7 Home Remedies to Reduce Breast Size Naturally


The development of breasts is a natural phenomenon that occurs throughout a woman’s life. Breasts develop during puberty as secondary characteristics, and other factors like obesity, genetics, and pregnancy can increase breast weight.

Breasts contain adipose tissue and glandular tissue. While adipose tissue is mainly fat, glandular tissue is the one responsible for breast milk production.

For some women, larger breasts add a cosmetic beauty and they might even surgically alter the size of breasts to make them larger, but large breasts come with many problems such as intense back pain and neck pain. Your bone structure might find it difficult to hold the weight of your breasts.

Hence here are 7 easy home remedies to reduce your breast size.

Top 7 Natural Remedies to Reduce Breast Size


As you might have guessed already, exercise can help you increase your mobility and better your posture by reducing weight. Spot reduction is not a good option, hence it is best to go for some cardio or high-intensity fat burning workout to reduce some of the weight from the adipose tissue. If you are confused about where to start, just try power walking for 30 minutes a day. Push ups are also a good exercise to tone muscles near your chest area and eventually lose weight.

Weight loss is a process, so be patient and exercise at least four times a week for 30 minutes.




Again, an expected recommendation. What we put into our body will be reflected in our appearance. A healthy, balanced diet with the right amounts of protein, good carbs, fiber, nutrients, and vitamins is necessary for a healthy body. Since obesity is a major factor for the increase in boob weight, reducing your calorie intake per day will help you reduce weight in your breast area.

Have lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and pulses in the right amount to shred some weight. Crash dieting won’t help. Choose a sustainable healthy food meal plan and try to change your lifestyle. Only then can you transform in the long run.

Green Tea

According to a 2010 scientific study in the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, green tea is a beverage with a high content of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals in your body and boost your metabolism. If your metabolism becomes stronger and quicker, fat and calories will burn more easily and reduce weight around your breast area. A cup of green tea a day will keep extra fat away!


Ginger is a multi-purpose ingredient that can be used in many ways. A quick internet search will reveal multiple recipes that use ginger. Alternatively, you can use ginger in bread, cookies and even tea. Ginger lemon green tea can help you reduce boob weight by boosting your metabolic activities.

Flax Seeds

A food ingredient that is becoming increasingly popular every day is flax seed. Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely important for our brain functions but our bodies are not adept at producing them. Hence, we have to depend on our external diet to get enough omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds lower our blood pressure and control the hormonal secretion in our bodies. Flax seeds regulate the amount of secretion of the hormone estrogen, which plays an important role in determining the size of your breast. More the estrogen secretion, the larger would be the size of your breast. You can add flax seeds to any salad or breakfast cereal bowl as you please. You can even add them to a smoothie. Get it from your nearest local gourmet food store section.


Egg Whites

Another favourite for weight loss is egg whites. This might sound a little unconventional but it works very well. Tightening your breast skin can reduce its size significantly. Especially if your breasts have increased in size after pregnancy and have become saggy with stretch marks. (There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s completely natural.) Nevertheless, if you want to tighten up your skin you can use an egg white mask on your breast. For this, beat two egg whites until they form a stiff mixture and thicken up, become fluffy. Now apply this on your breasts for 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water afterwards. You will feel tightening of the skin of your breast as egg whites make your skin firm. But it is important to remember that this measure is only temporary.

Choose the Right Clothing and Underwear

Last, but not the least, the wrong kind of clothing and bra can make your breast area appear much larger than it is. In a popular survey it has been found that less that 48% of the women in the world wear the right bra. If you have big breasts, go for minimizer bras with premium quality material. Underwire in bras provide extra support. Avoid too much padding in bras. Go to your nearest lingerie store and take the help of the staff to find the perfect bra that fits you. A good bra should provide definition to your breast shape and contain your entire breast area within it. Another easy trick that helps is wearing dark colours and avoiding high necklines to draw attention away from your chest area.

Final Outlook

Be confident of your body, and be comfortable about how you look. Fitness, eating healthy are great options that can’t do any harm. However, look for drastic alternatives like breast reduction surgeries only if your health issues are so severe that medical professionals suggest that to you.