to weakness in the muscles

This happens because multiple sclerosis usually affects the central nervous system . The functioning of the muscles is controlled by the central nervous system and the spinal cord , as soon as multiple sclerosis takes it’s toll the movement of the muscles starts to slow down and weakness is felt in the muscles .

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Multiple sclerosis leads to the weakness of the eyesight

In this disease , the peripheral nervous system is also affected , thus causing a disruption in the vision because the eyesight is affected and the nerves and neurons which transmit the signals to the brain become weaker.


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The co-ordination of different parts of the body becomes tough

The central nervous system and the spine are responsible for the movement of all the body parts , they even mind reflex action . The spine consists of millions of neurons which together help in the movement of different body parts .  As the myelin sheath gets worn out , the coordination process becomes slow .

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Balance of the body is affected

Our body is balanced because of multiple parts that function together while we are conscious . The eyes , ears and the brain function together to give us a sense of awareness and make our body balanced the whole time . But , these body parts the eyes , ears and the brain get affected once multiple sclerosis starts which ultimately leads to  the malfunctioning of these body parts . Thus , causing misbalance .

A feeling of numbness can be felt if you have multiple sclerosis

Numbness is the result of damage and compression of the tissues and nerves . Multiple sclerosis affects the nerves thus it can lead to numbness in the body at different times .


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Memory loss

The nerves and neurons are responsible for transmitting signals and messages to the brain , the spinal cord . Thus , when nerves are getting affected by this disease , the loss of memory is ought to happen as the transmission of signals and messages in the brain gets distorted .

Multiple sclerosis also leads to fatigue 

As this disease leads to the dysfunction of many body parts , it is obvious that the body will not be ready for any kind of movement thus leading to tiredness and fatigue the whole day .

Depression can be one of the symptom

This can be explained as follows , the brain does not function properly in this disease , memory is lost and there are tiredness and fatigue . There are chances of disruption in the hormone production and reception because of which the person can have huge loads of mood swings .

Stiffness in the muscles

If one is suffering from multiple sclerosis , then there can be a symptom of pain and stiffness in the muscles this is because when there will be lack of movement , because of the disruption in the transmission process of the neurons muscles are ought to remain still and without movement .

Feeling helpless while controlling urine

Multiple sclerosis leads to the slowdown of the nervous system and the spinal cord (reflex action ) process , and because one also feels numbness in this disease their can be a whole lot of symptoms while controlling your bowls . One symptom can be , not being aware when to urinate , unable to decide and control the bladder functions and an urgency to urinate the whole day can be another symptom.


The power of being attentive and focussed vanishes

One can experience this in multiple sclerosis that as the nerves are disrupted , damaged and out of their ways , it is quite predictable that attention is affected .

Problem while speaking and talking in one’s own language 

Multiple sclerosis affects the brain’s function also then it can be said that it slows down the process of message transmission and reception which can affect the speaking and talking ability of a person . Speak might become staggered and slurred and the talking can be either confusing or mainly blurr .

Unable to plan and organize your daily routine and normal day

Multiple sclerosis affects the decision making the power of a person so the basic needs like planning your day , being aware might be affected if you have multiple sclerosis ( because of brain dysfunction ) as major decision ability is affected so planning the whole day can be a tough and hectic or nearly impossible thing for the patient .

Problem in digesting and intaking food

The functions of the stomach and the eating and digestion process requires nerve functionality and transmission . If the person is having multiple sclerosis than one can experience abnormality in the digestion process and problem in taking food into the stomach , this is because the nerves are unable to give signals and signs to the body regarding various decisions .

Problem in hearing can be other symptom

The central and the peripheral nervous system help the ears , nose and throat to function . When the nerves of the central and peripheral nervous system do not function fairly enough as to receive bodily signals like sound and transmit it to the brain , there can be a chance of hearing disruption or loss .

Light and shakily body parts can also be a symptom

When the normal or basic processes of the body become impossible to carry out then it is for sure that one can feel his/her body parts unstable , sensitive and shake throughout the day . This is because of the tearing of the myelin sheath from the nerves which are present in the nerve fiber. The body becomes uncontrollable and unable to bear and handle due to the problem of neuron and nerve tear .


Dysfunctionality in the sex life

The bowels and the sexual parts are controlled and energized by the central nervous system . If it has stopped working properly and correctly , it means that there will be a possibility of problems in the functioning of sexual organs .

Feeling of being irritated the whole day 

The body suffers so many problems in multiple sclerosis , it is predicted that one can feel irritated and confused about their life and everyday problems , because this disease hampers the overall well-being of a human body .

The mobility of the body also gets affected

The nerves are damaged so it is possible in multiple sclerosis that there can be a problem in walking properly and following the correct moves . This is because one’s the spinal cord’s nerves are damaged the whole body can suffer a problem in movement .

A headache and migraine can also be a symptom

Multiple sclerosis can lead to a headache and migraine , again because of the disrupted neurons and nerves which transfer their message to the brain . Sometimes , one can experience too much of stress on the brain due to the presence of neuron damage .

Seizures and paralysis can be rare and unique symptom

Seizures can occur due to the dysfunction of the nerves in the brain and the spinal cord . Paralysis is also possible because once the nerves of the spinal cord get torn or damaged it is quite possible to imagine that the whole body stops working and gets paralyzed because all the movements and most reflex actions are controlled by the Spinal Cord .

Thus , it can be concluded that multiple sclerosis can lead to many problems in the body and it can affect almost all the body parts and organs that are required for a sound functioning .




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