Can I Eat Mango During Pregnancy?


The baby-to-be depends on the mother to provide the nutrition he/she needs, during pregnancy. That’s why it is very important for the mother to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet which includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. According to some research, unborn babies who do not get proper nutrition, go through constant changes in their metabolism and physiology.

Fruits and vegetables are considered to be the most nutritional. If pregnant women keep fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, they and their babies will receive minerals, vitamins, and fiber altogether. If you like to eat fruits, especially mangoes, then you might think about whether you can have it or not during your pregnancy. Research suggests that mango is a superfood during pregnancy. This fruit is not only delicious but also high in nutritional factors. Mango’s nutrition has a lot of health benefits, which have been proven beneficial for both the mother and the baby.

Here, we will know about certain factors regarding eating mangoes during pregnancy. Firstly, let’s know whether a pregnant woman can eat mango during her pregnancy or not.

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Is it Safe to Eat Mangoes During Pregnancy?
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Health Benefits of Mango During Pregnancy
Side Effects of Consuming Mangoes During Pregnancy
Tips to Lower the Toxicity of Mangoes


Is it Safe to Eat Mangoes During Pregnancy?

The answer is that mangoes are not only safe to eat during pregnancy, but they also contain a bunch of nutrients that are beneficial for pregnant women. Ripe mangoes provide their own advantage in pregnancy, but the portions you eat should be monitored properly, which means you should not eat much. Mangoes are considered to have vitamin A, B6, C and other essential nutrients in it, which a woman requires during pregnancy.

can i eat mango during pregnancy?

It is said that mangoes may increase the heat in the body during pregnancy. But however, there is no reliable proof regarding this fact. Mangoes are considered to be a rich source of antioxidants and energy that are required during the trying period of pregnancy. Both the raw and ripe mangoes have their own health benefits in pregnancy. Try to eat those mangoes which are not chemically ripened. Try to eat mangoes when they are in the season, just like other fruits. But, if you have any confusion, consult with your doctor before adding mangoes in your diet.

How Many Mangoes can you Eat During Pregnancy?

Mangoes are considered to be very rich in calories, which can be a great source of energy. Pregnant women require a lot of energy during their pregnancy period, especially in their third trimester. You are allowed to add mangoes in your daily diet if your doctor has suggested you to increase your calorie intake. But you should monitor the number of mangoes you eat. Try not to eat more than one mango per day.

It is said that in the last trimester of pregnancy, excessive consumption of ripe mangoes can cause gestational diabetes. So it is very important to keep the portions limited. Try to eat them in moderation along with a variety of other fruits.


Health Benefits of Mango During Pregnancy

The following are some of the health benefits of eating mango during pregnancy. Let’s have a look.

1) Great Source of Iron

Many ladies experience an iron deficiency in their body during their pregnancy, which causes anaemia. Eating ripe mangoes during pregnancy helps in absorbing iron in your body, and it provides a lot of vitamins such as vitamin C. By consuming mangoes daily, you can prevent iron deficiency or anaemia related issues in your pregnancy.

2) Helps in avoiding Morning Sickness

According to studies, it is said that the taste of mangoes helps in preventing morning sickness during the pregnancy period. Mangoes are a rich source of vitamin B6, which helps in building your resistance against morning sickness. So, you can enjoy your pregnancy by eating juicy and delicious ripe mangoes without any worry.

3) Best for Your Digestive Health

A lot of women experience digestive problems during their pregnancy. So doctors always suggest them to eat those particular foods which have enough amount of dietary or soluble fiber. Mangoes are a rich source of fiber, which is proved to be very helpful in digesting the food easily. So, it is extremely safe to eat mangoes during pregnancy, as there is no issue of digestion problems. But always remember that you should not consume much.

4) Helps in Fetal Development

As we all know, folic acid is great for fetal development. Mangoes provide enough amount of folic acid, so eating mangoes can fulfill this particular requirement. Furthermore, this fruit helps in developing the lobes of heart, spinal cord, the brain of your baby. It is also said that mangoes have the capability to prevent many birth defects.


5) Provides Antioxidants

Mangoes are a great source of antioxidants. During pregnancy, if you have at least one mango daily in your diet, then it will help you in developing better resistance against the free radicals present in your body. This benefit of mango is great for pregnant ladies and babies, as those free radicals can damage fetal development.

6) Rich source of Vitamin A

Mangoes contain a good amount of vitamin A, which helps in the development of a growing baby’s teeth and bones. Vitamin A helps in enriching the eye and nervous system too. But if a pregnant woman is taking vitamin A supplements already, then she should consult a doctor before adding mangoes in her diet. Because too much consumption of vitamin A can cause liver toxicity in the baby.

7) Provides Natural Sugar

Mangoes contain natural sugar, which will help you whenever you will have sugar craving in your pregnancy. It will prevent you from succumbing to sugar craving and consuming

Side Effects of Consuming Mangoes During Pregnancy

Every good thing has it’s side effects also. So, it is advised not to consume an excessive amount of mangoes during pregnancy. It is said that mangoes have calcium carbide which can cause complications in your labor and pregnancy. Naturally ripened mangoes have no such side effects, but if you consume artificially ripened mangoes, then it can expose the baby and the mother to the ill-effects of phosphorus and arsenic. Mangoes have other side effects too.

1) Headaches


2) Sleepiness

3) Diarrhoea

4) Seizures

5) Mood swings

6) Dizziness

7) Tingling sensation in feet and hands


Tips to Lower the Toxicity of Mangoes

If you love to eat mangoes and are worried about whether you should eat it during your pregnancy or not, then here we will discuss a few tips which will help you in decreasing the toxicity of mangoes. So, you can eat mangoes without any worry.

It is not at all easy to identify the mangoes you’re buying, it is not easy to know if they are artificially ripened or not. But here are the few precautions which you can take to lower the risk. The precautions are:

1) Always Maintain Proper Hygiene

It is very important to maintain hygiene always. Make sure that you clean the knives properly, and clean the chopping board also. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after cutting and peeling the mangoes.

2) Wash the Mangoes Properly

For removing all the residual ripening agents, you need to wash the mangoes thoroughly before consuming them.

3) Peel the Mangoes

Many people eat mangoes without peeling the skin. But it is very important to peel off the skin of the mangoes before eating, as you can reduce the risk of exposure to toxins this way.


You can ripen mangoes at your home also. This method is the safest, as naturally ripened mangoes don’t have calcium carbide. For this, you have to buy fresh raw mangoes.

In conclusion, Mangoes stimulate your appetite, improve the digestive system and complexion. You can have mango milkshake or mango smoothie in your daily diet. But the safe option is to consult with your doctor first, before consuming them during your pregnancy.